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On Crittenden Farm, Woodruff County, Arkansas

A few stones which marked the graves of some of the early residents of the Cotton Plant area were found on the A. L. Crittenden farm near what was known as the Maberry Community. The oldest stone was that of Richard B. Jones, who was born August 21, 1817, and died December 23, 1851.

It is thought that G .W. Maberry, second husband of Rachel Newman and father of A. F. (Free Maberry) is also buried there, but no stone was found. In 1833 he bought an Indian fort on the Cache River near the site which later became the Maberry Community.

This cemetery is located three miles west of Cotton Plant, then northwest about a mile on Maberry sand road. Legal description: as close as we can determine, it would be the Southeast (SE) corner of the Southwest (SW 1/4) Quarter of the southeast (SE 1/4) Quarter of Section 28, T5N, R3W.

It was inventoried by Mrs. Dale McGregor, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Kearney and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Arthurs.

Maberry, M.M. (no dates)

A. F., (Albert Freeman "Free") b. August 13, 1856, d. October 3, 1924

Minnie Andrews, wife of A.F., b. July 17, 1860, d. October 16, 1884

Allen, Sallie B., dtr. of R.F. and M.M., b. Feb. 6, 1876 (1877), b. (stone broken)

Maberry Rachel Newman, wife of G.W., b. Oct. 19, 1825, d. June 14, 1883, age 57 yrs.
( Married first to Richard B. Jones)

Jones, Richard B., b. Aug. 21, 1817, d. Dec. 23, 1851 (First husband of Rachel Newman)

Newman, G.W., b. July 17, 1875, d. December 9, 1906 (broken stone - by Newman)

Note: Transcribed and notes added by Gary Telford, Family Roots, Woodruff County Monitor. You may email Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net