The Pruett Family of Romance

PRUETT FAMILY:  The Pruett families from Kentucky helped settle the White County, Arkansas, community now known as Romance.   The settlers first called the area “Kentucky Valley.”   Shown are many descendents of these early Pruetts.   This photograph was made in Pecos, Texas,  c1920, and seven of the people shown were born in White County.  According to White County Historical Society member T.W. Pruett, who donated this photo, the top left man on the porch is Charles B. Jordan, and the lady next to him is Elizabeth Pearl Pruett Jordan, b. March 6, 1887 in Arkansas d. Aug. 25, 1974 in Lubbock, TX.  The man sitting on the rail is Thomas Benton Pruett, b. Jan. 7, 1884 or 5 in Arkansas d. July 22, 1931 in Pecos, TX.  Lady on far right is Mayme (Mayone) Pruett Taggart b. June 26, 1882 in Arkansas d. Sept. 1966 in Pecos, TX.  Man bent at waist is her husband Graves Taggart.  Man in dark shirt is unidentified.  Young man looking down at baby is Thomas Benton Pruett, Jr.  (father of T.W.), b. April 11, 1903 in Pecos TX. died in Thomas W. Pruett’s home in Lake Jackson, TX.  Jan. 12 1989.  Baby at his feet is David Butler (son of Lillian);  boy to the left of T.W. Pruett Jr. is Milford Hedgpeth (adopted son of Vida); man above him is Rev. Joel Hedgpeth;  lady next to him is Vida Pruett Hedgpeth, b. Feb. 22, 1876 in Arkansas (shown in census as Viola) d. 1947 in Pecos, TX.  Man sitting in chair is Virdie Elmer Pruett, b. 1880 in Arkansas died 1943 in Pecos, TX.  Naxt to him sitting is Emma Lillian Pruett Butler, b. Oct. 30, 1884 in Arkansas d. July 4, in Lubbock, TX (the man in the dark shirt might be her husband),  next lady is Tina Pruett Adams, (Cortima on the census records but she didn’t like that name and just started using Tina) b. Mar. 15, 1878 in Arkansas d. 1964 in Pecos, TX.  Older lady standing is the second Mrs. Pruett, Mayme Estell Taylor Pruett.  Below her is Lizzie (nee Mary Elizabeth Key) Pruett, Virdie’s wife; baby in her lap is Vida McCoy Pruett, her daughter.  The boy at her feet is Elmer Pruett, her son.  The other boy is Bill Adams, Tina’s son.  The other sitting lady is Ora Pruett, (daughter of second wife) b. Mar. 15, 1901 in Pecos, TX. d. 1961 in Pecos, TX.  This beautiful home at Pecos is now a museum