Courtesy Harding University

Thanksgiving 1939 is a proud day for President J.N. Armstrong as he burns Harding’s mortgage.


By Elton English

Thanksgiving was a special time in ’39, For loyal friends of Harding, an ally of mine, Who came in the pilgrim’s spirit to Cathcart, Praying in their minds and singing in their hearts. They assembled in the dining hall, One by one filed around the wall, Eager to be in the serving line, The guests were ready to dine. When the visitors had eaten well, They desired to visit a spell. An announcement came clear and loud. The bonfire is awaiting the crowd. People gathered for the countdown. It was a great event for the town. Brother Armstrong stepped forward with one stroke, Then the mortgage began to smoke. The people were filled with glee. Harding is free! Harding is free!