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Elijah J. Crossett

Elijah J. Crossett, a leading merchant and a very prominent citizen of De View, was born in Carroll County, Tennessee August 4, 1845. Joseph Kinney Crossett, his father, was born in South Carolina on July 4,1815, and was reared and educated to farm life, which occupation he never departed from. In 1836 Mr. Crossett led to the hymeneal altar, Miss Elizabeth Cupp of Carroll County, Tennessee originally from South Carolina, her parents being from that state. To Mr. Crossett's marriage a family of eight children was born; (1) William Rufus Crossett, born May 15, 1838; (2) J. J. Crossett; (3) Emma Margaret Crossett, born 1845 in Mississippi; (4) Elijah J. Crossett, born August 4, 1845 in Carroll Co., TN; (5) Robert B. Crossett, born July 13, 1847 in DeSota Co., MS; (6)Columbus M. Crossett, born December 15, 1849 in DeSota Co., MS; and (7) Ida Crossett who married Mr. Partlow. They immigrated from Tennessee to DeSoto County, Mississippi, in 1845, thence to Arkansas in 1853, locating in this county. Mr. Crossett purchased 160 acres of land, which he brought to a successful state of cultivation. Mrs. Crossett died in 1860 in Woodruff County, Arkansas, a consistent Christian and an earnest worker in the Methodist Episcopal Church of which she was a member. In 1861 Mr. Crossett was married to Mrs. Elizabeth Corley of St. Francis County, Arkansas, and to their union two children were born: Addie and Ida (the wife of J. D. Parttow). Mr. Crossett was a constituent of the I.O.O.F., and died January 21, 1887, at his home in this county. He was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery at DeView.

Elijah J. Crossett began life for himself in 1865. His war record, though not a brilliant one, will always be remembered as one on which there was not a blemish and he had the satisfaction of knowing that he was earnest in the discharge of his duties. He enlisted under Capt. Wilson, in the Twenty-Second Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (B), entering service in 1863, remaining until the surrender in 1865, at Wittsburg, Arkansas. He then returned home, and for one year farmed, at the end of which time he learned and became skilled in the carpenter's trade, which occupation he followed until 1871. Subsequently dropping his trade, he again resumed the tilling of the soil, continuing with this up to the year 1878, at which time he embarked in the mercantile business in De View, remaining in this place ever since. Mr. Crossett was united in marriage with Miss Mattie McMurtry in 1870, and to their union four children were born; (1) Mrs. Crossett was born in Tennessee in 1858, and came with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Moses McMurtry to this county when about two years old. Mr. McMurtry was a native of Ohio, and his wife was born in Mississippi. Both died in 1878, in full communion with the Methodist Episcopal Church. In politics Mr. Crossett votes with the Democratic party. Himself and wife belong to the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a courteous, hospitable gentleman, making numerous friends , few if any enemies, and enjoys with his estimable wife, the respect of all.