Military Salute: Shown are brothers Harl "Elwin" Gayler (left) and Emory "Hullie" Gayler. What makes the photo particularly poignant is that Hullie, from Rose Bud, died in combat in World War II. Hullie and Elwin were the sons of Emery Lonze "Bo" Gayler (1898-1967) and Blanch Modlin Gayler (1903-1967) of Floyd. Hullie married Katherine Fry in 1942 and died October 27, 1944, a private first class in the 383rd Infantry 96th Division. His name is on a monument at Fort William McKinley, Manila, The Phillipines, and also on Courthouse Square in Searcy. Elwin made it home after serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps, married Icie Nelson and had children Kenneth and Jackie. Elwin died in 1989. Bo and Blanch Gayler's other children were Helen Flynn, Maxine Hall and Murldean. Photo courtesy Shelly Keech, WCHS.