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                                   White County Court Record
                                   Volume A 565 - 576
Copied as written:
           This Contract entered into this 9th day of September 1869, by and between Wyatt Sanford party of the first part and the County of White. State or Arkansas by her commissioner of Public Buildings. Jesse N. Cypert party of the second part. Witnesseth:

            That the said party of the first part hereby contracts and agrees with the said party of the second part for and in consideration of the sum of Twenty four Thousand Nine hundred and Ninety Eight dollars. to be paid as hereinafter provided, to build and erect. and furnish materials therefor.
upon the Court Square in the Town of Searcy in the said County of White on or before the 25th day of December 1870 a good and substantial Court House for said County to conform in every respect in materials and workmanship to the specifications hereto attached to the plans. Elevations. Sections and drawings which are now on file in the clerk's office of said County of White, being the same drawn by Jones and Baldwin. Architects. which are here referred to as part and parcel of this Contract.

            And said party of the first part further agrees to lay and complete the foundation of said House. and lay the first tier of Sleepers thereon by the 1st day of April 1870 and complete the whole building on or before the 25th day of December 1870.

            And the said County of White in the consideration of  the above promises and the faithful performance of the same by first party of the first part, doth agree to pay the said party of the first part. the sum of  Twelve thousand dollars  on are before the 1st day of April 1870, provided that work to that value shall then have been completed, but if not then the value of the work at that time completed and the balance of said Twelve Thousand dollars to be paid monthly in proportion to the value of the work as it progresses, and the sum of Twelve Thousand Nine hundred and Ninety Eight dollars on or before the 1st day of April 1871, the above payments to, be made in U.S. Currency.

            But this Contract is not to be binding upon either party until the said party of the first part shall have executed a bond with sufficient Security in the sum of Fifty Thousand dollars. Conditions for the faithful performance of his Contract, and said bond shall have been approved by said Commission of Public Buildings.
                                                              Wyatt Sanford
                                                              Jesse N. Cypert Commissioner
                                                                    of Public Buildings W.C.
Specifications of the material and works necessary for the Erection and completion of the proposed Court House in Searcy White County Arkansas, according to Plans Elevations and Sections drawn by Jones and Baldwin, Architects, Memphis, . Tenn., August 1869.
             It is proposed to build the Court House of Brick with Stone foundations and Water Table, Brick partitions on the
 1st Story and Wood partitions on the 2nd floor. Roof to be covered with Tin.
             The following drawings accompany the specifications which will be made part and parcel of this Contract.

                           1. Plan of Basement floor
                           2. "       " 2nd Story floor
                           3. Front Elevation
                           4. End Elevation and Section
                           5. Section and Front Elevation
                           6. Working Drawing Section. Main Roof &c
                           7. "          "                          " Dome &c
                           8. Working Drawing Elevation, Exterior details
                           9. "               "                        , End Doors &c
                          10. Foundation Plan
                          11. Plan of Gallery

            To perform all excavations necessary to lay the foundations. To level off the Trenches to receive the Stone work.
The Earth to be removed outside of the line. of the Building, and graded off around the building to throw the water away from foundations. To fill in the area of the Portico rammed hard and firm to receive the flagging.

Stone Work:
             To provide and construct the foundations of the Exterior and Interior Walls with good rubble stone work properly bedded  in Mortar Compounded of 1/3 best stone lime & 2/3 clean sharp sand well mixed. The footings to be nine inches (9") of large Stone, majority of the first courses being "through" Stone, with the wall above of stone with the joints broken and bonded, laid, and bedded as found in the quarry, care to be taken in the Construction, bond & bedding of the angles of the building and the pier at the angle of Hall partition, these four piers to be five feet square "racked up" ..(The object of these piers being to support the Iron Columns in the Court Room.) The above rubble work showing above the ground to be laid uniform with fair surface. Joints painted with Hydraulic Cement.
 (B) The above Water Table rubble work to be capped with Water Table string course 71/2" by 8", dressed face and top and bottom edge. Top edge to be weathered.
             The following dressed stone work will be provided worked & set (C) string course capping the facia between lst & 2nd Story 7 by 9. The curb of Portico 7" by 18'". (D) Steps of Portico 7 1/2 by 14. (E) Steps to the end Doors (F) Sills to basement windows. (G) Sills to 2nd Story (H) Key Stones to arches of Portico arches (I) Imposts (moulded) of the Portico Arches. (J) Flagging of the Portico floors lst story (K) 4 pieces flagging 18 square 4 in thick for foot of Court Room Columns, all the above stone to be of ( blank
                                      ) dressed and thoroughly bedded with close Joints in long lengths, the whole finished in a faithful & workmanlike manner, and as set forth in the drawings, all window sills to be weathered.

            All Brick work to be done in a faithful and workmanlike manner, five streatches & a Header Bond, every course flushed up. All Bricks to be of the best hard burnt (no salmon or soft bricks allowed) The facing of all Exterior Walls above the basement to be of select Bricks uniform in color,
 square edges, laid in white mortar, compounded of the best stone lime 1/3 and 2/3 clean sharp sand well mixed.

             The walls of the lst Story to be 2 1/2 bricks thick rusticated as shown in the drawings with Frieze &c completed.
  To build the Piers of the Portico with arches. Piers rusticated. To build the side door pilasters as shown on drawings.
  The walls of the second story to be l 1/2 bricks thick with pilasters, bands &c. The Portico Columns to be of Brick with allowance made in building for the Plastering. The Bases and Capitals of these Columns to be of Iron hereinafter mentioned. To build the frieze of Main Cornice, with (dentals ?) as set forth in drawings.

              The partition walls on lst Story to be of Brick l 1/2 Bricks thick with angle pilasters, great care to be taken in building up the angle of the partition walls with these pilasters, close Joints & well bonded. To build all chimneys, fire openings, flues, (trimmer ?) arches. hearths stacks &c in best and most workmanlike manner, flues to be (pargated ?) Hearths to be of Brick laid close Joints and uniform. To properly build all bonds, breaks, pilasters, angles set forth in drawings and turn all arches, Necessary arches outside and dead arches inside over all lintels &c _ To put in ventilation
Gratings furnished under the head of  "Iron Work."

            To perform all carpenters work in a faithful and workmanlike manner. All lumber, plank &c to be of the best Cypress except otherwise herein specified. All timber to be free of objectional sap wood, shakes, large knots, wavy edges and other defects, To provide all Centres for the arches of the Brick work, all lintels, plates, bond timbers, required in the construction of the Building.

            To put up all Brackets for coving in Court Room ceiling and prepare the whole interior in every respect for the Plasterers.

            The lst story Joists to be 3 by 12" placed 16 in from centres. The 2nd story Joists to be 2 1/2 by 15" placed 16 inches from centres double Joists to all trimmers and under partitions with one row of bridging in Hall and two rows of cross bridging (of 1 1/2 by 3 stuff two nails in each end.)
over rooms. To provide two trussed Girders for the support of Joists over Hall as shown in drawings, with Iron Rod, screw bolt, washer and straps complete. These Girders to be (covered ?) up in neat style. To lay all floors of the best yellow Pine. Groved and Tongued Boards 1 inch thick matched to come together tight, secret nailed, and dressed off uniform on upper surface. Butts to be through nailed to cut in all straps to hearths and all work requisite to render floors strong and substantial.

           All Partitions to be of 2 1/2 by 6 placed 16 inches from centres with double studs to all openings with one truss of cross bridging.
           All ceiling Joists to be 2 1/2 by 8 placed 16 inches from Centres, arranged as set forth in drawings to form panels.

             To frame four trusses as shown in drawings No. 6& 7   the two under dome to have inclined queen posts for the support of sills of Dome framing. ( blank                           ) of 3 by 10. (                             ) The Tie beams to be of three pieces of 3 by 10 bolted together as shown by drawings with seasoned oak top blocks let in the Timber of  Tie beam, six inches from each side of the head Joints, two bolts each, with Joints broken. Main rafters 9 by 9, collar beam 9 by 9, struts 6 by 9, Purlines 3 by 9, Rafters 2 1/2 by 6. The whole well framed together with square and snug Joints with Rods. Center rods 1 1/8 dia. & outside rods 1 in. dia. Straps l~ by J in. with all nuts. washers &c of wrought Iron, all rods and straps to be of the best Tennessee Iron. Bolts for the Tie beam 3/4 in. dia. with nuts and washers. To sheath the whole roof with narrow 1 inch boards. well nailed. one nail in each edge in each rafter. To properly form Grounds for the inside Gutters, with proper inclination to carry the water to the receiving heads. To perform all framing requisite for the Pediments of the two Porticos.

              To frame raise and secure the Dome frame work. Sills 10 by 10, angle post 7 by 9, posts 7 by 8, Enter ties 7 by 8, Plates 7 by 9. Braces 7 by 8- the whole draw bored and pinned. To tie down angle posts by Iron straps to the truss of Roof. To frame balcony of dome as shown in drawing. Dome ribs to be of 2 1/2 by 12 with all necessary interior straps of  l 1/2 by 6 inch plank strongly spiked. To put in Joists and lay floor in Dome below Belfry, with Joists 2 1/2 by 10. To also put in Joists to clock Story but no floor to be laid.

               The Exterior of the Dome to be of the best selected seasoned Cypress. Balcony to have railing. Pedestals, turned (Urm ?) to each Pedestal as shown in drawing. The body of the Dome: to have scroll pilasters- window trimmings, Arches, Panels. Cornices, Pedments as indicated on plans &c. To sheath the ribs of the Dome and prepare all work for the Tinner. To provide and put up all Urns. carved work. flag staff &c. The Triplet windows in the four sides of the Dome to have slats and not sashes. Slats to be l 1/4 in. thick, 7 inches wide well lapped. There will be no sashes provided for the four circular openings in the Dome in case the board of Commissioners do not provide a clock, sashes will be furnished to the contractor and he will without charge put on the same. To put a plank walk on the ceiling Joist from well hole over the Gallery to the step ladder of the Dome. To put up step ladder to reach  the clock story. To perform all work necessary to prepare for the Tinner and to render the Dome perfectly water proof.

            To perform all work for the finish of the Porticos. The framing of the floor of the 2nd Story of Portico to be 8 by 12 Girders. 3 in number with 3 by 12 Joists Jogged down flush, running lengthways. The whole to be floored with 2 inch grooved Cypress planks with 5/8 strip laid in White Lead (mixed thick) and strongly nailed, the ends of the flooring to lap over the inside edge of stone Curb at least 6 inches, and with water course grooved back of Columns to throw the water on each side  of said Columns. The ceiling of the lst story of Portico to  be of grooved and Tongued boards beaded edges. The upper ceilings to be prepared for the plasterer.

  Side Door, Balcony &c.:
             To perform all work over side or end doors with Brackets, Pedestals, Railings &c. set forth in drawings.

             The four Doors marked (D) to have solid rabbeted frames, dimensions shown on plans. Doors made of White Pine 2 3/4" thick, Paneled and Moulded on front and lined diagonal with grooved and tongued 3/4 inch boards, on the inside beaded edges and center beaded made double folded, hung with 4 inch Butts and provided with 5 inch Mortice Locks of best quality. Porcelain knobs with top and bottom bolts, flush. Doors marked (D2) to have proper frames, 4 by 9 feet in the clear. Doors of White Pine, four panels, moulded both sides, 1 3/4 thick, hung with 4 inch Butts, three bolts to each door, and provided with 5 inch Mortice Locks. Porcelain Knobs complete. One Door marked (D3) to have proper frame. Door made of White Pine, double folding, 1 3/4 thick, each half 4 panels moulded both sides, hung with 4 inch Butts, and provided with Porcelain knobs. Two Doors marked (D4) to have proper frames. Doors of White Pine, 1 3/4 thick, 3.6 by 9.0 in the clear, 4 panels moulded, hung with 4 inch Butts, and provided with 5 inch Mortice Locks. (Porcelain Knobs) of best quality, all Doors to have carpet strips 3/4 thick (Chaneford- of Walsuet ?) .

             (W1) The twenty two first Story windows to have boxed frames of size and style set forth in drawings, Sashes of White Pine 1 3/4 thick, hung with best Hemp Sash Cord and cast Iron  weights.
             (W2) The twelve second story window frames to be made solid double, Sashes of White Pine 1 3/4 in thick. To put in head of frame a pulley on each side, so that the top and bottom sash will be hung together to balance each other.
            (W3) The four second Story windows in centre of each front to be continued to the floor with Jib doors, Box frame and bottom Sash hung with weights. Sash above to be the same as those marked (W2) Jib doors to 1 3/4 thick Rabbated, paneled, hung with 3 inch Butts with bolts and spring fastenings, all windows to have plain Jambs being Architraves of doors and windows of lst Story to be 5 inches wide Champered on both edges, 1 1/2 inches thick. The Architrave of 2nd story to be an 8 inch moulded Architrave. The Architraves of doors to finish down to Plinth
Blocks, those windows to finish down on window stools and aprons moulded, all Bases on

lst Story to be 10 inches high, moulding on upper edge solid stuck and quarter round on floor. Base of 2nd floor to be 8 inches high moulding. The walls to be wainscotted of grooved boards thus with neat moulded Cap (membering ?) with mouldings of window stools .

            To provide and put up neat Pilaster Mantle with moulded Base and cap and bed moulding. Shelf 1 3/4 thick.

            To build the stairs as located in drawings. Strong Carriages and platforms. Tread and Risers (?rouied ?) into strings moulded and returned nosing and Scotia. (Wallnut ?) 5 1/2 continued Rail and turned Walnut newell ( 12" ) Turned ash ( 3" ) Balusters dovetailed into treads. Treads of  1 1/2 ash. To provide a neat step ladder from Gallery to the roof. To trim well hole in ceiling with Trap door at the head of this step ladder.

             To perform all framing for the Gallery floor with grooved and tongued Boards. To put up neat panelled work and Cornice in front of Gallery and finish the whole in a workmanlike manner.

             To provide and put up Platforms for Judges stand and  Jury seats. Judges stand 2 feet high with steps on both ends with plain front with moulded base and nosing. The platform  for Jury to be 8 inches high for front row of seats and 16 high for back row.

 Prisoners Box:
              To provide and put up neat prisoners box with turned Balusters & moulded capping, raised floor (24 in) with Gate complete.

              To provide and put up seats for the Public on the floor of the Court Room as shown in plans, with neat scroll capped ends solid, open backs, seats 14 in wide, 1 1/2 in thick. To put up Iron work furnished under the head of Iron work.
            To perform all carpenter work requisite to completely finish the whole of the proposed building as set forth in the drawings.
            To anchor all framing into the Brick work with wood anchors and bond timber.

Iron Work:
            To provide 4 cast Iron Columns 21 feet long with moulded base and enriched Caps. Columns to be 10 inches diameter at
the base and 8 1/2 diameter at the neck, casting 3/4 thick.
            To provide eight (8) Corinthian Capitals and four Corinthian Pilaster Capitals of Cast Iron, as per drawings, 22 inches at the neck. To also provide cast Iron Bases for the above Columns and pilasters as per drawings.

            To provide sixteen Cast Iron Lintels for 2nd story windows (outside) as per design with anchors complete.

            To provide the best of Tennessee Iron. Wrought Iron Rods, and straps requisite for the roof and dome, also all bolts for the Tie beams with all nuts, washers &c complete.

            To provide neat Iron Railing with newels, Gates, &c. complete with all necessary Elbows inlayed in floor to render the said Railing stiff and substantial.

Lightening Rod:
            To provide and put up Lightening Rods with plated points, properly connected and made to sink six feet in the ground, with all requisite fastenings to wall strongly secured. All  cast Iron work to receive one coat of Paint before leaving the Foundry, and all Iron work to be finished in the best and most workmanlike manner. To provide cast Iron ventilators (16) in water Table 10 by 18 Eliptical.

            To lath all Ceilings, Stud partitions &c required to be lathed.
            To plaster the whole Interior with the best two coat on walls and and three coat on lathed work, hard finished using the best stone lime and clean sharp sand, full quantity of hair in the scratched Coat. Second Coat thoroughly floated and White Coat well trowelled and left free from all stains, cracks and other blemishes. The Court Room to have Cove around ceiling 15 inches each way, and four (4) inch (each way) moulding run in the panels of the ceiling in the Court Room.
            To cement with the best Hydraulic Cement, The Basement on first .story on the four sides, with Portico, Piers, Arches &c. (Rustias?) bands, angles &c.
            To run moulded friezes as per drawings. The above cement work to start immediately above the Water Table to the underside of the stone string Cornice between the 1st and 2nd stories.
            To color the cementing with two coats of a stone color, well sized, and laid on uniform in color.

             To cover the Roof, The balcony, Platform of Dome, The curved Roof of Dome, The top of level Cornice of Pediments, and all Pediment projections so requiring Tinning in order to render the Dome perfectly water tight. The Tinning of the Roof and Balcony, platforms of Dome to run into the inside line of the framing, turned up around all Timbers, with all required flushing &c to render the whole Roof and Dome work perfectly tight. All Tin work to be put down standing groove of the best IX charcoal roofing Tin plate, using 6 lbs. of solder per Sqr. with all joints hammered, carefully soldered.
             To put in all inside Gutters with four 5 inch down pipes, with ample receiving heads. To flute the Portico Columns in Cement, with the deminish set forth in drawings.

            All outside wood and Iron work to be painted with the best three coat work of a stone color. To also paint the Brick work of the main Cornice, down to the lower edge of the (entablation ?) of the Portico.
            All Interior wood and Iron work except floors and steps of stairs to be painted with the best three coat work tinted white, using in all painting the best white Lead and Linseed oil.
            To grain in oak all Doors, platforms, stands and seats in Court Room. To grain all Mantles in Marbles, all bases to be of a stone color, all Tin work to be painted with two coats of the best Spanish Brown boiled in the best linseed oil and  put on when cold.
             To provide and Glaze all sashes with the best French or Pittsburg Window Glass. The whole to be well puttied and sprigged.
             To varnish framing, Newell and Railing and Balusters of Stairs with the best Copal varnish.
             To finish the whole of the painting in the very best and the most workmanlike manner.

             We, Wyatt Sanford as principal and Asaph Neely, James Weir, P.Y. Graves, T.F. Britt, G.B. Greer and John Critz as Security, do bind ourselves, our heirs and legal Representatives to pay to the County of White in the State of Arkansas  the sum of Fifty Thousand dollars.
             But this obligation is upon Condition as follows to witt. Whereas:
             The said Wyatt Sanford has this day contracted with said County to build therein a Court House for said County for the sum of Twenty four Thousand Nine hundred and Ninety Eight dollars, according to certain specifications attached to said Contract, and the plans and drawings of said House all of which are now on file in the office of the County Clerk of said County.

           Now if said Wyatt Sanford shall faithfully perform his said Contract by building, painting, plastering and in every way finishing and completing said Court House in the manner and style and by the time specified by said Contract, specifications, plans and drawing, then this obligation shall be void.
                    Witness our hands this 9th day of September 1869.
                                                                                      Wyatt Sanford
                                                                                      Asaph Neely
                                                                                      James Weir
                                                                                      P.Y. Graves
                                                                                      T.F. Britt
                                                                                      G.B. Greer
                                                                                      John Critz
Transcribed Oct. 30, 1989 by Cloie Presley. Exact wording and spelling is given as close as possible.