‘Our Forefathers Expect Us To Do Our Job Well …’

White County Judge Bob Parish, a member of the Historical Society, closed the dedication of the new War Memorial with the following comments.

War Memorial Dedication

Thank you, Chairman Fulbright, Senator Beebe, Congressman Snyder and all of our other speakers today, the Searcy Singers, and many other wonderful citizens of White County who came together to achieve this beautiful new memorial. Many years have passed … many tears have fallen … many memories have faded … since these 172 defenders of our democracy left White County for the last time. We will forever be indebted to them … and to the thousands of others who served in the wars that have kept our great country free. I pledge to see that this memorial is properly maintained in respect and appreciation. We are so proud of White County and our wonderful heritage. As I stand here looking at the beautiful restoration that has been achieved in and around our Courthouse Square, I am impressed by the realization that we are all only here for a short time. But our forefathers expect us as stewards to do our jobs well. Your historic Court House is open … and following our ceremony today you are invited to see it up close … as evidence of White County’s lasting commitment to the preservation of our past and fulfillment of our future. We once again pay homage to those for whom our bell tolled on this "Day to Remember" … and all other men and women who have helped defend this great land we live in … for God has truly …blessed the USA …

(Singers close with GOD BLESS THE USA)