Pangburn Civil War Veteran Taken Prisoner Twice

Little Red River Journal, January 6, 1982


loved familiar figure was missed from the streets of Pangburn, Ark., when James Stokly Vinson passed into the better land on January 30, 1922.  He had lived a long and useful life, and his activity and interest in affairs about him continued to the end.  He was born August 26, 1840, and had thus passed into his eighty-second year.

          Comrade Vinson was a soldier of the Confederacy, serving with Company D, 50th Tennessee Regiment, and he took part in the battle of Chickamauga, where a younger brother lost his life.  He was twice taken prisoner, being taken from Fort Donelson to Camp Douglas, and after the battle of Franklin he was sent to Camp Chase, Ohio.

          In July, 1867, he was married to Miss Eliza Barnett, who survives him with two sons and two daughters.  There are also sixteen grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.

          For sixty-seven years he had been a consecrated, loyal member of the Baptist Church, and in his Church relations, as in his devotion to his country, his family, and his friends, he was noted for strict fidelity, in all relations of life measuring up to the highest.  Quiet, modest and unobtrusive, his way was marked by his helpful hands outstretched to the needy and fallen.

          In 1883 he removed to Arkansas and there made his home to the end.