Query 327

Donna Chism  Wednesday, December 30, 1998
I am looking for any information on my uncle Lester HUTCHENS family they are from the Yell/Scott county area. Lester HUTCHENS married Callie Mae JONES the sister of my grandmother Gladys JONES-McCONNELL

Query 326

Daniel Reed   Monday, December 28, 1998
JOHNSON Looking for information on Thomas JOHNSON in Yell Co. in the late 1800's. 

Query 325

Jon Bosse  Sunday, December 27, 1998
Looking for information on family of Joseph T. BLAIR and Ella BLAIR and Biddie Georgia BLAIR with family members in both Yell and Perry Counties. Joseph T. BLAIR homesteaded in the area around 1890. 

Query 324

Gale Bramlett  Sunday, December 27, 1998
Looking for any information on Hosey T. DRISKELL b. abt 1835, Columbus W. DRISKELL b. abt 1843, Martha DRISKELL HALL b. abt 1846, wife of Jack HALL and Mary DRISKELL CROWELL b. abt 1853, wife of James Crowell. These are the children of John DRISKELL of GA/AL. According to John's will (1875 AL) these children and spouses were living in Bluffton, Yell, Co. AR. 

Query 323

Norma O'Neal  Wednesday, December 23, 1998
I purchased a book in Yell County on my genealogy visit there in July 1992. The book Readin','Ritin,'Rithmetic was written by Catherine Eikelberry Rogers and was published in 1981, however the publishers name and address is not in the book. It is about Yell Co. Schools and has a lot of names and pictures of the Old Schools. I am looking for the other books she has written Rabbit in a Rail Pile-her 1st-1978; Fever Weed-1985; Momentos of Mt. Magazine-1979; Hoot Owls on the Hillside-1986; Wind the Cat and Put out the Clock-1988; Dogtrot Days-1980 and The Bon White Calls-1978. If anyone has any information as to who the publisher is or where I could purchase these books I would be extremely grateful.

Query 322

Mary Potts  Wednesday, December 23, 1998
I am looking for information on John LADD who lived in the Blue Mountain area. he died around 1920 also his daughter Amanda who died around 1899 or 1900. his wifes name was Mary Jane REYNOLDS. Any informatin will be appreachiated.

Query 321

Charles Abernathy  Wednesday, December 23, 1998
I'm looking for information on Jessie LITTLETON who married Lawrence ( Lee) ROBINSON in 1910. They lived at Havana, AR. Jessie died in 1961.

Query 320

Keith Dickinson  Monday, December 14, 1998
I am looking for information on the DICKINSON Family. Part of the DICKINSON family moved to Yell Co. in the Salem community and the town of Ola, Ark. The timeing would be 1890 to 1910 are there abouts. If you can help me with information it would be helpful.

Query 319

Arvilla Boswell  Saturday, December 12, 1998
I am looking for Geneva Belle BOSWELL. She was born in Danville, Yell County, Ark., 15 Jun 1925 and died 6 Jun 1926. I would like to know where she is buried (cemetery). Can you help me? 

Query 318

Donna Chismc  Tuesday, December 08, 1998
I am searching for any information on William David McCONNELL and Mary (Polly) Ann ABERNATHY. both were born in Montgomery county married Dec 8, 1881 then moved to Bluffton, Yell County . They had 10 children 2 of which died right at or shortly after birth. their children were Eva May, Lucy E. Columbus Andrew F., Robert, Jim, Harrett B. D., William H. and Elizabeth. William David and Mary (Polly) Ann died sometime between 1920 and 1930. Any information is welcome. 

Query 317

Stacy Jones  Tuesday, December 08, 1998
I am looking for my ancestors Wilson and Mary Jane JONES. they were married in Madison Co. Tenn. in 1845 and are listed in the 1860 census for Yell Co. they had 6 children and my ancestor F.C. JONES was the middle child and oldest son. W.C. JONES and Mary Jane JONES are buried in the Dacus Cemetery near Mt. George. Since JONES is such a common name I am really having a hard time tracing them and would appreciate any help! email 

Query 316

Kathy Wright Owens  Saturday, December 05, 1998
I am searching for information on a WRIGHT family who lived in Dardanelle in late 1890's, possibly before. My grandfather was William WRIGHT who was born in Darndanelle in 1890 or 1891. I am not sure of his parents name or the name of his son from a first marriage but they all lived with his parents especially in 1916. He married my grandmother, Lela Fay VICH in 1916 who was from Russellville, Pope Co, and they had a son born 1/8/1917 named Ivey Wade who was my father (Ivey was born in Pulaski Co). All I know is William worked as a brakeman for the railroad. If anyone knows of a WRIGHT family that might fit with this puzzle, please contact me. 

Query 317

Terry Wheeler  Saturday, December 05, 1998
I am now looking for information on the follwing people: 1. John E. MAXEY (b. circa 1856 in AR; living in Magazine Twp, Yell County in 1880 and in 1900 censuses; not in 1910 census). Parents born in Arkansas. I am looking for his dates of birth and death and names of parents. 2. Samuel J. PRYOR (b. circa 1827 in AR; living in Galley Rock Twp, Yell County in 1860, 1970 and 1880 censuses; not in 1900 census.) Parents born in Tennessee. I am looking for his dates of birth and death and names of parents. 3. Haskey PRYOR (MAXEY? TINNIE?) (b. circa 1860-1863 in Yell County). Daughter of Samuel J. PRYOR. Might have married John E. MAXEY. She did have two children with him - Elmander, b. 1881 or 82, and Andrew, b. circa 1887. I believe she married TA TINNIE (TINNEY?) in 1889. I am looking for any information as to what happened to her. 4. John Warren LEWIS (b. circa 1849 in MS; moved to Yell County after 1880; listed in 1900 census with 2nd wife, Lula). I am looking for his date of death and place of burial. 5. Vicy (or Vizy) Ann BRIDGES (b. circa 185 in MS; died in Yell County circa 1892-98). First wife of Joseph Warren LEWIS. I am looking for her date of death and place of burial. 

Query 315

David Dennis  Sunday, November 29, 1998
I am looking for a researcher named Ott HOLLIMAN or anyone who may be researching his DENNIS line. Some of his research was published in "A History of The DENNIS Family" by William DENNIS. I can connect his line to the SC line they came from, or at least the John DENNIS of Holmes Co., Ms he mentions. I don't have a clue to when he submited the info but his address was in Ola., Ak

Query 314

Linda Southard   Saturday, November 28, 1998
I am looking for Henry REDING (REDDING) family that is listed in Land records for 1860 Yell Co. He was married to Mary Jane STEWART, they had two children that I know of Bessie Bell and Etta. 

Query 313

Donna Chism  Saturday, November 28, 1998
I am looking for any information on the following people all born in Yell Co., AR: Eva May McCONNELL born Feb 1885, Columbus Andrew F. McCONNELL born May 1887, Harrett B. D. McCONNELL born June 1888, Lucy E. McCONNELL born Dec 1894, William H. McCONNELL born Sept 1899, and Elizabeth McCONNELL born 1901. It is believed that all were born in Bluffton at least 2 are my grandfather Robert "Sugarbabe" McCONNELL and Elizabeth McCONNELL if anyone has any information on any of these McCONNELL's please e-mail me. 

Query 312

Kay Elsberry Bills  Saturday, November 28, 1998
I am looking for marriage records for James M. ELSBERRY to Lizzie McTIRE. My grandfather, Colin Cruth ELSBERRY, born 7/23/1894 and then all his children were born in Yell County. Kay Elsberry Bills, PO Box 147, Sutton, Alaska 99674 

Query 311

James E McNeal  Saturday, November 28, 1998
I am trying to get a copy of obituary of Helen E. COOK died 30 April 1975 Ola, Yell Co, AR and her husband E. H. (Ted) COOK died 1 Sep 1975 Ola, Yell Co, AR. They are buried in the Sandlin Cemetery. James E McNeal, 5916 Cardan Dr, Knoxville, TN. 37909 

Query 310

Glen Caldwell  Saturday, November 28, 1998
Looking for information on Viola BLEVINS.She was born in 1878 at Springhill AR. She was raised by her grandmother, a UNDERWOOD, around Dardnelle, AR. She married a SUTTALS(had three children) Then married Neil ROBERTSON in Oklahoma in 1905. (they had five children) She died in Garland county in 1957. Seeking any information on her early life(parents, grandparents, etc.) Glen CAldwell, 250 Tatum, Hot Springs, AR 71901 

Query 309

Gwen Blair Vaughan Tuesday, November 17, 1998
I am looking for info on James Marian WALLS. I think he might be the brother of my great grandmother Kitty WALLS. Their parents were Bartlet WALLS and Alice WALLS. Would appreciate any help in finding them. . 

Query 308

Kathy Wright Owens Tuesday, November 17, 1998
I am looking for a way to get information on my great grandparents who are buried in Harris cemetery. My grandmothers first husband and baby are also buried there but I do not know their names only that they died of black plague...close together and it was before my mother was born in 1917. My great grandparents were Moseley ELKINS and Annaliza STUBBS ELKINS. If anyone could help me with a link it would be appreciated 

Query 307

Sherry Frazier Mideiros Thursday, November 12, 1998
I am trying to find information on my great-grandfather, Will FRAZIER. I think he was born in Yell Co. -- at least he lived there most of his life. He married Caldonia TUCKER (b. 1862 in Yell Co, d. 1947). All of their 9 children were born in Havana.: Arthur, my grandfather (b. 1881, d. 1918), Carl, Roy, Chester, Lillian, Burl, Verna, Nettie and Hettie. I have information on Caldonia TUCKER FRAZIER, but I can't seem to find a thing for Will FRAZIER. My dad and aunt said that his mother was a widow named Sarah HODGES and that she had 3 boys when she married Will's father. My uncle, Jim FRAZIER, still lives in Havana, but he is up in age and doesn't remember much about the family history. My dad passed away 4 years ago and so a lot of the family history has been lost. How I wish I had listened more when he told me all the family stories! Most all of the family is buried in McBride Cemetary near Havana. (My grandmother was a McBRIDE). 

Query 306

Bill Boyd Tuesday, November 10, 1998
Looking for information on the family of Joseph V. ADCOCK and his wife Alice. Joseph was born 1852 and died 1894. Alice was born 1860 and died in 1936. They are buried at New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery near Dardanelle. Would like to hear from anyone interested in this family. 

Query 305

Rene Thompson Sunday, November 08, 1998
Looking for information on a woman named Joicy Dilla EDWARDS JACKSON who moved her family from Knox Co., KY to Yell Co., AR sometime before the turn of the century. Her husband's name was Daniel JACKSON and he died in KY in 1860. Their children that would have gone out there were: John Greenberry 1861-1942 married to Margaret BAKER; Arch 1867-1895 married to Dorcas MILLS. Other children that I don't know if they went or not: Elizabeth b. 1862; Lawrence Allen b. 1863; Mary Jane b. 1865; Hannah Ellen b. 1870 married John Taylor; and Martha b. 1875.
I believe that either Daniel's brother or maybe Joicy's family may have moved there before them, so if the names JACKSON or EDWARDS or Knox Co., KY ring a bell, please email. 

Query 304

Wanda J. Karnes Sunday, November 08, 1998
Sarah Iola SMITH died in Yell County Arkansas February 01, 1935. Her obituary states that her maiden name was PEEK, and she was born in Des Moines, Iowa. There were several PEEK females who married in Conway County, Arkansas. I believe these females were Sisters. Wanda J. Karnes, 1711 Magnolia Drive, Fort Smith, AR 72908 

Query 303

Pat Dawson Sunday, November 08, 1998
Grandparents were William Aaron and Emma Priscilla DEAN McCAIN, and James Wister and Nellie CAMPBELL DAWSON. They married and began their families in Belleville, AR. If you have any information you will share, I would be very appreciative. 

Query 302

Myrtis Gayton Voorhees Wednesday, November 04, 1998
Owen / Gayton / Skyrlock
Looking for info on the OWEN, GAYTON and SKYRLOCK families during the period of 1900-1920. There should be burials in the Ola Cemetery for OWEN and SKYRLOCK families, and marriages between GAYTON and SKYRLOCK families. 

Query 301

Karen Hammett Cook Sunday, November 01, 1998
I am researching the HAMMETT family. My grandfather, Mack C. HAMMETT (b. 9/9/1870) son of Catherine Bennett HAMMETT and John 'Robert' HAMMETT. Robert died (we think) in Independence Co. 2/15/1970 (seven months before Mack's birth) Robert was a Baptist preacher. Catherine (according to Bible records) died in 1900 and is buried at Blufton, AR. Robert was first married to Mary HAMMETT HAMMETT (a cousin) she died in 1865 in Independence Co. Are there a book on the cemeteries at Bluffton, Yell Co.? Looking for Catherine Bennett Hammett's burial place. BENNETT could possibly be the last name( family bible records have Catherine BEMMETT d. 1900, b. Bluffton, AR. thank you. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My home email address is Thank you, Karen Hammett Cook 

Query 300

Charles Abermathy Friday, October 30, 1998
I'm looking for ancestors of Minnie LITTLETON born 1877 in Yell Co, she married George W MORGAN on 1 Feb 1891 at Paris, Lamar, TX. Minnie was the daughter of Noah LITTLETON and Sarah Arkansas T. FORD. Sarah was the daughter of Malachi FORD and Sarah DAWSON of the Dardanelle District. Malachi left a will written on 2 Apr 1881 at Dardanelle naming Minnie as his grand daughter and also naming some of his other grandchildren. Minnie's daughter Myrtle Jane MORGAN married Charles F. ABERNATHY in Logan Co, AR, in 1912, Myrtle and her mother both died in Ottawa Co Ok. 

Query 299

Christopher Isom Friday, October 30, 1998
I am looking for a William SMITH married to a Mae maiden name unknown They had a child James Franklin SMITH borne 1879 in Coal Hill Arkansas I am Also Looking for a Berle NICHOLS Borne 1884 Married to a Leona MOORE borne 1888 They Have a Child Arvella NICHOLS borne 1910 in Dardanelle Arkansas. Berles father is William NICHOLS and His mother is Parthina or Sarah SMITH Leona Father is Hint or Erin MOORE and her mother is Anna VASAR. Thank You, Chris

Query 298

C. Ashford Friday, October 30, 1998
Seeking information on line of Malachi FORD (b 1801 Tenn) died 1888 in Yell County. He was married to Sara Francis DAWSON also buried in Yell County. Apparently came to Yell County from Tenn. by way of Kentucky. 12 children including Thomas J. FORD who married Caroline SMITH in 1869 in Yell County. Willing to share all information... 

Query 297

Carol Smith Sunday, October 25, 1998
Seeking information on the Benjamin Curry JONES family. He moved to Arkansas ca. 1858 when his parents and siblings moved from Murray County, GA to Izard County, Arkansas. Benjamin JONES settled in Yell County and is recorded there in the 1860 Census with his wife Mary, age 23, his three children: Izora, age 5, George Anne, age 4 and his son named for his father, Smith, age 2. They owned at least 80 acres of land by Cash Land Patent from the US Gov't. My information on him is sketchy after that. I believe I have found where a B. C. JONES enlisted at Dardenelle in Company "I", 21st Arkansas Infantry around Dec 1861. After that I have found no trace of him or his family. Any help, leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Query 296

Doug & Melba Lowe Sunday, October 25, 1998
Looking for information of Madison Lowe b Oct, 1844, TN. He is listed on 1900 Yell Co census. He was brother to my ggf Robert LOWE. They were on the Gordon Co, GA 1850 census, then removed to Blount Co, AL 1860 & 1870. Madison was in wounded in CW and discharged near Tupelo, MS 1862. He is listed in Marshal Co, MS census 1870 with wife Lucinda & baby Jeremiah and brother Robert. 1900 AR census list wife Martha & children. Lucinda & Jeremiah may have died or Jeremiah may be married by then. Have info to share on early family of Madison. 

Query 295

J'nell Moore Smelley Wednesday, October 21, 1998
I am looking for info on my Great-Great-Grandfather Josiah N. MOORES. He was born abt 1837 in TN to James MOORES and wife Elizabeth. Josiah N. married Sallie Elora MILLARD, born 1839 Hayward Co TN, she came to Yell Co AK in 1844/1845 with parents James E. and Edna(HERRING). Josiah N. and Sallie had a 1 child together-James William MOORES born 28 Oct 1860 in Yell Co AK. Something happened to Josiah N. MOORES between OCT 1860 and the year 1862 because Sallie married a man by the name of Jessie J. GEIGER. I've found Sallie on Records listed as Sarah and also with last name spelled MORSE. I'm interested in finding out what became of Josiah N. MOORES. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Query 294

Donna Chism Friday, October 16, 1998
Cristiana Ann RHOADES maried James D. PARKER in the Yell/Scott County area and their children were Mary Lou, Ida, Alice Beartice, George, Viola, and Frank. Cristiana's parents were Joseph RHOADES and Ann SPENCER. I am looking for Cristiana's siblings. I know that one of her sisters was named Julie and her son's name was Rush RHOADES and his daughter's name was Frances. I would like the other's names dates and places thank you for your time and information 

Query 293

Terry Kay Wheeler Friday, October 16, 1998
My mother was born Mary Kathryn MAXEY on Dec. 15, 1918 in or near Ola. Her parents were Ellermander and Lillie Mae MAXEY. Her older siblings were Odell, Lavoy, Hazel and Maxine. Ellermander (I am not really certain of the spelling of his name) died when my mother was a small child, probably in 1922 or 23. Lillie Mae was born Dec. 13, 1985 and died in April, 1967. She is buried beside her husband somewhere in the Ola area. I believe her maiden name was LEWIS. I have also heard some stories about an ancestress whose last name was PRYOR. She is variously referred to as "Hatchett" PRYOR or "Haskey" PRYOR. Terry Kay Wheeler, 4600 Tomahawk RD, Prairie Village, KS 66208 

Query 292

Michael Lindsay  Monday, October 12, 1998
Looking for any information on a Columbus E. GARNER in Yell county. He was born in 1827, died 1899. was married to Nancy ?. We dont know where he was born, but we know he lived in that area. 

Query 291

Sherri Higgins Clark Monday, October 05, 1998
My great grandfather Jason Woodville HIGGINS (b.01 Aug 1851 Habersham Co., GA) took his wife Frances Emmeline ANDERSON (Cherokee) and children Josie, James Newt, Sarah Martha Lanora, Susanna Lucinda Lula, Allison Buford, and Minnie westward. Lillie May was born in Casa, AR. then my grandfather Claude Estes HIGGINS b. 15 Apr 1892 was born in Belleville, AR, Yell Co. Then 4 years later they came into Oklahoma Indian Territory near Sallisaw. Do anyone have any records of Jason being in Yell Co.? I'll be happy to pay for any photocopies.

Query 290

Tanya Schroeder Tuesday, September 29, 1998
HOPPIS / JACKSON My great-grand mother was Dulice HOPPIS. Her father was Charley James HOPPIS and mother was Ella Fair JACKSON. I know that his parents were Fremont HOPPIS and Mellisa D. born 1855 and 1857 respectfuly. Ella's father was R. J. JACKSON. I would like to know more about Fremont and Charley both does any one have any information? 

Query 289

Evelyn Straub Friday, September 25, 1998
I am looking for information on Bill CALLICOAT and wife Martha BROOKS(Daughter of Newell P. BROOKS in 1860 Yell County Census). Bill and Martha were in 1880 Yell County Census as were N.P. BROOKS. Bill died sometime in 1881 and I was not able to find a death certificate nor a grave when visiting the area. After Bill's death Martha married a William GREEN. Would like to know where the BROOKS are buried also. Evelyn Straub, Rt 1, Box 224, DeLeon, Tx 76444

Query 288

Tanya Schroeder Friday, September 25, 1998
I was wondering if there was anyone that has information about the WPA project that was at Spring Lake in the 1930's My great-grandfathers, James Madison LAND (see info on him from Roger at query 54) and William Edgar APPLE plus my grandfather Johnnie LAND and his brother Thomas Esco LAND worked on Spring Lake. Later Thomas Esco was also apart of the Nimrod dam. I would like to contact people that may know names of people that worked these two camps if not people that are related to those that lived on Chikalah Mountian in the 1930's! Query 287

Carol Vanzant Mattison Friday, September 25, 1998
I know that a good part of my VAN ZANDT family lived in Arkansas. I believe that an uncle Samuel Lenore Van Zandt, d, 1899 married Amy Euphamy CALLAHAN in 1856 lived in Yell, Co. Their children were: Sarah Armentha - b. 1857, Amy Elizabeth - b. 1860, d. 1890, John Henry - b. 1865, d. 1911, Andrew Franklin - b. 1868, d. 1956, Mary Jane - b. 1870, d. 1927, James McDonald - b. 1873, William Columbus - b. 1876, d. 1971, Frederick Lafayette- b. 1880, d. 1950. 

Query 286

Y. Jackson  Friday, September 25, 1998
Seeking General WITT born in Yell, County AR. 1881. Sister of General was Sarah B. WITT (my g-grandmother). I have no infomation on her but she would have been born around the same time of General WITT. Sarah WITT's said husband was Luthern TAYLOR. Sarah was said to be half cherokee, her mother was said to be full blooded cherokee. Can any one help me with this? 

Query 285

Phyllis Solter Friday, September 25, 1998
My gggrandmother's married name was Eleanor Jane DACUS(b. Huntsville, Alabama 1836 d. Russellville Arkansas 1893). She married William DACUS in 1865. She was previously married to Alfred FERRILL and had a son Lawrence through that marriage. I'm hoping to find her maiden name. - I have a suspicion that she was the daughter of Simeon KIRKPATRICK but at this point am unable to prove it. Locale of all this is Dardanelle. Please contact me if you recognize any of these folks. 

Query 284

Garland Hurst Pilliar Saturday, September 19, 1998
I'm seeking info re my family who resided in Yell County near Danville during the period 1909-1920. My ggrandfather was Edward D. PILLIAR, b. 1837 ILL, d. Yell Cty. 1912, married to Rachel M. COFFER (Cofer?). 

Query 283

Terry Davison  Saturday, September 19, 1998
Looking for relatives of my Greatgrandparents John W. HORN, 1846 to 1906 and his wife Mary Ann SUGGS 1847 to 1929 they died in Yell co , hoping to find relatives and share info. 

Query 282

Deborah Aldridge  Wednesday, September 16, 1998
John Wesley GOSS b. 02 Nov 1847 in Yell County to Noah and Ann Eliza (CRITTENDON) GOSS. He married Jane Belle Gott AKIN in 1870. Jane Belle AKIN was a widow with 3 small children, William Trent, Roscoe and Minnie Margaret. She was 1/8 Cherokee. I would like to trade info with anyone researching these families. 

Query 281

JD Hodges  Wednesday, September 16, 1998
We are looking for any info on Millard Filmore NORWOOD Born 4/23/1862 in TENN. Married Louis Ann MEEK 12/27/1888, Yell Co... AR Died 11/15/1900 Waldron, Scott Co. AR. If you have any info of birthplace or parentage we would be grateful. 

Query 280

Terrance Hall Jr  Monday, September 14, 1998
I am looking for information on the ancestors of Greenberry HALL

Query 279

Rose Anderson  Monday, September 14, 1998
I am looking for information on Henry TIGUE. He was suppose to have been the first Cherokee Indian Marshall in Yell County. This is my husbands great-grandfather. 

Query 278

Roger T. WATSON  Monday, September 14, 1998
I am searching for the WATSON family in Yell county. My fathers name was Laudell, His fathers name was Dewey WATSON. Dewey lived in Danville and died in 1981. My grandmothers maiden name was TATE also believed to be from Yell county. 

Query 277

Debbie Harmon  Monday, September 14, 1998
Looking for information on Liley LUSHBOW b.unknown. Married Jess ROBERTSON. Gave birth to my grandmother Novie Floria Ann ROBERTON COONCE April 2, 1902 in Yell Co., Arkansas. All information is greatly appreciated. 

Query 276

Shonda Marcrum Milligan   Monday, September 14, 1998
I've just recently learned the names of my Grandparents. unfortunately never knew of my Grandparents, and other relatives. My parents wouldn't talk about them, or visit. I've done fairly well in accumulating info on my Grandfather, Joseph "Green" MARCRUM, but nothing on my Grandmother, Arrilla Jane STEPHENS., Arrilla Jane STEPHENS b. 1884, AR d. California, son Joseph "Green" MARCRUM, B. 11 Mar 1901, YELL CO, Arkansas If you know of either of my Grandparents family info, or if you can assist with Census lookups and the like, please contact me. 

Query 275

Wenzel, Allan R.  Monday, September 14, 1998
I am trying to locate the cemetery in which my relative William Harmon VAN CLEAVE, died April 1906, at Havana is interred. He was living in Prairie Township in the 1900 Census. I understand that the cemeteries of Yell County are transcribed and published in books located at the Yell County Historical and Genealogical Society. I also understand that a Sondra Jones is available to search these volumes. I do not have her e-mail address. Can you be of assistance to me? Allan R. Wenzel, 767 Factory Manufacturing Engineer, Bldg 40-24.2 K5, Phone: (425) 294-2743, Pager: (206)344-1745, FAX: (425) 342-9967 

Query 274

Gary Moyers Mon, 07 Sep 1998
Looking for info on Matilda JONES, b. abt 1849 Yell,Co. Married Joseph Soral WHITECOTTON 3/12/1881 in Johnson Co., AR. She is my wifes g-grandmother and we have no info on Matilda or her ancesters. Thanks for any information, Gary & Mary(Whitecotton) Moyers, PO Box 177, Coker Creek, TN 37314

Query 273

Donna Chism Sun, 6 Sep 1998
I am looking for information on David McCONNELL and Polly Ann ABERNATHY. Their son was my grandfather Rober McCORNNELL born in Yell County Aug 1, 1906 

Query 272

Marjorie Miller Saturday, August 29, 1998
Does anyone have access to 1900 or 1910 Yell Co. Federal Census. Looking for Isaac Brady EARL family, wife is Sadie. 

Query 271

Marjorie Miller Saturday, August 29, 1998
Need someone to check probate records for SPENCER. Looking for parents of Sadie Spencer EARL. Will pay someone to search. Will someone offer to help.

Query 270

Billy Jean Horne Tuesday, August 25, 1998
Seeking information about Parmela J. ORNSBY b 1858 in AR, Married Caleb McBRIDE 1873 in Yell County, AR. Believed to be from the Rover, Gravelly area of Yell. Mother's name was Martha. 

Query 269

Charles Guerry Tuesday, August 25, 1998
My Great-Grandfather was a member of the 37th Inf. Reg. during the Civil War. His name was GUERRY, William Theodore and he was from Rover, AR. His wife was Alice Wilhemenia TALKINGTON, dau. of Isaac TALKINGTON of Van Buren. I would like information on the 37th Reg. and if possible the location of where he is buried. He died in Nov-Dec 1875-76 in Rover. 

Query 268

Charles E. Harger Sunday, August 23, 1998
I am searching for any information on a Hurst C. MYERS who married Ava R. HARGER in 1898 in Yell County. Hurst and Ava had 4 children by 1906, in the 1910 Census Ava is listed a the head of the house with her children. After 1910, I can't find Ava or the children in a census. maybe someone doing research on the Myers will have this information. Family names would be HARGER, BAKER, MYERS. Charles E. Harger, 3135 Scotch Moss, LaPorte, Tx. 77571 

Query 267

Larry Ashworth Sunday, August 23, 1998
Looking for information on John Henry VAN HORN b. 22 Jun 1845 Boone Co. MO; died 7 Apr 1936 Chickalah, Yell Co.,Arkansas. His daughter, Elmina Adeline married William A. GRUBB 27 May 1894. John Henry VAN HORN fought in Civil War (Confederate Company E). I have been able to find very little on John VAN HORN - not even any census records. If anyone has information, it would be much appreciated. 

Query 266

James King Sunday, August 23, 1998
Looking for descendants of Andrew Jackson GREEN and Maggie GLOVER, who were married in Yell Co. about 1880. I especially need information on the GLOVER family. All I know is that Maggie's parents were Charlie and Martha WATERS GLOVER. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

Query 265

Robert Dodd Sunday, August 23, 1998
I. DODD who was Alma McBRIDES first husband. Where and when did he die? 

Query 264

Geraldine Farmer Sunday, August 23, 1998
Robert WILSON b. 1823/4 was in Yell Co. Hickman twp.in 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 census. Abram WILSON b. 1856 was in Spring Creek Twp. 1850 census and his wife Deborah in Riley Twp.in 1860 and 1870. George WILSON b. 1815 was listed in 1850 and 1860 Riley Twp. census. James H. COLE b. 1832 and wife Martha b. 1848 AL listed in Riley twp. 1870 census. Lorenzo WILSON b. 1856, wife Mary Jane b. 1848 TN listed in Spring Creek twp 1870, 1880 census.
Nelly WILSON b.1792 NC; Elizabeth WILSON b.1803 VA; Jeremiah WILSON b. 1829 IN, Newton J. COLE b. 1832 also found in Yell Co., AR. Some of the WILSONS were in Scott Co. AR in 1840 before migrating to Yell Co. If you have knowledge or information on these people, I'd like to discuss them with you. I believe there are connections to my Farmer line. 

Query 263

C. Barger Monday, August 17, 1998
JENNINGS / CRAIG / HORNE / My great-great grandfather was Nathaniel S. JENNINGS, b. abt 1805 in N.C./MS, married Mary Ann CRAIG, b. abt 1813 in Lafayette Co., MS, m. 18 Mar 1832 in Lafayette Co, MS. Children: William D., James, Mary Ann, Eliza J., Richard M., Virginia T., Nathaniel, George. Their son, William D. JENNINGS, b. 14 May 1836 in Memphis TN, was oldest child, and a life-long resident of Dardanelle, where he settled with his parents in 1850. His mother was in Dardanelle on the 1850, 1860, and 1870 census on Yell Co., but father, Nathaniel S., appeared only in the 1850 census, in Dardanelle, Yell Co. Would welcome information of date of death and buriel sites for Nathaniel and Mary Ann CRAIGJENNINGS. My great-grandmohter, their daughter, Mary Ann JENNINGS, b. 2 May 1840 in Mississippi. married William W. HORNE abt 1867 in Dardanelle(?). Her grave is in Calvin Evans Cemetery out of Reville, Logan Co., AR and her headstone lists date of death as 1 Nov 1904, and inscribed on the stone, BORNED IN LAFAYETTE CO MISSISSIPPI. Have no more information on her death. Would like to know where and when she married William HORNE, where and how she died, and if there are descendents of this family in Dardanelle area. Any genealogical research or family history on these people. Thanks, 

Query 262

Gary Whitford Sunday, August 16, 1998
Looking for information on Isaac S. WHITFORD and his descendants and ancestors. Isaac S. was born in Stewart County, TN October 9, 1832 and came to Yell County, AR about 1854. Isaac's first wife was Mary E. WYATT, born about 1834 in TN. Their children were Charles W., Sarah L., Lewis H., John L., Elizabeth S. (married Hamilton M Morris), Isaac Elijah., Mary C., and Alonzo C. Mary E. died July 31, 1865, and soon after Isaac married Mary A. COBB. Their children were Robert H., Francis Marion. (my ggrandfather), Emma J., and Berry D. Mary A. died on August 19, 1875 and Isaac S. married Louisa F. COATS on February 24, 1876. It appears that Isaac S. was still alive in 1891 and still living in Yell County. 

Query 261

Betty Parker Eubanks Wednesday, August 12, 1998
Seeking information on Malen STAFFORD born in Ireland died about 1900, Ed and Elsie PARKER born 1890 b Danville ? Julie WEST died 1970 buried in Ola Cemetery, Could someone look up 1900-1910 census, cemetery and marriage records for me if you have it and see if any of these people lived there. I know it is a lot but, may I can look up something for Indep. Co. 

Query 259

Robert L. Bryant Wednesday, August 12, 1998
I'm interesting in information Monroe BRYANT who is believed to have lived in the Rover or Ola area from around 1890 until ? Information regarding decendents, burial location, date of birth/death etc., or others who might be researching the decendents of Monroe BRYANT or Albert BRYANT of Mongtomery Country Ark. will be apprecipated

Query 258

Shirley Reed Wednesday, August 12, 1998
Looking for the following that may have moved to Yell from Montgomery:Thomas P. MORGAN and wife Francis, sons Ruel, Thomas. Son Nathan A. living next door. Nathan was there in l867 as J.P. Not on l870. Where did these people go? Snail mail address: Shirley Reed, 3920 Forecastle Ave., W. Covina, Ca. 9l792. Have info on Thomas P. son Wm. A. MORGAN who went to Tx

Query 257

Janet Newell
Sunday, August 09, 1998
Seekinf information on Constantine LADD b. 5 Sept 1812 in Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana. To Arkansas sometime between 1816-1831. Lived in Dutch Creek (Dutchess Creek, Dutchcreek), Yell County. Married Elizabeth H. WOOD(S) c. 1848 and had five children, all boys, all b. Yell Co. William I., 1849-before 1860; Logan M., 1851-before 1936; Joseph, 1853-before 1860; Isaac, LADD 1856-1936; John, 1858-1937. Logan married Martha (Babe) HUTCHENS. Isaac married Anna CROSBY. John married Mollie ADAMS. Isaac and Anna's LADD'S children were Earl, Blanche, and my grandmother Roxie b. 1888, Walnut Tree (Waltreak), Yell, Ark. Roxie married Arthur Loammi FOSS, 1907 in Danville, Yell Co. Also would like information on Joseph (Milton?) LADD, bc 1780, Virginia, to South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, and then Sevier Co., Arkansas. His wife Hester is living in Yell County in 1850. Also suspect Miles LADD, 1850 Yell County census, is Constantine's brother. 

Query 255

Alice Skinner Jojola Wednesday, August 05, 1998
FREEMAN I am looking for a John Claybourne FREEMAN that lived in or near Morrilton, AR. 

Query 254

Maurine Atkins Wednesday, August 05, 1998
Looking for Parents of Frederick HARRIS b 1826 TN m Sarah THORNTON, 1848 in Hamilton Co TN. Had 5 Children: Anne b 1844 TN m Mr FREEMAN Margaret b 1848 TX m T. POINDEXTER Easter b 1855 TX m James BAKER Joseph b 1859 TX m Dori BLACKWELL Sarah (Sallie) Abigale b 1861 m Josephio ATKINS Sallie was my husbands grand mother, she was suppose to be Cherokee Indian. Would like to hear from any relative of these people. 

Query 253

Evelyn Brown Monday, August 03, 1998
Looking for members of the family of James T SCOTT, b. 1868 in Mississippi, married Mary E. "Mollie" DESHAZO, b.1869 Mississippi. James SCOTT was supposed to have owned a grocery store at Nimrod. Their children were Blanche Juanita SCOTT m. Thomas Wilbur BROWN of Saline County AR (Blanche and Wilbur's oldest son graduated from the Aplin School around 1941) Blanche was a school teacher; Hazel SCOTT m. Fay KANADY of Saline County AR; Raymond SCOTT m. Duell ?? and lives in Ft. Smith area, Robert SCOTT m. Ruby ?? and lives in Ft. Smith area. Appreciate any information on this family known to have lived in the Nimrod, Perry, Perryville area in 1930's and 1940's. It is believed there was a large family of Scotts in that area at that time. 

Query 252

Rhonda Hawkins  Friday, July 31, 1998
In 1863 Francis Elizabeth BIGGS was born (maybe Dardanelle) to her parents: Nathan BIGGS and Eliza TWEEDLE BIGGS.Francis BIGGS married Mat(t)hew BROWN in the late 1880's. I can't find any record on him anywhere. I'd like to get some proof of this and any other information that may be available on this family. 

Query 251

Julie R. Hetland Tuesday, July 28, 1998
Searching for James M. REED (born 1846 in Tenn.) m. Emily? (born 1848). Had James P. REED (born 1869) m. Matilda HOLLAND (born 1859) and Lillian Jane REED (born 1871) m. Marion S. YORK (born 1863 NC) Also searching for William M. YORK (born 1825/6 NC) father of Marion S. YORK. He moved to Arkansas and eventually to Oklahoma with his son. 

Query 250

Charles E. Carroll Sunday, July 26, 1998
Trying to identify Elizabeth SIDES, resident of Yell County in 1863. Mother was Mary WARD, died 1863 in Yell Co. Mary reportedly the wife of John WARD. Mary previously married to Alexander ROSE of Tn. 

Query 249

Charles E. Carroll 25 July 1998
Seeking information on John WARD, married to Mary VAN HOOKROSE. Mary was the widow of Alexander ROSE of TN. Mary died in Danville, Yell Co., Ark. in 1863 and reportedly buried in Sides Cemetery. 

Query 248

James Q. Neal 25 July 1998
I'm looking for Matthew HOLLOWAY, who had a homestead land grant in Dardanelle 3 Mar 1897. Where did he die and where buried? He may have lived also in Carroll Co., TN. Any help much appreciated. 

Query 246

Ron Brand 24 Jyly 1998
Looking for BRAND family that lived in Blueball around 1897. Son was Omar BRAND b. 25 of March 1897. Omer BRAND's mother is Sarah HUNT b. 1871-3 in HUNT Township, Scott Co. They are part of the Wilson HUNT family that founded Hunt Township. Father was killed in an accident between 1897 and 1905. Mother married a KIMBRO. Omar's half brother is Bill KIMBRO. Step brother is Arthur and step sister is Minnie KIMBRO. Omar is related to Lum and Bud Hunt. Omar is listed in Scott Co. census of 1910, living with Robert and Emma JENKINS of Waldron. 

Query 245

Michael Johnson 19 July 1998
Looking for info on William Monroe JOHNSON buried in Danville about 1927. Spouse was Essie SANDERS, Father was Abner JOHNSON, Mother was Mollie GLOVER

Query 244

Paul Howard 10 Jul 1998
I am researching the William P. HOWARD b. 1815 Tenn., family his wife Melinda (HASTON) b.1816 Tenn., moved to Yell County abt. 1870, her children were, James F., Joseph Haston, John V.B., William M., Martha C., Morgania, and Thomas Fain. Can anyone help? Thanks 

Query 243

James Randall Crossland 15 Jul 1998
Lived in Ranger, Arkansas. Looking for information on the family name and a family cemetery near Ranger. 

Query 242

Joseph Meyer 5 Jul 1998
I am trying to obtain more information on the family of Robert Oston HARMON, who lived in yell county from 1915-1920. They had a son Albert who died there on 11 october 1918. They lived near Dardanell, I need to know if Albert has a head stone and if he is actually buried in Moores Hill cemetery, I would also like to talk with anyone who may have knew this family well. 

Query 241

Jimmie Williams 4 Jul 1998
My mother, Ruth Blackwood CLEVELAND, was born in Yell County on October 30, 1902 to Ida Frances SHREVE-CLEVELAND and Frank Isaac CLEVELAND.
How do I get a copy of her birth certificate? I am trying to develop information on her parents and siblings. Thank you for your help. 

Query 240

Bonnie Hybner 2 Jul 1998
I am trying to locate where my Great grandma is buried susposed to be in or around Yell Co. she died in 22 Aug 1903 Name Virginia Cordelia BIRDWELL GRAY wife of Haerison GRAY after his death she remarried again not sure of the name susposedly ACKMAN ,Yackman??? Susposedly remarried in Yell and died there would like any info. 

Query 239

Betty Hollowell 2 Jul 1998
My great grandparents, Thomas J. (1841- 1917) and Martha Matilda ROGERS (1852- 1927) TATE reared their children in Scott and Yell Counties. They are buried in the old Danville Cemetery. Can anyone give me any information on the following: Levy HOUGH, Myrtle BALLINGER, or Lena GATLIN? They were the children of Ida TATE and William F. HOUGH. Or perhaps some grandchildren of Addie M. TATE and Albin B. HIGHFIL are known to some, although they moved to Oklahoma. Margie TATE and Joseph JONES had at least three children, does anyone know their descendants? We want to learn more about our family. Betty Hollowell 

Query 238

Donetha J. Groover 27 Jul 1998
i am looking for any information on the family of George Wesley SIMPSON. He was born Feb. 22 1888 in Pine Bluff, AR. His wife was named Sadie Mayflower ADAMS and she was born Sep. 17 1891 in Dardanelle, AR. Any info about their parents would be very helpful. Sadie's father was Joe Williams ADAMS and her moher was Fanny Mae HARDIN. thank you. 

Query 237

Matt Simmons 25 Jul 1998
I am looking for any information and the parents of Enoch RAPER, my gg grandfather, who lived in Yell County around 1870-1882. He is the earliest person I can find in that line of my family.
I found land records of the following:
RAPER, ENOCH   Yell   7   3N    24W    40    1881/01/20
RAPER, ENOCH   Yell   8   3N    24W     0    1882/11/10
RAPER, ENOCH   Yell   8   3N    24W    120    1882/11/10
He supposedly had the following children: Emma Louise was born in Oct 1857 in Mississippi, Sarah Elizabeth was born about 1860 in Mississippi, Mat was born about 1863 in Mississippi, Robert Lee ***MY great grandfather***, Kitty was born about 1868 in Mississippi, William was born about 1870 in Mississippi, and Edward was born about 1875 in Arkansas. 

Query 236

Charles J. Engleberger 24 Jul 1998
Seeking information on Elizabeth HODGES who may have been Israel Alexander WALKUP'S second wife. They live in Yell County. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. 

Query 235

Matthew Lipsey  22 Jul 1998
I am in search of any information pertaining to William R. LIPSEY (b. 15 February, 1874--d. 26 December, 1900). He was the son of Robert and Mary Elizabeth (WALKER) LIPSEY. His elder brother, my 2nd great-grandfather, was Samuel B. LIPSEY. I am interested in acquiring information on the circumstances of William's death. Were there any Yell County newspapers that have been preserved or microfilmed ca. December/January, 1900? News of his being shot was covered in the Clay County Courier, Vol. XVI, Friday, January 4, 1901, No. 28. There was a short squib, however, I am curious if a Yell County Newspaper might give more details. Any and all information is appreciated. Thank you! Matthew Lipsey, 4800 Arapaho Trail, Okemos, MI 48864 

Query 234

Billy F. Crabtree  19 Jul 1998,
Seeking any information on my grandfather, Joseph Benjamin CRABTREE, b. 4 Oct 1856 somewhere in Arkansas. His first marriage was to Martha Ann ROACH 12 Apr 1877 in Yell Co. Her name appears with her family in the 1880 Yell Co census. Do not know if there were children or not. Second marriage was to Emma HINES 15 Sep 1880, also in Yell Co. Oral history has Joseph buried in Belleville, AR. He died 18 Sep 1907, there is no marker. Emma CRABTREE and children moved to Hunt Co. Texas in 1917, to join her brother Ben (Benjamin) HINES. Information on any of these family names would be appriciated. Billy F. Crabtree, 10327 Medallion, San Antonio, TX 78245 

Query 233

Maurine Atkins 19 Jul 1998
Looking for family or info on Elizabeth Jane WYNDHAM (WINDOM) b 29 July 1834 TN, m James Smith ATKINS b 21 Aug 1831 TN She had a twin sister Sarah Ann WYNDHAM (WINDOM). THey were living in Yell Co. Dardanelle AR. Any help appreciated. 

Query 232

Kathy Hutchinson  18 Jul 1998
Seeking information on the HORN family, specifically Wanett HORN, born approximately November 28, 1923, in Dardanelle, Arkansas. Thank you! Kathy Hutchinson 

Query 231

Shawn Miller 18 Jul 1998
I am seeking Jethro Payton HENDERSON who lived in Yell Co. and was listed in the 1870 census. His wife was Malinda and children were Dink, Dezzie, Donzella, David, Deeris, and Dovie

Query 230

Sue Aycock
I'm trying to find more information on two brothers James COLE b 1817 and Samuel COLE 1831-1921 who were living in Yell Co AR in the 1860's. Their sister Martha Wadsworth Cole MORTON visited them from MS during the Civil War. Martha is my husband's ancestor, we have a transcript of a letter her husband wrote to her from battle while she was visiting her brothers. I know that James moved on to Texas but Samuel got married in Yell county and died in Russellville. Thanks so much for your help. 

Query 229

Dorothy Chance
Searching for descendants of William John Winston WAKEFIELD who removed from Tennessee to Arkansas in the 1870's. He was my gggrandfather. Any information welcome, will gladly share.

Query 228

Carolyn Amant Bridges
I'm looking for W. R.REED who married my gg grandmother Mayvan TINNEY February 6, 1890 in Yell county. Also living in this area around the same time: Sarah TINNEY married to I. S. WOODS, 1889 and T. A. TINNEY married to Hastie PRYOR. I'm interested in both the REED and TINNEY FAMILIES. Mayvan remarried around 1900 in Sequoyia County, Ok to J. L. MARTIN. any information would be helpful.... 

Query 227

James W. Boyd
I am looking for information on Duncan KITCHENS who may have been in Yell County during the 1880 Census. He and his family had been in Newton County during the 1870s, until at least 1877. 

Query 226

Carrie Moos  5 Jul 1998
Looking for information on the family of John L. McLEAN and Hannah from N.C. Children James, Martha Sarah Ann, Margaret, Wm, Andrew, Nancy, John L. McLEAN was a justice of the Peace in 1866 in Yell co. His Daughter Martha S.A. Married George W. McCLAIN of Scott Co. Ark. 

Query 225

William R. Briggs   4 Jul 1998
I am descended from William Wallace LYNN of Yell County. Seeking to correspond with other researchers on this large family. Home Page

Query 224

Claudis Matzdorf   27 May 1998
Hi. I was wondering if you could possibly tell me if there were any newspapers to search for obituary for Belleville, Yell Co. AR. The person I am looking for is buried at Mountain Springs Cem. And was supposed to have resided at or near Belleville. John McNEAL d: Sept.10,1914

Query 223

Cathy Beyard  27 May 1998
Looking for information on Marion BEYARD and his decendants. I believe he settled in the Gravelly area in the mid to late 1800's. I know of three of his children, there is possible more. If anyone has any information, please contact me. 

Query 222

Jane Ikemura  25 May 1998
Looking for these relatives: DART, Nimrod W. b. ~1807, MD m. Mary TAYLOR b. ~1834, AR; DART, Thomas Isaac b. 1850, AR m. Ellen Elizabeth FIDDLER b. 1859, AR; REED, Noah b. ~1868, AR m. Louise GIBBS b. ~1868, AR; DART, Thomas Melvin b. 1886, Yell Co, AR m. Exie REED b. 1893 Yell Co, AR 

Query 220

King Davis  3 May 1998
My African American Families members lived in Yell county in the middle of the 1800's. Some family members still remain in the county (Mrs. Roy TORRENCE), although their numbers have decreased significantly. Based on family history, it is clear that many of my family members were slaves, or newly freed slaves by the time they arrived in the county. Historical traces of these family members are quite limited since few records of slaves seem to remain available in the country. Prior contacts suggests that the county court house burned many years ago and destroyed historical property records that might have been helpful. Of particular interest to me are the following individuals, their families of origin, any slave records, and other information that might help trace their histories: Monroe COLE-- born around 1847 and worked for the Strayhorns he lived in Spring Creek Township, District 2; married to Callie COLE; some members of the family took the name STRAYHORN after the end of slavery while others took the name COLE.
John Smith ROBERTS--born Sept. 2, 1842 near Old Lewisburg, Ark. Reported to have died around 1913 in Danville, Ark. Married to a Nan DAVIS. Lucinda Roberts HOWELL--born around 1825 in Danville; married to Capt. John D. HOWELL; they produced a large number of offspring: Alex and Anna STANCIL/STANSEL--born in the 1860's near Danville worked for the STANCIL family; John FOWLER--born around 1878 and reported to have died in Danville around 1930; married a Winnie STANCIL in 1899; My interests are in finding out more about these individuals, their histories, family connections, slave history (if any), origins (particularly to Africa and the Carribean), information about their owners, and places of burial. Any assistance or information that can be provided either about these individuals or about methods for researching more about their past would be welcomed. 

Query 219

Paul and Shirley McDonald  15 May 1998
I am looking for any information on Allen or may be spelled Allain S. TANNER. He and my GGrandmother married in 1887 in Pope Co. AR they lived in Yell Co. in what was Galla Rock. They had two children one being a daughter Luda Who died with her Father in 1899 of what my Grandma called the fever. They both are buried in Harris Cemetary east of Centerville. My Grandfather was a little boy when this happened. He and his Mother moved to Pope Co again and she remarried in 1907 W.H. VENABLE. My Grandfathers name was Gilbert TANNER

Query 218

Don Steward
Looking for marriage records of James STEWARD and a Julia SETH married somewhere in Yell county between 1864 and 1866, probably near Danville. 

Query 217

Andi Ridgway
Looking for ancestors of Joshua Tinsley PENNINGTON, b 1837 in IL, d 1890 in Yell Co. Also ancestors of John MARTIN b 1816, d 1902, married to Lucinda STEPHENS, b 1816, d 1887, both buried in Dacus Cemetery in Yell Co. Looking for ancestors of Judge John F. CHOATE, b 1841 in TN, d 1903. He was a Mason and Yell Co. clerk and judge for 2 terms. He was married to Alice STAFFORD, b 1853, d 1927. Both buried in Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Harkey's Valley, Yell Co. Looking for ancestors of John Joseph 'Joe' McMULLEN, born in TN, had a general store in Sulphur Springs in Yell Co. Was a Justice of the Peace in 1939-40. Joe McMULLEN's sisterRetta was married to Dr. Tom Cowger of Danville. 

Query 216

Elvida G. Meyer
I am researching Thomas 'Frank' Franklin LEACH, and his wife Catharine 'Kate' (CROZIER) LEACH. Thomas Frank LEACH and family homesteaded in Yell Co. July 01, 1879. On the 1880 Census he was newly widowed with seven children, the youngest being 4 months old. He was back in Washington Co. Arkansas (where he grew up)living next door to his mother and father and his brother and sister-in-law. There are no Cemetery records in Wa. or Benton Counties for Catharine LEACH, so I believe she must have died in Dardanelle, AR. Are there any Cemetery records of News paper O-bits in your County for Catharine LEACH? Thank you so much for any help you can give me. 

Query 215

Jon Craig
I am seeking information related to my great grandparents, Richard Monroe BELCHER and Maria Louisa FAIR, who may have lived in Yell County in the 1890's 

Query 214

Carol J. Weinzierl  04 Apr 1998
I am searching for any information on George W. LONG born in Arkansas about 1850. Resided in Yell Co. until after 1883. He married Sarah Jane BATY (Bata) in 1872 in Yell Co. They had three children: Jesse b: 1873, Nettie b: 1883 and Mary E. b: 1877. George and the children moved to Sebastian Co. Any info or connection would be appreciated. Also searching for any information on John P. LONG who resided in Yell Co, Galley Rock in 1860. 

Query 213

Unknown Ikemuras  April 1998
I am researching the surname DART. Thomas I. DART b. Jan 1850 AR, m. Ellen/Helen E. (?), b. Oct 1859 in AR. I have them on the 1910 and 1920 census in Chickalak, Yell Co, AR. Thomas states his father was born in Maryland and mother born in Tennessee. Ellen's parents were both born in Tennessee. I am looking for any information on who his parents might be, and the last name of Ellen. any help on these people would be appreciated.Thank you! 

Query 212

Mary Ellen Ledford April 1998
Robert CRABB born 1848 MS., James CRABB born 1839 MS and Catherine CRABB born 1833 TN., living Yell Co. AR 1860. Were they related??? Who were their parents/siblings? Thanks much!! 

Query 211

ML Todd-Corneleus   April 1998
WILLIS / MERRILL / I searching for info on the WILLIS Families that lived in the Gravelly area around the turn of the century. James WILLIS, b.13 Sep 1842 prob. in AL, married Martha Ann MERRILL, b. 21 Nov 1840 also prob. in AL. Their children were Mary Elizabeth, Richard(Francis) Marion, Liew Quincy, Effey Jane, and Eligah A. James and Martha died in Gravelly, as did at least two of their children (Eligah and Richard). ML Todd-Cornelius RAGNELL822@aol.com 

Query 210

Linda Hunt Hamlett
Looking for information on my father's family-- Alfred Dewey HUNT born 13 June 1903 at Danville or Moss Creek AR to Thomas Jefferson HUNT born 15 Aug.1878 - wife Diane (Dine) WILSON. Thomas's father was James David HUNT born 15 Nov. 1851 and his wife was Isabella HERRING. Anyone with information please e-mail me.

Query 209

Judith Smith Lynch
Looking for information regarding a George SMITH who moved to Yell county from Duplin County, NC. I think he moved around 1860. He was married to an Elizabeth SMITH who was his second wife. Their son, Chauncey Graham SMITH married in 1868 to a Margaret A. KIRKES who was born in 1840 in Georgia and then moved to Yell County. She and Chauncey had eleven children and eventually moved to Parker County, Texas where they are buried. Any help greatly appreciated. 

Query 208

Sue Craig
The above individuals are my maternal grandparrents Wiley Gates WHITE was born to General Carol WHITE and Nancy Ann (VASTINE) WHITE in Yell County (Magazine township?) on July 15, 1885 General Carol WHITE ( Nov 18, 1855-Jan 15, 1939) and Nancy Ann VASTINEWHITE (June 24, 1856-Feb 23, 1930) are buried side by side in the Hunt cemetery near rover, Ark.
I am seeking the record of marrige of Wiley Gates WHITE and Jany Gertrude BELCHER. I am uncertain of which county they were married in, though their tombstone lists the date as November 30, 1905 Any Information related to their marrige, in particular, a copy of that marrige license, would be greatly appreciated 

Query 207

Ed Crump, Jr.
My Inquiry actually involves two brothers: William Thomas BROWN b. Apr 9, 1828 Jackson County MO d. Feb 4, 1906, Altus, Franklin, AR -and- Halbert Montgomery BROWN (William's brother) b. Abt 1843 AR d. (probably) Jan 15, 1865 Dardanelle, AR. Hal was a Lt. in the Confederacy and William Thomas was a doctor for the Union Army.
The story is that Halbert "Montgomery" BROWN was shot in a skirmish at Dardanelle on Jan 14, 1865, and that his brother William attended to him. Unfortunately, Hal was mortally wounded with a shot to his chest and did not survive. He was in Co. "I" of the Arkansas 11th and 17th Mounted Infantry, but I do not know what unit of the Union Army William was in. He was supposed to be located at an Army Hospital near Dardanelle. Hal was in MS in Nov of 1864 with his usit, and I do not know why he was back in AR in Jan 1865.
Is there a Civil War expert in the area that would be familiar with this final skirmish at Darnanelle? And were there any newspaper, or other, accounts of the action there? Thanks. 

Query 206

Kitty McLaughlin
McGEHEE, Shadric(Shedrick)Jarmon b. 1840 TN. d. 07 Jan 1900 in Yell Co. Served with 6th (Pfieffers) Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. Had a farm in Mt. Ida (Montgomery Co.) but widow's pension states he died in Yell Co. Would appreciate any information that you have. Thank you. 

Query 205

Helene Pockrus
Looking for a connection for a child-William E. DeSHAZO born 1850 in TN. He went to Yell Co., Arkansas and married first, Sarah C. TEDDER in 1878, then married Lydia Clementine POCKRUS in 1889, then married Mrs. Amanda C. TREBBLE in 1894. Anyone working on this family? 

Query 204

Dan and Bridget Macomber
I am looking for more inforamtion on the family of Joel E. WILLIAMS, listed in the 1860 Yell Co., AR, Census. Joel E. WILLIAMS (1803-1809 in TN) married a Nancy J. ?????? (b- 1815-1818 in KY or IN). This is a list of their children and all the information that I have on this WILLIAMS family: Elizabeth b. abt 1835, David b. abt 1837, Judith b. abt 1839, Joel E., Jr., b. abt 1841, Lewis b. abt 1843, Mary A. b-abt 1848 married Robert H. HERRING, Narcissa Susan b. abt 1849, Henry b. abt 1851. Mary and Robert are my great great grandparents and I would appriciate any informtion that you can provide me with on this family. 

Query 203

Dan and Bridget Macomber
I am looking for more information on the Lewis HERRING family. They are listed in the 1860 Census of Yell Co., Duchop Creek TWP. Lewis HERRING (b- Oct 20, 1802 in Robeson Co., NC; d- abt 1861 possibly AR) married Elizabeth HERROD (b-abt 1820 in AL) Nov 14, 1840 in Holmes Co., MS. This is a list of their children and what I know about them: Abraham b-abt 1840 MS, Benjamin b- abt 1842 MS, Robert H. b- Feb 12, 1847 MS m. Mary WILLIAMS Oct 2, 1869 d- Apr 3, 1939 at the age of 90 in Lwaton, Comanche Co., OK, Mary b- abt 1848 MS, Isaac b- abt 1849 MS, Malinda b- abt 1851 MS, Anna b- abt 1855 MS, Josephine b-abt 1856 MS, Sarah b- abt 1859 MS.
My connection is through Robert H. Herring, he is my great great grandfather on my father's side of the family. Robert and Mary had 6 children, all born in TX; If you have any information on any of the people listed above. 

Query 202

Query 201

Lois Ketner Angel
Serval KETNER families has resided in Yell co Ark. I would like to contact any one who is working on this KETNER family. 

Query 200

Mary Fowler Leek
Looking for help with the following family: William Theodore GUERRY B.1841 in GA/AL d. 1875/76 in AR(age 34) believed to be living in Rover AR at time of his death. Where is he buried? poss. Van Buren AR? Parents were Samuel James Peter Videau GUERRY (30 Jun 1815-11 Jun 1886)and Mary Dorthy BROWN (1 Sep 1815-6 Jul 1886) William m. Alice Wilhemenia TALKINGTON (fr Van Buren AR) m. 24 Dec 1867 in Yell Co., Arkansas (age 26) dau. of Isacc TALKINGTON (of Van Buren AR). Children: Sarah GUERRY (-) believed born in Rover, Yell Co. AR Jacob Legrand GUERRY (1875/76-) believed born in in Rover, Yell Co., AR

Query 199

Homer Cain
I am seeking the burial site of Hector Valentine CAIN. Hector was born on February 5, 1839, in Forsyth County, Georgia. After the close of the Civil War, Hector left Georgia along with his father and some of his siblings and came to Scott County, Arkansas. While living in Scott County, Hector married Katherine FRYE on June 12, 1869. It is my understanding that after Katherine died (date unknown) Hector left Scott County and went to Browns County, Texas, and later returned to Arkansas where he married Kansas SULLIVAN. At some point in time, Hector settled in Yell County, where he spent the rest of his days. I do not have a date of death on Hector only that he is buried in Yell County, Arkansas. Any information sent to me in connection the date and place Hector died and where he is buried would certainly be appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration. Homer Cain 

Query 198

J Crossland
Anybody have any information of a DOWDY clan that lived in Ranger Arkansas. There is supposed to be a family cemetery in Ranger. 

Query 197

Sarah Lamb
I am looking for the ancestors and descendants of William Edwin LAMB (1831-1905) of Posey Co. and Knox Co. IN. William married Margaret Thorne AUTLER (1829-1911) in Evansville, IN April 1852. Several of their descendants ended up in AR. Their children were: Alexander Charles (1853-Bef. 1940) Yell Co., AR; Mary A. (1855-Bef. 1937); Martha (1859-Bef. 1870); Dora (1861-?) m. James A. CADY August 24, 1885; George William (1862-Bef. 1937) m. Cathreen ? Poinsett Co., AR; Andrew J. (1865-1936) m. Malinda LIKE Oct. 10, 1886; Thomas U. Grant (1867-1937) m. Sarah Elizabeth TAYLOR Clay Co., AR; Daniel T. Sherman (1867-Bef 1920) Grant's twin brother near Swifton, AR; Frances A. Elizabeth (1871-1948 m. John Calvin CLARK; John H.J. (1874-1895) m. Rosella C. BASS. I am stuck on Charlie's, Will's and Sherman's kids and other descendants. Can anyone help me? Sarah Lamb. 

Query 196

Samuel Weldon 16 Apr 1998
Here is an AR. family started in Pulaski County moved to Yell County. According to the census records he came to AR. from GA. and I wonder if anyone see any connection. Would like very much to find John parents and correspond with anyone connected with this family. Name (Birth/Death) Birth Place John W. WELDON (Welden) (1842-1894) Ga. M. Margaret A. MULLIGAN (1848-1921) AL. Children: Samuel Jefferson (1866-1944) Maumelle, Pulaski Co., AR. m. Luiza 'Liza' Jane HERRINGTON (1872-1950) Franklin Co., AR; Margaret (1887-1965) Yell Co., AR; m. Manuel M. ENSEY (1878-1962) Yell Co., AR; Isaac 'Ike' Simmons (1888-1971) Yell Co., AR m. Ida SEXTON (1891- ) m. Fronya Jane FIELDS (1886-1960) Washington Co, AR m. Essie Louise TOWNLEY (1901- ) Washington Co., AR; George Washington (1869-1934) Maumelle, Pulaski Co., AR m. Minnie Lee COLEMAN (1869-1952); Susan E. (1870- ) Maumelle, Pulaski Co., AR m. Noah H. GRIST (1851- ) NC; Mary (1872- ) Roland, Pulaski Co., AR m. J. W. GRIST (1876-1899) SC; Ella Lee (1877-1939) Roland, Pulaski Co., AR m. Ezekiel W. PAXTON (1875-1974) AR; Isaac Faye (1892-1957) Yell Co., AR m. Parie Lee BOWERS (1889-1970). Samuel Weldon, 9344 Lait Dr., El Paso, Tx. 79925-6639. Email sweldon@bigfoot.com 

Query 195

Grace Neal McMillian 6 May 1998
I am looking for information or descendents of John Franklin JENNINGS, b. 1846, MS. Mar. to Margaret HEAD. Was in Confederate Army. Moved from MS after 1870. On 1880 Yell Co. census with wife, Margaret (Maggie) and children Mary, James M., Florence, Minnie, John D., Lavie, and Lillie. I have ancestors of these people. Will exchange information. John Franklin's father was James Allen JENNINGS. Also lived in the area. Grace Neal McMillan 106 Sherry Dr. Warner Robins, GA 31093-2158 

Query 194

Joy Carter 5 May 1998
I am looking for any information you may have on John Richard HUCKABY. He was born 02/29/1856 and was married in Yell county 12/19/1876 to Eliza Ann OAKLEY. I was told this marriage was recorded on 1/4/1877 on page 199 of Book B Marriage records in Yale county Arkansas. I am assuming that this should have been Yell county since there is no Yell county that I can determine. I am trying to find this mans parents or birth place. Thanks, Joy Carter, Fort Worth TX 

Query 193

Ann Wall 3 May 1998
Seeking any information on William RAY and his wife Elizabeth Jain ROSS Ray who came to Pike Co. Ark. from Alabama about 1878. They were living in Yell Co. by 1898 when their daughter Lucinda RAY married John Henry PRIDDY. Desire to correspond with anyone who has information on these lines. 

Query 192

Ron Shrader 28 april 1998
am looking for any information on the FRICKE family that lived in Yell County in 1900.On the 1900 census it shows Edward Fricke b. Aug 1855 in Missouri,Mary J. FRICKE b. Oct 1869 in Arkansas, Missouri FRICKE b. Dec 1890, Hiram C. FRICKE b. Nov 1892 in Arkansas,and Dessie O. FRICKE b. July 1895 in Arkansas. I am assuming that that they lived their in the late 1800's also. Any info on this family would be appreciated. Thanks, Ron Shrader

Query 171

Harvey Buttoms 28 April 1998
Does anyone have a copy of the Yell County Historical and Genealogical Association Bulletin Volume 8 Issue 2 dated April, 1983. It has a information regarding my family name BOTTOMS. If I can get a copy of this, I would be most appreciative.
Harvey Bottoms

Query 170

Dawn Prock 27 April 1998
I have just found out that my grandfather, William Henry WELCH, was born in Yell Co., AR on July 27, 1907. His parents names are David Calvin WELCH and Mary Ann Matildy DEAN. I would love to hear from anyone who is also researching this line. Thank you, Dawn Prock

Query 169

Jerry L. Dunn 26 April 1998
Stanley FINLEY b May 1864 d 17 Apr 1930, m Mary Jane WRIGHT, b 10 Aug 1873, died 23 Jun 1924. Mary Jane is buried in Brearley Cemetery in Yell County, Ar. Would like to know clues as to their ancestors. Stanley was born in Arkansas, Mary Jane was born in Tennessee. 

Query 168

Mimi Kelly 16 April 1998
Searching for information about LEE family of Yell County, AR, particularly those who might be descendants of Britton LEE. Also, searching for information about the J. E. BIGGS family of Yell County, AR, who came to the area from Chattanooga, TN.
Interested in exchanging information.

Query 167

Charles R. Brooks 16 April 1998
Looking for descendants of John 'Jack' MORRIS who lived at Big Flat (ca 1860). Also looking for information on Andrew P. YOUNGER who lived in Yell County around 1910 and Kin Folk of James D. Morris who lived in Yell County ca 1880 ---1910. Grandpa Morris was born in Tenn. and raised in Big Flat Arkansas 

Query 166

Barbara Roberts 12 April 1998
Need any information on William M C THOMPSON. Listed in 1880 Census; Dwelling 157; family 159; p. 419-B Yell County Upper Lafave Township white male; age 52 widowed; birth state-Tennessee. Others in household: Thomas THOMPSON age 26 Tn.; David THOMPSON age 24 Tn.; William THOMPSON age 19 Tn; Hattied THOMPSON age 19 Tn; 3 SUGGS children-neices and nephews; 3 THOMPSON grandchildren.. Would this census list the birth state of his parents? If so, that would be helpful. He married Amanda BURT Marriage Book C. p. 401 need date....also several land transactions with sons Thomas E. THOMPSON, David THOMPSON, William THOMPSON....home certificates. His obit state died Yell County, Ark. 26 Feb. 1887. Appreciate any help

Query 164

Ron Bryant 10 April 1998
Thomas Benton PATTERSON was born on 23-Sep-1850 in Pilot Grove Township, Hancock County, Illinois and died on 6-Jan-1925 in Yell County. He is buried near Briggsville, Yell County. Can someone lookup in their own personal research material (or courthouse records) to verify his death date and provide me with the source reference. I am also looking for the town or township where he died and the cemetery name where he is buried. Thank you in advance. Bryant Home Page

Query 165

Barthlynn McCoy 10 April 1998
I am researching Dial PEEVEY SR. who died in Yell County, Ark. Dec. 4, 1844....Quite a few of his family lived there...He shows up on 1840 census in Pope County....There was an obituary for him in the Newspaper showing him as a revolutionary soldier...Also shows up on 1840 census...Thank you.
Peevey Page
Barthlynn McCoy
Conroe, Texas

Query 163

Cricket Hill  98-01-23 16:30:22 EST
I am looking for some information on some people who are believed to have lived in Yell County Arkansas in 1902. I am looking for a news paper clipping or some pictures or information on a murder. It happened in 1902, The name of the people where Sarah Frances Ince and her husband James Ince could be Jim Ince. The last name could be spelled different. It could be spelled Inces. Any information would be great. Please e-mail me. Any information on this murder would be great. If any one reding this could please be of some help and go to the library and find me the old newspaper clipping and e-mail me to let me know i will give an address to send me the clipping. My family is real curious to find the paper on the murder. Sarah Ince was my great-great-greatgrandma. So the information would help in us making our family tree a little more complete. I am really lookinf forward to any information you could give. I am living in Tulsa Okla. I also need info. in A Laura Rogers and any information on the Rogers and Hodges. Thank you very much for any help you can provide. 

Query 162

E-mail here 98-01-17 02:07:54 EST
Looking for information on the parents of Buster Benjamin MCLAUGHLIN b. 22 April 1886 in Yell, Fowler, Arkansas. Married 1 June 1907 to Isadora GIBSON who was b. 1 Sept. 1886 and d. 2 March 1987. Buster died 30 Dec 1961. His parents names are Jacob McLaughlin b. 1865 and Mary Ellen Hillis b. 1867 both in Arkansas. Jacob and Mary Ellen had 2 children, Buster and Albert. Buster and Isadora had 8 children. William Franklin b. 10 Oct 1907 d. 17 Oct 1910, Albert Lafette b. 24 June 1910 d. 10 Nov 1975. Ellen Elizabeth b. 31 Oct 1912 d. 11 Jan 1976. Eugene b. 1 June 1915. Leota Lorene b. 30 June 1918 d. unknown. Henry Thomas b. 6 May 1921. Edward Lawrence b. 11 Sept 1924 (still living). Lois June b. 12 June 1927 d. 6 Sept 1976 in Arcata, CA.

Query 161

Sue Polaski 98-01-11 18:16:05 EST
I've been searching for the grave site of my great-grandfather who died in Perry County. I'm thinking it's possible his grave was moved, possibly to Yell County, when the Nimrod Dam was built and Nimrod Lake was formed. Thanks. 

Query 160

Vickie White 98-01-15 20:52:27 EST
Trying to find information on John FRANKLIN and Chaney Ellis POPLIN. Children:Nancy Jane,Amos,Elizabeth Ann,Amosa,Sarah Emaline, Martha Arkansas, John James. Any help would be appreciated. 

Query 159

Johnny James Lane 98-01-10 22:01:42 EST
Looking for information on Daniel W JAMES, John JAMES, and Charles JAMES. They settled in Yell Co Ar about 1837. Would like to find children of Charles, children Clementine, Charles Thomas and Nancy. Clementine married Thadeus GARDNER. Who did Nancy and Charles T marry? Johnny James Lane, Rt 1 Box 901, Big Sandy, TX 75755

Query 158

Angela Chancellor 98-01-03 21:36:14 EST
Am researching the family of Willis B. BAILEY, who resided in Yell County, AR per the 1880 and 1900 censuses. Willis was b. c. Apr1845 in Georgia to Thomas L. and Lucinda (YANCY) BAILEY. He married Adeline or Emeline, surname unknown, c. 1866. They had the following children: Martha J., b. Apr1867, GA; md. 13Mar1894 John W. ORNSBY Mary E., b. 1869, GA Lou Ella, b. Apr1873, Bluffton, AR; md. 22Oct1893 Dennis KNIGHT Sarah, b. Nov 1875, AR Emeline M., b. Nov 1878, AR; Riley R., b. Mar1884, AR; Minnie Lee, b. 1895, Gravelly, AR; md. 8Aug1914 John GIBSON; also md. Bob FARRIS Willis applied for a Civil War pension in June of 1909. He disappears after that. Family say he is buried at Cedar Creek, AR. Where did he go? His first wife may have been Emeline, and his second wife Adeline. This Adeline may have married later to Monroe RIDDLE of Yell or Scott County. 

Query 157

E-mail 98-01-03 17:35:35 EST
HI, i am looking for my grandmother- Elvira Hayes who was married to Dorse Allen and their son Theron Allen (my father). I can't find any information on her,Theron was born in Dardanelle. thanks so much. 

Query 156

Linda Beauchamp 98-01-03 00:13:49 EST
My g-grandmother, Elizabeth MCCOY SHIPMAN (1853 - abt. 1890) is believed to be buried in a cemetery near Bluffton, Yell County, Arkansas. The pictures we have were taken in 1953 and show other old graves in the background. Any information concerning cemeteries that might fit this description would be helpful.

Query 155

Sharon 98-01-02 14:37:53 EST
I'm looking for more information on descendants of William Riley MARSHALL, m. Nancy B. UNDERWOOD and of Richard MCAIN, m. Sarah Jane WALLACE. William Riley was b. 3-2-1833 and d. 3-2-1900 in AR. He had 8 children: (?) Isaac Bazzely, b. 11-25-1866 d. 8-7-1931 John David b. 1-2-1869 Robert Alexander b. 9-8-1872 in Leflore Co OK d.4-2-1959 Artrude b. 6-2-1902 in AR d. 6-6-1996 Leflore Co. AR Albert Levi b. 2-22-1874 Thomas Gilbert b. 5-14-1876 Yell Co. d. 9-14-1946 Leflore Co. OK Minnie Belle b. 11-25-1878 d. 1933 William Alvin b. 5-22-1881 d. Amarillo TX Aaron Monroe b. 1-20-1884 

Query 154

Adrian Hopkins 98-01-01 09:39:26 EST
I am in GA and we don't have much in the way of Arkansas books here. Do you know of anyone who can lookup some information for me? This George Nuckolls applied for land in 1884 and I need to know who he is. Any help you can give or send me to would be greatly appreciated! I plan to write for the land application but could use a Census of 1900 on him if you know of someone that has access. Thanks! 

Query 153

Alan C. Davis 98-02-3 16:01:59 EST
Hi...I am looking for informatuion about my great grandfather, Robert Veazey, who, to the best of my knowledge, lived in Dardenelle. His daughter, Leila Veazey married Turner B. Carnall, of Fort Smith, in the early 1880's, I believe. I have a shred of a newspaper obit (no date) telling of his death, on the '19th', but no month or year...he is reported to have died at his home in Yell County. He was 72 at the time of his death. The newspaper story says: 'Mr. Veazey was one of the oldest and most honored citizens of Yell County. He had lived a long and useful life, being in his 72nd year at the time of his death. During the Civil War he served in the Confederate Army...' I have a copy of a letter he wrote to his daughter, my grandmother, in 1873, when she had 'taken the cars to Russellville,' where she went to college. I don't think the college is still there. Any help in getting information about Robert Veazey would be MOST appreciated! Many thanks! Alan C. Davis, P.O. Box 549, Newcastle, Maine 04553; 207-563-2484; web site: http://lincoln.midcoast.com/~flyingcl...Many thanks! 

Query 152

Tyler E. Adams 98-02-26 16:39:11 EST
Does anyone have any information, or know anything about, Oscar Turner Keathley b. 1882 in danville, Ar....??? any information is greatly appreciated. 

Query 151

Jennifer Shirley 98-02-28 20:16:50 EST
I am interested in the surname "BIRDSONG".

Query 150

Mildred Guthrie Sloan 98-02-27 19:22:55 EST
I am looking for information about my gggg-grandmother Morning Glory Beal GUTHRIE. Morning Glory was full blood Cherokee. Listed in 1830 Giles County TN census as 20-30 year old wife of Robert GUTHRIE Jr. Children Granderson GUTHRIE, Amanda GUTHRIE, Caroline GUTHRIE, Thomas GUTHRIE and Robert Landon GUTHRIE. Had sister named Nancy BEAL MORPHIS (?). Morning Glory is said to have lived in Yell County in later years of her life and to be buried at foot of Petit Jean Mountain in adjacent Conway County. Any information will be greatly appreciated. 

Query 148

Linda Feb 1998
I am looking for John Hartin Garretson who was born in 1821 in Tenn. He married a Louisa jane McDaniel (? - not sure her last name was McDaniel) who was born in Tenn also. She is reported to be 1/2 Cherokee indian. Their first child, Mary Jane was born on 4 March 1848 in yell co, ark and Elizabeth Cathy on 18 March 1849. They are all listed on the Yell County Census of 1850. Other children were born in Ark, (little rock), and they eventually ended up in Texas where my grandmother was born. 

Query 146

Chancellor Feb 98
Am researching the Willis B. BAILEY family. Willis was born Apr1845 in Georgia to Thomas L. and Lucinda (YANCY) BAILEY. His wife was Adeline or Emeline. He was in Forsyth Co., GA for the 1850 census and Civil War, and in Polk Co., GA for the 1870 census. He migrated to Yel Co., AR c. 1872. He is listed on the 1873 and 1879 tax lists for Upper Lafave Township, Yell Co., AR. He is also on the 1880 and 1900 censuses for Yell County. He applied for a pension in June of 1909 from Yell County, and then he disappears! Will gladly exchange what information I have with those interested. 

Query 145

Tamera Bidwell Feb 1998
I am desperatly needing to find any records for my great, great grandfather, Dr. Joseph Mark Shipp. We are stuck at our genealogy search at him. All I can find is that he was buried in Yell County, 1895. I would appreciate the years on his tombstone or how to go about getting any other records out of Yell County. Thank you. 

Query 144

Jim Cook
Looking for J.P. Morgan and his wife Bell white, they were living in Danville in 1916. Their daughter Maude (my grandmother) married M.E.(Buster) Cook, who was living in Ola in1916. I cannot find anything on J.P. or Bell, any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Query 143

Ron & Sherry Mideiros
Most of my family seems to originate from Yell County and I am trying to find out all I can. The names are MCBRIDE, FRAZIER, HODGES, TUCKER, SWILLING. I have lots of information, but am currently seeking info on the FRAZIER, HODGES, TUCKER side. FRAZIER - grandfather Arthur FRAZIER, g-grandfather Will FRAZIER, g-grandmother Calledonia TUCKER (married Will FRAZIER), gg-grandmother Widora HODGES (married unknown FRAZIER). They're all from YELL COUNTY in and around Havana and Spring Creek. I would appreciate any help. I am also researching other family members from Pope County -- BRAMLETT, ROBERTS, BLACKSTALK (BLACKSTOCK?). Thanks again! 

Query 142

Kathy Barnes
If you can I need verification of a marriage in Yell County. John Patrick Page Flora I. Towell 11-06-1879 Thank you for your time. Kathy Barnes 

Maurine Atkins
ATKINS - Looking for parents of Jesse Lee ATKINS, b 1 Mar 1806 d 28 Dec 1876 m Sarah Windom Smith b 12 Mar 1804 Ireland Found in 1860 in YELL CO AR. Had 3 sons in Civil War, Richard Henry ATKINS b 16 July 1829 Killed in war, James Smith ATKINS, b 21 Aug 1831 and Daniel Lawton ATKINS b 31 Mar 1833, killed in war. any info greatly appreciated.


Query 135

Bob Lucas
I am looking for information about Andrew Jackson LUCAS. He married Sally SHIPP in Danville, Yell County, Arkansas on 01 Dec 1880. He apparently died in Yell Co as a young man. Any information will be appreciated.

Query 134

Betty Lyon Starrett
Looking for info on George Thomas HOLMES b 26 Oct 1836 in NC m Dec 1861 Aurelia P, CRAIG b 9 Jan 1839 MS. 1860 Yell cty census list Nancy CRAIG and Aurelia P CRAIG in Drdanelle. They were charter members of the Presbyterian church. Would like info on them Aurelia is my ggrandmother.. George Thomas HOLMES son of John HOLMES and Phadra Perry. He lived in Dardanelle from end of war til 1873 then moved back to Perry co. 

Query 133

Barbara Lindelof
I am looking for my grandfather Lorenzo S. Ruff. He died about 1911 in a TB sanitarium in Arkansas. I found him in the 1910 Census with a man last name was Campbell. He was 49 yrs old at that time. I was told there was a sanitarium in Booneville, Logan Co., AR. If someone could look up his medical record and see if he was there I would really appreciate. He was born about 1864 somewhere in AR. He was married to Martha Louella Copeland. They had one daughter, Ruth Lee Ruff. If you could send the address of where I could write. Thank you. 

Query 130

David P. Holland
Researching my ggrandmother Mary Ann Holt(b GA 1855, d CA 1941). Found her in 1870 Yell County Arkansas Federal Census living with her father Joseph Holt and family. Found her in the 1880 Census Yell County Arkansas living with the family of her older sister Martha (Holt) Patterson. Mary Ann Holt married (date & place unknown) Nathan M. Holland (b MS 1853, d OR 1888) and their first child William Holland was born 1883 in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. Any information regarding Mary Ann Holt, or Nathan M. Holland in Yell County Arkansas, or Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory would be greatly appreciated.