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Woodruff County Historical Society

PO Box 898
McCrory, Arkansas 72101
web site: rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwchs/

Rule Line

'Rivers and Roads' are now Available.

The Woodruff County Historical Society has existed since 1972, providing history of the county.

In the past, they have published information on the history and families of Woodruff County. Their publications included a yearly book named Rivers and Roads and Points in Between and two cemetery books, representing a cemetery inventory done in the 1970's. Rivers and Roads journals are purchased by becoming a member of the society. All these publications can be ordered by mail, or purchased at the Monitor newspaper office at 310 N Edmonds Avenue in McCrory (870-731-2263).

The WCHS reorganized in 2004, and the current journals are now available!

Membership fee is $20 per year. This entitles each member to one current copy of Rivers and Roads. All additional copies are $15.

Send all checks to :

Woodruff County Historical Society
Box 898
McCrory, AR 72101

Attention: The Woodruff County Historical Society is looking for old photos from around Woodruff County and your historical stories. If you have any, please contact Paula Barnett at 870-731-2263 or wcm@centurytel.net

Officers of the Woodruff County Historical Society (as of 2004) are:

Roger Smith, President
Kip Davis, Vice President, cityman05@hotmail.com
Shirley Fields, Secretary/Treasurer
Paula Barnett, Editor wcm@centurytel.net
Gary Telford, Historian/Genealogist
    P.O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
    (501) 724-2490, wgt@centurytel.net

For more information, see the Woodruff County Monitor Facebook page or contact one or the officers listed above.

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