Kicked By A Mule

White County Historical Society

Often in the late afternoon when Papa was plowing the field near the house, my little brother and I would go to meet him and he would sit us on the mules and let us ride to the barn. This day when we were waiting for Papa to put the harness in the barn, the mules ran by where we were standing. As they kicked up their heels in glee to be free from the harness and plow, I was laid low by a flying hoof.Christina Doyle Spear Papa heard my little brother crying and thought something had happened to him. He hadn't seen me lying on the ground. He picked up my limp body and took me to Mama who called the doctor. Dr. McAdams broke the speed limit as he made the mile to our house in record time in his Model T. He discovered my lower teeth and the bone they were attached to lying back in my mouth. He was able to push the bone and teeth back in place. He pulled the edges of the wound on my chin together and put some tape on to hold it closed. For days I couldn't talk or chew. Mama carried me through the house and I pointed to what I wanted. Uncle Festus brought me a Katz and Jammer Kids funny book which was read over and over. My diet consisted of Mama's standard - chicken tea, grape juice and buttermilk - this is what we always had when we were sick. It is fortunate that I was only five years old when this happened. Otherwise I might have been singing for a long time "All I want are some front teeth." The scar on my chin today is a reminder of the Kicking Mule Episode.