West Side of Courthouse Square, Searcy, early 1900s. This is the block on Spruce Street located between Arch and Race streets that faces the west side of the Courthouse. Occupants of the buildings were The Searcy Bank, The Petty Hardware & Furniture Store, the Monrose Woodson Grocery Store, J.W. Hall, J.E. Shumate & Co. and a barber shop. Occupants of the buildings beyond are not known. Dr. J.L. Allen had his office on the second floor of the bank building. The man on the walk to the right of the light pole and leaning with his right shoulder against the building is J.F. (Jake) Fisk, who started the scrapbook in which this undated photograph was found. The caption was written by Oran J. Vaughan but the scrapbook was owned in 1998 by Ivan Quattlebaum of Searcy. Both men were members of the White County Historical Society. The man standing on the edge of the walk and under the word “Grocery” in the overhead sign is Joe Woodson, owner of the building, and brother of Monroe Woodson. He was the father of Arthur and Tobe Woodson, who were living in Searcy in 1964 when Vaughan wrote the caption. Joe Woodson manufactured brick in Searcy and was a contractor in the construction of brick structures. Note the extrovert who climbed halfway up the light pole to be sure he was included in the picture. Note the high-wheeled child’s wagon and the baby buggy with the rattan body on the walk in front of the hardware store. There was a new concrete walk but the street was entirely without surfacing.