; --photo courtesy Debbie Post

Logs headed to Doniphan’s mill c1920; the man at right is believed to be John Franklin Crim.


The First Arrivals in ‘New Doniphan’

Heber Springs Jacksonian, March 22, 1906

(From the Ripley County, Mo., Democrat)


ohn Clark and wife, Tom Hall, William Lawing, William Hutson and A.H. Holt left Tuesday noon for Kensett, the station in Arkansas from which the Doniphan Lumber Co. send their men to work at their new mill.  The mill site is on the river about a mile or so from Kensett, which is a small station on the railroad.             By the same train that the above party went out on, three carloads of machinery and timbers for the small mill the company is first to erect there, went out, also a carload of horses.  As soon as the small mill is up and running, material will be sawed for a lot of houses to be erected near the mill site for the men to live in, and New Doniphan will become a fixture on the map of Arkansas.


Heber Springs Jacksonian, June 7, 1906

(From the Searcy Daily Citizen)

The new town of Doniphan is making good headway and bids fair to become one of the leading towns of this section.  The store building that was finished some time ago is chuck full of goods; the office and boarding house are serving their purpose admirably; seven new five-room cottages were built last week and four more were built this week.  Sixty of these five-room double-boxed cottages will be built; 25 new people came into Doniphan yesterday to occupy the new cottages.


The temporary mill is sawing the heavier timbers and the boxing; the machinery for the new mammoth mill plant has been bought and it will be shipped in as soon as the new railroad is equipped for traffic.  The ties for the new road from Kensett to Doniphan have been distributed. 


All told the Doniphan Plant and the town of Doniphan are manifestly moving straight forward along all lines, with everything to indicate that master minds are directing the great system and will ultimately land one of the greatest milling enterprises on this continent.