Changes And Progress


Changes, changes, we have seen so much

Life was very simple then

Our lives have changed forever by such

When all the inventions and technology began


We drew our water from a well

That was a childís job, you know

Sometimes with a full pail we fell

All we could do was get up and go


There was no electricity for power

The kerosene lamps made a glow

That was our vision on the darkest hour

To keep the lamps burning the wind could not blow


I remember the first radio that I saw

It was at Clifton Pinegarís house

A big flat box, three knobs, and a big speaker on top

In order to hear it, we were quiet as a mouse


Nobody had ever heard of child labor laws

Everyone in the family had to work

We picked the cotton with our paws

Not even the youngest child could shirk


When a small plane would fly in the sky

We all looked up to see

The plane did not soar up very high

We all looked amazed and thought how could it be


I heard my teacher predict there would someday be TV

I thought that he was crazy as he could be

Nowadays most homes have three or more

The video games let the children keep score


We were so happy to get the electric power

It pumped the water from the well

It lighted our homes on the darkest hour

No more kerosene lamps did we fill


All our automobiles you had to shift the gears

With your hand on the stick and your foot on the pedal

Then the Oldsmobile gave automatic transmission

No more putting your left foot to the metal


Our scientists invented the atomic bomb

When the B-29 dropped it, it ended WW2

The Japanese knew where it came from

They surrendered and said we are through


Aluminum foil and plastic were great inventions

Those two items have so many uses

Now they are used in every vocation

It preserves our food and helps keep in the juices


We sent a man up to the moon

Where there is no gravity at all

They did not stay long, they came back soon

They left the U.S. flag and it did not fall


I can leave New York on a jet plane at 7

And go soaring across the sky

I will arrive in Los Angeles by 11

That is fast travel, my oh my


The invention of penicillin was wonderful

A quick cure for infections

Soon the medicine became bountiful

The illness is cured by a few injections


Another wonder was the polio cure

Everyone feared that disease

We all dreaded it that is for sure

Now we can go any place with ease


Open-heart surgery is an everyday thing

The doctors may perform three or more a day

Many times better health it does bring

And death for the patient could be years away


Who would ever thought about getting a new heart

Many years ago a person would be doomed

The medical field has become very smart

Now the patient leaves the hospital without any gloom


We have more work to do in the medical field

When we can find a cure for cancer

Someday I hope that something will yield

I hope that a scientist will find the answer


What would we do without the microwaves

To heat our leftovers in

By eating those snacks it stops our craves

And puts a little more fat on our chinny-chin-chin


How could I possibly leave out the computers

They are everywhere to be found

They even direct the way for commuters

All parts of the country the drivers are bound


Many families own a VCR

It is attached to their television

It records the programs while we ride in our cars

Whether we watch it or not later will be our decision


It seems that every one owns a cellular telephone

They are used often and everywhere

It lets you call when you are away from home

You can tell your friend when you will arrive there


We have so many satellites in the sky

Sending back to earth messages of some kind

So many of them I do wonder why

Maybe a lot of knowledge they will find


In the business world we are identified by a number

The numbers are zero to nine

It is our SS number if you should wonder

I am very protective of mine


We have seen conflicts and wars in our years

Most all would agree that our world is in a mess

We have seen a lot of blood, sweat and tears

But living in the U.S. is still the best


We have seen changes, many changes

In the last 80 years

All has happened through the ages

We must try to live a life without fears


These are only a few of the great things

As we think back about our lifetime

It has to be a guess about what the future brings

We can declare that the Lord is Thine


--VY, February 2003

(Valeta Young and Averil Beaver are members of the White County Historical Society.)