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(Page 232)
This cemetery was started before 1900 and it may be a number of years before. At the time there were mostly black families in the community. It has been said that there has not been any burials in the cemetery for more than fifty years. This community has changed from black families to white families since about the time of World War I.

Our informant, Mrs. Jasemine Guthrie, who lives near, and her family moved to the community about the time the community was changing to white families. On our visit to the cemetery by Ralph Fore, Sr., and myself to inventory it, we found no markers. Our information is that there were a few markers among thirty to forty graves, but evidently they have been pushed over and trees pushed down with vines covering them, so we were unable to find one marker or any information as to names of those buried.

The location is about two miles west of Hilleman and about one mile south of Highway 145 on a farm owned by R. O. Collier. Legal description: it is in the Northwest corner of the Northwest (NW 1/4) Quarter of the Northwest (NW 1/4) Quarter of Section 28, T6N, R1W.

(no graves listed)

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