--courtesy Leon Van Patten, White County Historical Society

STAMPS HOUSE, Floyd-El Paso –This house was probably built by Capt. James Walker (War of 1812). The old Stamps House located two and a half miles southwest of Floyd toward El Paso was built in 1832. This was on the J.A. Choate farm. Donald Choate built a pump house over the original well located at the right in this illustration and used it for his home. The old chimney rock base was still there in 1978 when this sketch was completed. This illustration was by the late Bobby Van Patten of Searcy based on an early photo. The house originally was about 300 yards east of this location, almost on Bull Creek and south of the old cemetery. The Southwest Trail ran in front of it. The creek rising must have persuaded them to move the home to higher ground. Several graves, including that of Capt. Walker, have been found on the Choate farm and have been recorded by the Historical Society as "Stamps Cemetery," although there is reason to believe it was originally called "Royal Cemetery." It is in extremely poor condition and in danger of being lost. The area is especially historic because it probably marks the location of the "Royal Colony", now lost, which was established here in the early 1800s.