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Woodruff County Family Histories
& Web Pages

Your online family history and/or email address are welcome here! To post, just send the information via email to gblane@aristotle.net.

Book/Web site Posted by Email Address Date Listed Here
Arkansas Connections Lela Knight Ashburn bemis2@earthlink.net 1999 or before
Cantrell's Corner Janice Kay Curtis-Cantrell cantrell@zianet.com 1999 or before
Capshaw Family History Jerry (Oscar) Capshaw jcapshaw@suddenlink.net 1999 or before
Caperton, Pulliam, and Shelton Genealogy Angela Caperton Cornell cantrell@charter.net 1999 or before
Graves Family History Bonnie Graves bgraves34@texoma.net 2005
Hall and Woods Families Michael Scrape mscrape@centurytel.net 2004
Hamiltons, Brontes and Huffs Gloria Hamilton Bronte Lane gblane@aristotle.net 1997
Higgs Family History Frances Poer Fox J. Autrey 2007
Hunts of Hunter Imogene Vanderburg didvanderburg@sbcglobal.net 2000
Madisons of Woodruff County (no longer available) Steve Butts camellab@comcast.net 1999 or before
Tolbert Roots and Branches Connie Rushing cj59_1999@yahoo.com 2000
Tarno, Tarnow, and Related Surnames Connie Rushing cj59_1999@yahoo.com 2000
Vaulner Family History Bonnie Graves bgraves34@texoma.net 2005
The Womack Family Sam Womack samsawadee@msn.com 1998
Wrights of Woodruff County Larry Wendt wendt@pacbell.net 1999