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This Data Is In Part Extracted from a Geographic Names Information System query.
Directions are from Woodruff County Historical Society publications.

U.S. Geological Survey
National Mapping Information

Cemetery Name Location Date of Origin Directions
ANGUS CEMETERY Grays Circa 1853 One and one half miles south of McCrory, then turn west about one half mile around the bend on the dirt road.
ANTIOCH CEMETERY Augusta NE Located north of Augusta, to the left off of Highway 33, south of the White Church cemetery.
ASH GROVE CEMETERY Brinkley Early 1900's About a mile south of Cotton Plant, close to the old right-of-way of the old M & N Railroad.
ASHGROVE CEMETERY Augusta Located one quarter mile east of Peach Orchard Bluff, on Highway 262, near what used to be the Ashgrove Baptist Church and school.
ASHLEY(or BETHLEHEM) CEMETERY Gregory Circa 1850 Located south of Augusta on Highway 260 between Highway 33 and the Revel store.
AUGUSTA MEMORIAL CEMETERY Augusta Circa 1850 Located in Augusta immediately off Highway 64.
BARBEE (or BULLTOWN) CEMETERY Grays Three and three-fourths miles east of Highway 17 on Highway 260 (where Highway 260 turns north).
BAY (or TAYLOR'S BAY or SPRADLIN) CEMETERY Taylor's Bay Early 1800's Located off Highway 33 north of Augusta, north of Holly Grove, in the community known as Taylor's Bay.
BEAR SLOUGH CEMETERY Augusta Located on Bear Slough on Highway 262 north of McClelland and near Seven Mile Lake.
BENSON FAMILY CEMETERY Cotton Plant Located on the H.W. Mathis farm, a short distance south of the Ash Grove Cemetery, close to the county line and also near the old Salisburg community.
BETTS CEMETERY McCrory circa 1900 Isac Betts deeded 2 acres to the state of Arkansas around 1900 for this cemetery. Cemetery is well kept up. Take hwy 64 to Fair Oaks, turn north on hwy 49, go about 5-6 miles, turn left over the railroad tracks on county road 132. After about 1.5 miles, it turns into county road 318. The cemetery is on the right, about a half mile down 318. Info provided by Coby Betts.
BEULAH GROVE CEMETERY Gregory circa 1890 Located about one and one half miles a little north of east of Howell, Arkansas.
BIG DIXIE CEMETERY Gregory Located south of Augusta, north of Highway 38, on the right of Highway 33, before reaching Highway 262.
BUCKLEY FAMILY CEMETERY Cotton Plant Located on what was then the Buckley Farm (now the McGowan Farm), south of Sugar Hill.
BUCKEYE CEMETERY Gregory Located south of Augusta, off Highway 33 to the west, between Highway 262 on both the north and the south.
CASEY CEMETERY Hunter West Before 1880 Located north of the Lake Grove Cemetery about one half mile on the west of the road and out in the field.
COTTAGE HILL(POLITE) FAMILY CEMETERY Augusta Located at 601 North Second street, on "Cottage Hilll", in Augusta.
COTTON PLANT CEMETERY Gregory 1883 Located at the Northwest corner of the city of Cotton Plant.
CROWDER (or MORNING STAR) CEMETERY Gregory 1860's Located about four miles north of Cotton Plant on Highway 17.
CRUTCHER CEMETERY Gregory 1892 Located south of Augusta, east of Highway 33, near the point where Highway 262 intersects Highway 33. North of the Wildlife Management area.
CURRIE CEMETERY Gregory Located on Highway 33 at the intersection of the road to Harris Chapel, north of Gregory and south of Augusta.
EASON (or EASTLAND) CEMETERY Grays Located between Grays and DeView, one mile east of Grays on a dirt and gravel road.
EBENEZER CEMETERY Cotton Plant 1856 Located about three miles west of Cotton Plant, off highway 38.
FAKES CEMETERY McCrory circa 1868 Located about a mile north on highway 17, and half a mile east of McCrory, on high ground visible from the highway. Originally, it was located on one of the original roads which was cut through the trees, following the high ground from DeView through what was called Jenny Colony and leading to the north towards Beedeville.
GARNER FAMILY CEMETERY Patterson Located about one half mile east of junction highway 17 with highway 64, on the Garner farm.
GRAY FAMILY CEMETERY Grays Located about one half mile south of Angus, and describing in another way, it is one and one fourth miles east of Grays and almost one fourth mile north on the west side of a dirt road (nearby an old house site).
HILLEMAN CEMETERY Hillman Before 1900 Located about two miles west of Hilleman and about one mile south of Highway 145 on a farm owned by R. O. Collier.
HOLLY GROVE CEMETERY Fitzhugh Located north of Augusta northwest of Highway 33, near the Fitzhugh community.
HOLLODAY CEMETERY Hunter Start at Becton on Highway 17, go east on Highway 306 four miles, then turn north on gravel road three miles. Another way is to start at Hunter, Highway 39, west on Highway 306, two and one half miles to gravel road, north three miles.
HOUGH CEMETERY Augusta Located behind the old Presbyterian Church building in Augusta.
HOWELL FARM CEMETERY Howell Circa 1830 Located about one and a half mile west of Howell and about a half mile south from a farm road going west of Howell. Unmarked graves.
HUFF FAMILY CEMETERY Grays Located about one mile east of Edmunds Ave. In McCrory on Highway 64B, three fourths mile south on paved road, on the Huff farm.
HUNTER CEMETERY Hunter circa 1860 Located on an elevation of land directly west of the Hunter community, bordered on the west by a short slope leading to Caney Creek.
JEFFRIES FAMILY CEMETERY McCrory Located one half mile east of intersection of Highway 17 from Patterson, Ark., with US Highway 64, then north about one half mile on dirt and gravel road.
JELKS CEMETERY Augusta Take highway 64 east from Augusta, just off the highway toward the Union Cemetery.
LAKE GROVE CEMETERY Hunter West Circa 1900 Located about half way between Highways 306 and 38, directly east of Bayou DeView on a gravel road connecting the two highways.
LONE GROVE CEMETERY Grays About five miles south of Patterson (about one half mile south of Colona), on the east side of Highway 17.
MARTIN CEMETERY Grays Located on the present Highway 145 about one fourth mile south of McCrory, unmarked graves.
MABERRY CEMETERY Maberry 1851 Located on the Crittenden Farm, about three miles west of Cotton Plant, then northwest about a mile on Maberry sand road.
MCCRORY CEMETERY McCrory Located on the west side of Highway 17 directly north of McCrory, one fourth mile north of US Highway 64.
MORNING VIEW CEMETERY McCrory Located north of McCrory three fourths mile on Highway 17, turn northwest and go about one fourth mile. Near Morning View Church.
MORTON CEMETERY Tilton Located 7 miles east of McCrory, one-half mile west of Morton, one-half mile north on State Hwy. 239, then one-quarter mile west of 239 in Childress pasture.
MOUND (or SHADY GROVE) CEMETERY Cotton Plant Circa 1858 Located about threemiles north of Cotton Plant on Highway 306 on farm belonging to Lester Davis, a short distance behind his home.
MOUNT OLIVE CEMETERY Augusta Eight miles northeast of Augusta. Roadsign on Highway 33 directs to Mt. Olive(r) Baptist Church.
NEW SALEM(or CONNER) CEMETERY Augusta 1900 Take Hwy. 64 east a few miles, and go north. Located north of the New Salem Baptist Church.
ODD FELLOWS CEMETERY DeView Circa 1865 Located about two and a half miles south of McCrory.
PLEASANT GROVE (or HOWELL FARM) CEMETERY Howell Located one and one half miles west of Howell to a steep slope (which is a drop into the bottom land) and about one fourth mile north to the cemetery.
PENROSE (or HOLMES or FAIR OAKS) CEMETERY Penrose Located two miles south of Fair Oaks and north of Penrose one and one half miles on the west side of Highway 39.
PUMPKIN BEND CEMETERY Tilton Circa 1880 Located near the Pumpkin Bend village about six miles east and three miles north of McCrory on Highway 269.
QUIETT(or LASKER)CEMETERY Augusta 1893 Located between Beard's Addition and Country Estates on Highway 33, north of Augusta.
RENEAU (or PLEASANT GROVE) CEMETERY Hunter West Circa 1876 Located three-fourths of a mile southeast of Howell community.
ROSS FAMILY CEMETERY McCrory Circa 1860 Located across the Cache river from Riverside, toward the Jeffries Family Cemetery. Unable to pinpoint location.
SHELTON CEMETERY Cotton Plant Circa 1878 Located on the Shleton farm, about two miles north of Cotton Plant on the east side of Highway 306.
ST. JOHN CEMETERY McCrory Located between the Missouri Pacific Railroad and Highway 64B, in the east part of the town of McCrory (between three fourths mile and one mile from Edmonds Ave.)
STRACENER CEMETERY Wiville Located about one half mile north of Wiville station on Highway 17 and east about three eighths mile.
TEAGUE CEMETERY Augusta Not able to locate, due to construction of river levees in area of cemetery.
THOMAS FAMILY CEMETERY McCrory Circa 1858 Located northwest of McCrory one and one half miles from junction of Highway 17 from Newport with US Highway 64.
TRICE CEMETERY Cotton Plant Circa 1858 Located on the L.O. Vincent farm, about three miles west and about two miles south of Cotton Plant.
UNION CEMETERY Augusta Located one mile north of US Hwy. 64, 6 miles east of Augusta, and five miles west of McCrory.
VAUGHAN FAMILY CEMETERY Bulltown Located west about one fourth mile northwest of site of the old store at Bulltown, just north of Highway 260, and three and one half miles east of Highway 17.
WALKER CEMETERY Gregory 1858 Located one and a half miles west of Highway 17, six miles south of Patterson.
WATSON CEMETERY Gregory South from Augusta on hwy. 33, then through plowed fields two miles east of Gregory.
WHITEHALL CEMETERY Whitehall Circa 1905 Located three and a half miles west of the Hilleman community, on Highway 145.
WOODMANS CEMETERY Grays Circa 1920 Located on Highway 145, three miles southeast of McCrory.

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