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(Page 207)
It is said that this cemetery is located across the Cache River from Riverside but no one seems to know where it is located. The only cemetery that anyone knows of across the river from Riverside is Jeffries and it is not directly acros the river. To date, we have been unable to pinpoint the location.

T. J. Fakes of Memphis, Tennn., is the person who furnished the names of the persons that are believed to be buried in this cemetery and he thinks the dates may vary a year or so from the dates listed. He arrived at the dates from the different census records on which he found these persons listed. These are relatives of his which he located by search of information in regards to his family.

Ross, Thomas M., b. 1800, d. 1864
	Ann T. (Dupree), b. 1808
	Thomas S., b. 1827
	Catherine (Cadrick), b. 1832
	Elizabeth, b. 1844
	Thomas, b. 1869
	Ann, b. 1870
	Martha, b. 1834
Sisson, (Ceason) James T.,
Ross, Daniel, b. 1839
	Mary L. (Martin), b. 1838, d. 1863
	Daniel Mercer, b. 1860
	Elias, b. 1847
	G. W.

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