Union Grove School 1923 Medicine Union Grove School 1923, labelledFrom Our Website

I must tell you that I've received a great deal of pleasure from the White County web page [www.whitecounty.us].  I believe it is the best county page I've ever encountered.  My mother's family has many White County connections from the past and the present.I have printed several of the Pictures of Yesterday and taken them to her.  She is elderly and in poor health.  The pictures seem to be very good medicine for her.  Attached is a picture she has in her home.  This is a photo of the students at Union Grove School, about 1923.  Union Grove was a community a few miles north of Antioch.  My mother Olive Edwards is only about 4 years old in this picture and is 7th from the right in the second row (29).  Her sister Ivy Edwards (14) is 3rd from the left in the same row.  Ivy Edwards’ future husband, Henry Cordell, is 7th from the right in the 3rd row (49).  Another sister, Helen Edwards (72), who still lives in Searcy, is the 3rd student to the right of the principal (who is standing in the middle of the picture).  Another sister, Iris Edwards, is on the top row, 4th from the left.My mother can identify about 20 others: Leroy Welsh (6), Glen Akin (7), Verna McKown (19),Helen Welsh (20), Judith Griffith (22), Mildred Powers (24),Jimmie Powers (27), Odell Busby (28), Edith Benton (30), Arelene Weir (32), Reba Talkington (34), Mrs. Billy Benton (36), Ruby McKown (39), Durwood Wisdom (40), Orvill Watson (42), Rayburn Wisdom (45), Henry Cordell (49), J.B. Moore (50), Ollie Clayburn (65), Helen Edwards (72), Fred Lambert (79), Ava Hill (80), Paul Benton (84), Faye McCall (86), Odean McQueen (93).

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