--Photo Courtesy Mary Reynolds, White County Historical Society

The Beebe High School football team of 1942: Clayton Berry (54), Leland Thompson (51), Grady Jackson (59), Robert Cart (directly behind Leland and Grady), Andy Cranston (52), Melvin Wilkerson (55), Roy Simmons (56), Benny Haney (front, right), Copper Davidson (front, second from right), Nolan David (directly behind Benny), Harold Dodd (61), unknown (70), Burtus Holmes (71), Marvin Spieght, Lee McKinney (68), Omer Vardement, Roy Fowler (74), Chuck Lively, Claude Fowler (6), Jay Deese (64), Rutherford Mask (69), Ben Jones (65), Sammy Olmstead (directly behind Ben), Joe Hastings, Leroy Evans, Ott Henry (63).