--photo courtesy Glen Majors from Martha Louisa Cunningham Majors Collection

The N.B. Waller Farm at Judsonia was one of the earliest strawberry farms in White County. This picture came from a postcard that was never used. It shows berry pickers and local people on a Sunday afternoon picnic following the berry harvest c1915. Shown are three buildings, 14 men with ties and suits, 16 women in white blouses and one hound dog. This includes farm owner Neadow B. Waller (1), Elsie Waller (2) who married Louie Hilger, J. Osco Yingling (3) who is holding the dog, Joe Miller (4), Bernice Majors (5) and Martha “Lucy” Cunningham (6) who married Bernice Majors. Glen Majors obtained much of the above information when he brought the postcard to a meeting of the White County Historical Society.