Old Galloway College, Searcy Arkansas

--Photo Courtesy Ivan Quattlebaum, White County Historical Society

Old Galloway, Galloway College in Searcy. This building was destroyed by fire in 1898. It was built in 1888. This photo, which appears to be from an early yearbook, was found in a scrapbook owned earlier by Oran Vaughn, a charter member of the White County Historical Society. Beneath the photo was this printed caption: "Does your memory go back to the years that are gone, When this building stood strong and fair? And you strolled through its halls, a merry girl, With no thought of sorrow or care? Ah, never again will we hear the sweet chimes Ring out from the old clock tower; But a Galloway has risen from ashes and smoke, A Phoenix, with new strength and new power." Galloway, a women’s college, was consolidated into Hendrix College in Conway in 1934 and the campus sold to Harding College.