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What is the purpose of this page? Well, the amount of email that we get daily, if delivered the old fashioned way, would have to be brought in crates. With work, family and other pages to maintain, we need your help in cutting this down to a reasonable amount so that we can spend our email time helping find answers that are not already on ARGenWeb.

So... here are the most Frequently Asked Questions, with the quick answers. If you can't find the answer to your questions here or anywhere else on our pages, of course you can email us, we love to help when it's needed and it feels great to lend a hand when we can!

Q: I want to research my family, where do I start?

A: Wonderful, genealogy is a great hobby, be careful though, it is addicting and once you start you will never be able to stop! The very best place to start, and to visit from time to time, is Cyndi's List How To page. If what's on there doesn't answer your question, let us know and we will make sure the answer is added to this page.

Q: Where can I find addresses for courthouses, libraries, vital records, genealogical societies, etc.?

A: Please check A Guide to Genealogical Research in Arkansas. Many of the addresses and links have been gathered together for you.

Q: My ancestor lived in XXXXX County, what research should I do to find more about him.

A: Knowing the county is your biggest hurdle and proves you have done your homework. Unfortunately, Arkansas is a big state with 77 counties, and we don't know everything about all of them so we have tracked down experts to help you in each county! You can find the county you need to research in on our County Selection Table. Go to the county page and look around before emailing the coordinator. They just might have the answer to your question right on their pages. If you would like to view a map of all Arkansas counties, click here.

Q: I know what town my ancestor lived in but I don't know which county that town is in.

A: We would do a search HERE to find the answer for you. You can do the exact same search on your own and have the answer instantly instead of having to wait for us.

Q: Can you put my family online for me. OR I want to put my family history on the net.

A: No, we can not put your family online for you. But, if we can do it with our own family, anyone can. You can upload your gedcom file to the WorldConnect Project and have you family online instantly. If you want to make your own web pages, you just need an account to store your pages, then you can start making them, upload them, and announce to the world where they are. Check The Beginners Guide to HTML to learn how to make web pages. Many internet providers give their customers free web page space so check if yours is one of them. If not, you can get a free website for your family pages at RootsWeb. Go to Account Request Form, click on "Freepages" and fill in the form.

Q: My g-g-grandfather was John Doe and he lived in Arkansas in 1880. Please tell me everything you can about him.

A: Sorry, but your ancestor is not in my family so I have not researched him and would not have any information about him. (We are only human after all, we can't research everyone and we do not know everyone who ever lived in Arkansas.)

Q: I think I found my g-g-grandfather John Doe on the 1880 census index CD, check page number 123 for me and tell me if it's him.

A: I am sorry but I do not own a microfilm viewer or microfilms. If you know the county he lived in, I would check there to see if the census is online, or if the county has a lookup volunteer listed with the census. If you can not find someone there, you might ask for a lookup on one of the mailing lists. If that still doesn't get the answer for you then you need to do this research yourself at your nearest Family History Library, National Archives Branch, or possibly your public library.

The USGenWeb Archives has an on-going project that will in time, have every US Census transcribed and online for your free access. Until more volunteers come forward to help, the USGenWeb Census Project is not expected to be completed for many, many years. If you would like to volunteer to help transcribe, type proof read, etc... you can view the Census Project Page Here.

Q: Tell my if my g-grandfather's parents are listed on his marriage (birth, death) certificate.

A: Because the information taken for certificates varied from year to year and county to county, we can't even guess if the info you need would be on the particular certificate you are asking about. Check the vital records section in the A Guide to Genealogical Research in Arkansas to learn where to order the certificates.

Q: I am adopted and know that I was born in Arkansas. Can you help me find my family.

A: We are sorry but in Genealogy we are experienced in searching for people who have been dead many, many years. Adoption research is a whole different ballgame. Don't give up though! You need to check out Cyndi's List of Adoption Resources, if her site doesn't point you in the right direction, nothing will!

Q: How do I volunteer to transcribe census, transcribe records, adopt a county, or volunteer for something we haven't thought of yet?

A: Please contact the appropriate person listed below. The State Coordinator or the Assistant State Coordinator can help you get started with a county that needs adopting. If the county you are interested in has a County Coordinator, please contact that person and offer to help. You might serve as an Assistant County Coordinator and guess who would be first in line to adopt the county if the current County Coordinator were to leave?? If you want to transcribe census, contact the AR Census Coordinator. If you want to transcribe information for the archives, contact the AR Archives Coordinator. Thank YOU for your willingness to share!

That's it with the questions that we are asked regularly. If you found the answer to your question you should now Return to ARGenWeb and continue your research.

Still need help that can't be found here or on any of our other pages? Our Arkansas State Coordinators are:

Betsy Mills - ARGenWeb Project State Coordinator
Jeff Kemp - ARGenWeb Project Assistant State Coordinator
Sundee Anderson - ARGenWeb Project Assistant State Coordinator
Gina Heffernan - ARGenWeb Project Archives - Coordinator

Special thanks to Susan Reed-Tortorelli, former ILGenWeb State Coordinator, for allowing us to use her ILGenWeb FAQ page as a beginning page for us here in AR.