Judsonia Patriarchs

A dozen of Judsonia’s elders from varied backgrounds must have served their community together for 1921-22, because that’s the date penciled on the back of the photograph. We don’t know their purpose, but we do know who they are: (from left) back row – W.F. McKinsey age 72, I.W. Holland 69, a plasterer whose wife was Renee Parker, a relative of Lee Minnis, who donated the photograph to the White County Historical Society; J.H. Browning, age 73, a hardware store owner and former carpenter; J.H. Sloan, age 74; Dr. J.S. Eastland, age 77, a promoter of horse racing for the White County Agricultural and Industrial Fair of 1883; E.W. Smith, age 81; front row – J.W. Cathcart, age 78, a former member of the Light Guards and the Judsonia town band in the 1880s who founded the Judsonia Box Company; Christian Miller, age 80, a farmer; G.S. Yates, age 81, the great grandfather of Lee Minnis, who donated the photo; George C. Roth, age 79, who served in the Union Army and settled at Judsonia after the Civil War; A.A. Young, age 79; and Rufus Owens, age 79, a farmer. If you have additional information on this photograph or any of these men, share it with the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.