--photo courtesy Peggy Wyatt Wisdom

Henry Little (back row, left) was a guide at the clubhouse on the "Nimmo place" when he posed for this picture with his family and the Wyatt family at Nimmo near Georgetown in 1932. The area was a hunting and fishing paradise. The Nimmo Clubhouse is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Others on the back row were (from left) L.D. Little, Rushie Little, Doyal Wyatt, Grace Wyatt and J.H. Little. The children are (from left) Bobby Wyatt, Sherry Wyatt (tallest), Merle Wyatt and Peggy Wyatt. The Wyatts were visiting from Bradford. Peggy Wyatt Wisdom of Searcy, who provided the photo, served as secretary of the White County Historical Society for many years.