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This cemetery is located west about one fourth mile northwest of site of the old store at Bulltown. It is just north of Highway 260, and three and one half miles east of Highway 17. Legal description: on the Southeast (SE~) Quarter of the Southwest (sw-41) Quarter of Section 14, T6N, R2W

It is understood that this cemetery was named for the owner of the land years ago (Mr. Pete Vaughan) and his home, where the cemetery is located, was one of the first brick homes in this part of the county. It was at first a two story brick house but has been cut down to one story.

Listed by Curtis A. Houston with the help of Gordon Van Pelt.

Vaughan, Peter H., b. May 1, 1825, d. Aug. 28, 1895
	S. P., b. Nov. 5, 1845, d. Sept. 25, 1900
	James L., son of P  A. and Mary E., b. Aug. 17, 1855, d. Apr. 2, 1879
York, Joel H., b. Apr. 6, 1854, d. Jan. 10, 1897
	Joel, son of J. H. and H. R., b. Aug. 24, 1897, d. Nov. 14, 1897

Added by Cindy Badon, mssilturq@yahoo.com, March 2008:

This cemetery is called the Vaughan-York Cemetery now. As far as I know the house is gone now. I have never been there, but I have pictures of the Cemetery.

Vaughan - York Cemetery 1864-1900 located Howell, Woodruff County, ARK. Cemetery was located behind the home of Peter Alfred Vaughan. It was the one of the first two story brick homes in the area.

Mary E. wife of P.A. Vaughan born July 15 1832 Died Feb. 24, 1864.

Broken stone Jan. 24, 18?? BUDDED ON EARTH. TO BLOOM IN HEAVEN: GONE TOO SOON. (Can't figure out who's stone this was.)

Twin stone - Sarah Anna Born Feb. 21 1864 Died Mar 28 1870 Ceasar Born Aug 3, 1858 Died Jan 27, 1867 Children of P. A. & Mary E Vaughan

William E. Son of P. A. & M. E. Vaughn born Dec 16, 1849 Died Dec 11, 1873 canŐt read verse below

Twin stone - Sallie Pete Born Sept. 1874 Died Oct 14, 1875 Thos. J Born Dec 28, 1872 Died Oct 10, 1875 Children of P. A. & Sallie R. Vaughan

Robert C. Son of P.A. & Sallie R. Vaughan Born June 22. 1867. Died May 16, 1879.

Peter A. Vaughan Born May 1, 1825 Died Aug 28, 1895

Augustus G. Son of P. A. & Sallie R. Vaughan Born Feb 12 1877 Died Jan 8 1896

Joel M York Born Apr 6, 1854 Died Jan 10, 1897

Joel Son of J.M. & M.R. York Born Aug 24 1897 Died Nov 14, 1897
of such is the Kingdom of heaven

James L. Son of P. A. & M.E. Vaughan Born Aug 17, 1855 Died Apr. 2, 1879

Sarah R. Vaughan Born 5 Nov 1845 Died Sep. 25 1900

Additional Info. Mary E. maiden name was Whitmore. His 2nd wife was Sarah R, maiden name was Sarah Rebecca Clark She was my (Cindy Badon) great grandmother. Peter's daughter, Mary Roberta married Joel Mann York, that is her husband and one son listed.

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