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Jones Cemetery
Located 4 miles east of Augusta on Highway 64
(Behind the Tractor Company)
Woodruff Co., AR

When the Southland Tractor Company was considering buying land for their new building, in Section 34, Township 7 North, Range 3 West, in the northwest quarter, Bill Gregory noticed an old cemetery nearby growing up in weeds. He found several markers, and Mrs. Reece Jones and her grandson, Jon Reece Thompson, made a thorough search of the cemetery, found additional stones, and the family has completely restored the gravestones. Mrs. Jones, whose husband, Reece Jones died October 1, 1976, and was buried in Searcy, did not give the cemetery any name but identified it as the family burying ground where Reece Jones' grandparents and several of their children were buried.

J. H. W. and Mary C. Jones were natives of Alabama and came to Woodruff County in 1861, locating four miles east of Augusta, where they both died on the farm they had purchased. The grandfather was a doctor and was captured by the Union Army during the Civil War, but when they learned his profession, they allowed him to be released. When he died, Dr. J. W. H. Jones owned 480 acres of land, about 200 of which were in cultivation. Two children survived -- (Ferdinand) Boothe Jones and Stith Jones, who was the father of Reece Jones.

Jones, Eddie H., b. March 8, 1858, d. May 5, 1865
      J. E., b. 1855, d. 1877
      Mary C., wife of J. H. W., b. March 1, 1827, d. April 12, 1868
      J. (John) H. W., b. April 12, 1824, D. October 10, 1870
Winfrey, William, d. September 13, 1850, aged 58 years

***Note: Transcribed and notes by Gary Telford, Family Roots, wgt@centurytel.net
***Note: Other information (Goodspeed) list Mr. J. H. W. as I. H. W. Jones, should be John H. W. Jones
***Note: William Winfrey, husband of Nancy Matilda Kennard, who died in 1866, parents of 11 children

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