--photo courtesy Patty McWilliams, White County Historical Society

This is the Drake Sawmill at Drake Spur c1900. According to family legend, it was here that C.B. Drake's daughter Dora Dovey Drake met Tom McWilliams who was working for her dad at the mill. Dovey and Tom are the grandparents of Warren McWilliams of Shawnee, OK, who obtained the photo from his cousin Darline Pickett Brown, another McWilliams grandchild. It is labeled "c. 1900." Dora Dove Drake and Lewis Thomas McWilliams were married in 1900 in White County, AR. "Dovie" was the daughter of C.B. and Roxy Brewer Drake. Other children of C.B. and Roxy were Ethel(+Charles Davis), Lora (+Fount G. Morrow), John Henry (+Ruth ?), Vesta (+J.W. Ratcliff/Scott Griffin) and Bill (+Beulah Stoltz). Today, the sawmill is gone and the community is called Mountain Home.