--Photo courtesy Leister Presley, White County Historical Society

Drake Spur School, Rural School District #42, Fall of 1927 -- Leister Presley of Searcy, who is in this photograph, identified the students in 1999 by writing numbers on each of them. The teachers are on the back row (left to right) Ros Myers and Eva Cunningham, with Pauline Jackson on the same row. On the front row are (from left) 1-Dock Ramsey, 2-Orlie Jackson, 3-Truman Hardcastle (holding the ball), 4-Mildred Ramsey (wearing a stocking cap and standing slightly behind Truman), 5-Howard Hurst, 6-Maxine Hardcastle, 7-Lillie Mae Hardcastle, 8-Margie Boles (light colored dress), 9-Hershel Lindsey and 10Carl Browner. Then the identification gets a little more difficult to follow: 11-Lawrence Ramsey, 12-Gene Jackson, 13-Earline Hardcastle, 14-Frances Wise, 15-Oran Hardcastle, 16-Howard Baker, 17-Eva Boles, 18-Lottie Ramsey, 19-Marie Browner, 20-Corinne McInturff, 21-Kelly Armstrong, 22-Charley Bailey, 23-Carnell Wise, 24-Leister Presley, 25-Lester Lindsey, 26-Grady Jackson, 27-Velva Jackson, 28-Newell Hardcastle, 29-Opal Jackson, 30-Billy Jackson, 31-Lois Covington, 32-Eupel Spears, 33-Jack Pierce, 34-Avenell Hardcastle, 35-Clarence Presley, 36-Eugene Spears. Drake Spur was sometimes called Mountain Home. It is located near Clay three miles south of Pangburn where the Mountain Home Union Church now stands.