The Heritage (in part) of William H. JENKINS, 1816-1894 VA>TN>Boone County,AR

and Rebecca R. MATHIS / MATHEWS, b. 1821-1903, TN>Boone County, AR

Quick reference partial surname list:
If you would rather skip some of the family history and want to get to the Names and Dates, just scroll down a few pages and you will find it. Some of the following is taken from family stories and Bible records, some from marriage/death certificates, SSI records, and census time and exploration goes on, the stories will change and information added, for that I can be sure. It is a neverending story. Thank God! I thank all of the family members that contributed information and family stories. I spent many years collecting bits and pieces and could not fit them together until recently.
In 1978 a JENKINS and WRAY family history was put together filling in many of my missing links and questions. It took 20 years for the manuscript to make it's way through the families and finally to me. I would like to thank my father for his efforts in securing a copy for me.
The way my father came into posession of the manuscript is a story in itself, and might be helpful to researchers. My dad, Joe Sherman JENKINS, started thinking about his uncle, who was buried in Pawhuska, OK. He did not know if he ever had children or anything about him. So, just before Memorial Day, he took off from Arkansas for Oklahoma. He figured if Charlie Otho JENKINS had any family left, they would visit on Memorial Day.
My father found the headstone of Charlie, wrote a note on a card, and taped it to the headstone! He explained who he was, and if anyone in the family found the card, please contact him. Sure enough, the next weekend, he got a call from Charlie's granddaughter, Cora Lea KINDER-WOODRELL. They got together, and spent the weekend swapping stories, and photographs. Cora had the family manuscript that was compiled by Vernon MARTIN in 1978. She had received it from Bonnie PARKER-LANDURUTH, whom she met at a family reunion in Harrison, Boone Co. AR. Bonnie is the Granddaughter of Daniel M. JENKINS The manuscript was a joint effort from the whole family. Vernon thanked everyone in the Preface and especially, Bonnie LANDURUTH, for steering him in the right direction on the WRAY family; Elgie PARKER for some of the missing pictures of the JENKINS family ; Ethel PAUL for her book about the JENKINS, WRAY and PAUL families and David JENKINS for the vast amount of information on the JENKINS missing links.
Vernon writes: "It is my desire that everyone interested may have a copy for their children and on down the line. I sincerely hope some will continue the search for the WRAYS, JENKINS and all of the related lines connected to these two families. If you have a desire for keeping the family records, now is the time to get with it. Our older people are a wealth of information."
I use to get excited when I would find a legal document for family members. I soon found out the information contained on them is only as good as the memory of the person filling them out. Sometimes when a spouse or children give information for death certificates, the information is not always fact. Under "Mother", of the deceased, a family member wrote in HIS own mother's name, when it should have been his Grandmother .... and even then he got his own mother's birth place wrong.
I have obtained census records from 1860 and 1870, where a persons age is listed as 32 and then ten years later, the person is 35. I have changed my age a few times, but not on census records!
With that said, please use the following as a family history, according to the memory of others. May this information point you in the right direction to fill in missing pieces, and may you find many cousins.
Please let me know if you find typo's or have some of the information I am missing. I am still adding to this line, so check back.
Linda JENKINS-Wensel
William H. and Rebecca (MATHIS) JENKINS owned and operated a large cotton and tobacco plantation in the Nashville ,TN area, according to family stories. They had ten children,not unusual for ,as you will see, large families are common in our family. Many of the sons of Wm. H and Rebecca served in the Civil War in the confederate Army. I still have to research the Civil War records. William H. and Rebecca suffered tremendous loss because of the Civil War, and in 1866 moved to Harrison, Boone Co. AR.
James Marion WRAY, (father of William J. B. WRAY, who married Alice JENKINS, daughter of William H. JENKINS) gave one hundred dollars to, William H. JENKINS to take William J.B. WRAY (his son-in-law) to Arkansas with him. James M. WRAY died in 1864, and William H. JENKINS left for Arkansas two years later. William H. and William J.B. very well could have come to Arkansas together. William J.B. WRAY first settled in White Co., AR, and did not move to Boone Co. until Dec. 13, 1870. He came during a big snow and with the advice of his father-in-law, William H. JENKINS, bought the farm, known in the family as the Wray farm or the Old Home Place. The memories and stories really started building then. The farm is still in the family. But the WRAY history is a whole other story. I hope to finish it soon.
William H. was born in VA, so I am not sure why he went to TN. I have not been able to find out anything about his parents as of this writing. In the Davidson Co. TN census of 1850, William H. says his Occupation is a Blacksmith, and the value of the farm was$7,200....would a plantation owner list himself as a "Blacksmith"? In the Davidson Co.,TN, Post Office Goodlettsville, Census of 1860, the personal property was valued at $9,675 and the real estate was valued at $10, 750. I find it interesting that in the 1850 Census it states that he was born in VA, 1860 states he was born in TN, and the 1910 Census of Adair Co., OK listing his son William R(?J) as being born in TN, father VA,mother VA.
William and Rebecca JENKINS are both buried in Beller-Jenkins Cemetery, in BooneCo. AR. I don't have a BELLER in my line, so have been trying to figure out the connection. Virginia JENKINS, daughter of William and Rebecca, married a CHEATHAM, and while going over the Marriage Records, listed on the Boone Co.Home page, I did notice that the CHEATHAM family married BELLER' maybe I am getting closer.
In the Civil District 19 census, the WRAY family was listed as "RAY", James WRAY listed as Farmer, value of farm $10,000.
The JENKINS and WRAY families intermarried a couple of times, as you will see.
The JENKINS, LANIER, and BONDURANT families all lived in the Davidson Co. TN area and all intermarried. I have not worked that all out yet. The census records show all three families living in close proximity of each other.
Child number two of William H. and Rebecca JENKINS, ,William R (?J) JENKINS, b.1843 TN, d. 5 July 1910 Stilwell OK, (who m. Euphema(Euphenia/Euphemia) JONES, b.23 May 1846, NC, d. OK,) according to the family bible, "Died at the age of 70. He sustained an injury falling from a wagon. Buried at New Hope Cemetery. I believe this is in the old part of North Drumright, OK Cem. )
Jeramiah (Jerry) G. JENKINS (#3 child of Wm. H. and Rebecca R. JENKINS) and EvieWRAY-JENKINS, settled in Cedar Grove on Crooked Creek, near Harrison, Boone Co. AR. They owned and operated a whiskey still at Bear Creek Springs, north of Harrison in their earlier years of marriage. After a fire destroyed the property they moved to a farm on Crooked Creek south of Harrison. All their children were raised on Crooked Creek and attended school at Cedar Grove. Then around 1902 Jerry moved his family and in-laws to Erath Co., TX, leaving the rest of the JENKINS and WRAY families in Harrison. Soon after, part of the clan moved to Hermleigh, Scurry County, TX, and eventually the rest of the families followed. Some of the descendants were known to still live there in the late 1970's.
Alice JENKINS-WRAY (child #6 of William H. and Rebecca)and William J.Bondurant WRAY started housekeeping in White Co., AR, but it is unknown if that is where they were married. (William J.B. WRAY was a brother to Evie WRAY, who married Jeramiah JENKINS.) Alice and William J.B. did not stay in White Co. for long, before moving to Boone Co.
I have a lot of WRAY genealogy, please contact me if you would like a look-up.
There is more information available on the following, but it will take some time to get it sorted out....but this is a start.
William H. JENKINS, (dates confirmed by headstone) b. 17 July 1816 VA, d. 3 Oct.1894, buried in Beller -Jenkins Cemetery, Boone Co., AR (this is now private/fenced land off Hwy7, near Milum Springs Marker), m. Rebecca R. MATHIS, (Per headstone)b. 24 Oct1821 TN, d. 2 April 1903, buried in Beller Cemetery. Marriage bond issued 13 July 1840 Davidson Co. TN. I question the spelling of Rebecca's name. The census records are not clear, and one family member says it is Mathis, another says the marriage bond says Mathews.
Children: (had 10 that I had info for, but census shows Elizabeth #6 so I have included her to make 11...maybe she died young )
I. James JENKINS, b. ca 1841 TN
m. Rebecca____
    Children: Lula (Lola?/Luls?) B., Ellen F.
II. William R (?J) JENKINS, b. 1843 TN, d. 5 July 1910 Stilwell OK
    m. Euphema(Euphenia/Euphemia) JONES, b. 23 May 1846, NC, d. OK
    Children: (9)
    1.James Henry JENKINS, b. 2 July 1865 TN, d. 23 May 1942, Hulbert OK, buried at IOOF Cemetery,
        m. Laura MERRIWEATHER, b. 4 Jun. 1870, d. 4 Jan 1942.
            2. Jack
            3. Perry Robertson, b. 13 Nov, d. 1 July 1959, shot at the Grand River,near Ft. Gibson,OK,
                m. Ruth PARKER, may have married 2nd.
                Children: Iva, m. BOTTS, 2nd SHIPLEY, Ruby Mae, Walter Lee
            4. Roy,
            5. Dan,
            6. Charlie/Charley M, b. 5 Dec 1897 m. Annie (Unknown)
                Children: Bobby, Patricia A., m. ? GASSAWAY
            7. Loretta,
            8. E?li(?Elizabeth?),
            9. Nina,
            10. Louella,
            11. Virgie,
            12. Clarence,
            13. Dewey
2. Willie S , b. 3 April 1868 AR, m. ?, ch: Andrew, ___,___. (I always thought he died in infancy,
   Denison, TX, but new family records show him with children)
3. Frank M., b. 29 June 1870, d. 1955 or 56, OK? m.? children: Ola, Douella, Frank, Evert
4. Lena C , b. 6 June 1873, d. 24 Dec. 1906, m. Ton(?Tom) TRANHAM
5. Charles Otho, b. 6 June 1876, d. 4 Oct. 1954 Pawhuska, OK, m. Edner GASSAWAY,
    b. 18 May 1884, Hulbert, OK?, d. 29 April 1975, Pawhuska, OK
    1. Thomas
    2. Delph, b. 29 Feb 1904, ?Pawhuska, OK, d. 1 Feb 1969, Pawhuska, OK,
        m. Flossie G. (Unknown) b. 20 Dec 1910, d. 4 Jan 1986, both confirmed by
        headstones in Pawhuska City Cemetery, OK
            1. Leo Dale
            2. Letha Mae
            3. Dallas Pearl
            4. Cora, m. KINDER
                Children: George Edd, Cora Lea, Vada Rose
    3. Howard
6.Ida B. JENKINS, b. 15 April 1879, d. 1 Oct. 1881
7. J. Edd JENKINS, (my note: this is James Edgar also have date of b. 1889 from headstone,
    Bethel Cem. Benton Co, Gravette. AR) b. Sept. 1888, d. July 1934. (this was my grandfather)
    1st m. Nancy CRAMER
    Children of James and Nancy:
    1. Edward LaFette, b. 8 Sept. 1916 Watts, OK, d. 12 July 1958, Grass Valley, CA, m Christine
        CARMICHEAL, d. 12 July 1958, Grass Valley, CA
    2. Daisy Bell, , m. William INGRAM.
    3. Floyd Lee, b. 6 Mar 1923, ? OK, d. Aug. 1974, Cedar Ridge, CA
        1st m. Colleen EBERHART, 2nd, m. Mary ISHAM
Then James Edgar 2nd m. Delores Elena CRAMER, b. 19 June 1911, d.. 24 Mar 1991, Hiwasse AR, buried in
Bethel Cem. Benton Co. Gravette, AR.
    Children of James and Delores:
    1. Joe Sherman b.Private info AR,
    2. Lena Mae, b. 23 July 1928, d. 15 July 1930
    3. Margie Louise, b. 23 Aug. 1929, d. 14 July 1930,
    4. Mary Lou- b. 11 Feb. 1934, Hiwasse, Benton Co. AR, d. 1997, Siloam Springs, Benton Co. AR,
        buried Bethel Cemetery, Gravette, AR, m.Jackie C. (Jay) EDWARDS, b. 24 Aug 1927,
        d. 20 Oct 1983 buried Bethel Cem.
            Married on 28 Nov. 1948 Children: Jackie Dean, Rocky J.
        5. Nanette Geraldine - Private info.
8. Eva Maud, b. 26 Aug. 1881 Harrison AR, d. 1962, Belton, MO, buried Rocky Comfort, MO Union Cem.,
    m Joseph Marion HARRIMAN, b. 12 Sept..1879 Caddo Indian Territory, OK ? d. 1 May 1932
    Cushing Hospital OK , married on 30 March 1899 Caddo Indian Territory, OK (I have marriage
    HARRIMAN Children:(7)
        1. Minnie, b. 3 Mar 1890, died in infancy (year can't be right maybe 1899, info on
            Minnie supplied by Shirley Harriman RIETZ)
        2. Lena Bell, b. 28 Oct. 1902, Evansville, AR, m. 1st McMILLIAN,
            m. 2nd. EMMONS
        3. Roy Lee, b 11 Sept. 1905, Van Buran, AR, m. Imogene VINEYARD
        4. Willie, b. 6 June 1907, died infancy
        5. Frankie Joseph (Francis or Frank), , Stilwell, OK, m. Aline Hazel PEART
            Children: Shirley, m. REITZ
        6. Mary, b. 24 Sept. 1914, Stilwell OK, buried in Shreveport LA,
            m.Robbie (Robert?) WOODWARD, d. after 1981, Rocky Comfort, MO
        7. Imogene (Jean), b. Drumright, OK, m. FLAXBEARD
9. Clara (my note: I have Claira) b. 10 May 1884, m. Walter FLYNN
    FLYNN Children:
        Eva, Helen, Pearl, Walter Lee, Lorene, Ralph
III. Jerimiah (Jerry) G. JENKINS, b. 1845 TN, d. 10 July 1929 (? Hermleigh, Scurry Co. TX),
m. Evelyn (Eveline/Evvie) E. WRAY, b. 23 May 1845, d. Feb. 1940 (pos. TX)
    Children: (6) All were raised at Cedar Grove on Crooked Creek, near Harrison, AR and attended
    school at Cedar Grove. Family then moved to TX
    1. Alice Rebecca, b. 21 May 1869, m. William Allon CLIFT
    2. Virginia Pleasant, b. 1 Oct. 1873, d. ?, m. Sam PAUL
    PAUL Children:
        1. Ethel Fay, b. 1894, m. Charles ADAMS
            Children: Fay, m. James A. MADEWELL
        2. Nancy Evelyn, 1896-1934, m. (1) Darrol RYAN, m. (2) Jack WHITE
            Children: W.C. RYAN, m. Lola May McKENLIE, Roy RYAN, Jack Paul WHITE
        3. Charles Newton, 1898-1930
        4. Reno Alvin,, b. 1903, m. Luccille CLAXTON,
            Children: Lowell Allen (?Alvin), m. Ann GUILLAM
                Child: Deborah
        5. John Edward, 1906-1975, m. Aleene CLAXTON
                1. Harvey G., m. Irva WAGGNON
                    Children: Michael, Melissa
                2. Bobby, b. 1928, d. 1948
                3. Dorothy, b. , m. Donald TATE
                    TATE Children: Curtis, Anthony, Lori
                4. Donald Gene,
        6. Minnie Lois, b. 1908, d. 1909
        7. Betrice Virginia (might be Virginia Betrice), b. 1910, m. Lee CROMER
        CROMER Children:
        William M. , James R. b.?, m. Mary NELL
            Children: James L., Maarten, Karl, John D., Joel P., Maarten K. b.1959, d. 1959
    3. Edgar Clay, b. 19 Jan 1876, d. 2 June 1966, m. (1) Laura GOOCH, b. 18 Jan 187(3 or 8), d. 4
       May 1953, m. (2) Nancy RHODES
            1. Freda Mae
            2. Jessie Henry
            3. William David
            4. Jerry
            5. Thomas Edgar
            6. Ola
            7. Minnie Lee
            8. Evelyn
            9. Edgar Clay, Jr.
    4. Martha Euphemia, b. 24 March 1878, d. 24 June, 1952, m. Charles Wesley HARBERT
        HARBERT Children:
            1.William Jerry
            2. Samuel Wesley
            3. Mildred Belle
            4. Franklin Joseph
            5. Lena May
            6. Thomas Edward
            7. James Alvin
            8. Charles Wesley, Jr.
    5. Lelia Fay, b. 2 Feb. 1882, d. 16 March 1968, m. Jesse Grant HARBERT b. 22 Mar 1872,
        d. 14 Dec 19(?6)8
        HARBERT Children:
            1. Jerry Clay
            2. Roy Lee
            3. Marjorie Pearl
            4. Freda Mae
            5. Joseph Elvie
            6. Thomas Estel
            7. Ada Marie
    6. Lena Beatrice, b. 8 March 1886. d.?, m. Charley GALLEMORE (this could very well be
        GALLEMORE Children:
            1. Robert
            2. Leona Gladys
            3. Margie Lorena
            4. Evelyn Cleo
IV. John F. JENKINS, ca 1848 TN, m. Ruth D. LANE. (confirmed by headstone)
b. 8 Feb 1850, d. 18 Oct 1891, buried in Beller-Jenkins Cem. Boone Co. AR.
Married in Boone Co., AR,12 Jan. 1874, Children: Archie, George, Etta, m. __KEYS
V. Joseph E. JENKINS, b. 4 Oct. 1850 TN, d. 1 Nov. 1932, m. Frances Josephine CRUMP, b. 26 Mar 1850
Bedford Co. VA, d. 21 Apr 1920 buried in Beller-Jenkins Cem., Boone Co. AR, married in Boone Co., AR,
21 Jan.1873.
    Children: (4)
        1. Fannie, m. ___PUGH
            Child: Ralph
        2. Oscar (Beller-Jenkins Cemetery has O.L. JENKINS, I think it is Oscar. per headstone),
        b. 7 Feb 1875, d. 15 Sept 1934, , m.?(there is a headstone in Beller-Jenkins Cem. Wife of
        O.L. JENKINS). W.B. b. 11 July 1881, d. 24 July 1922, buried in Beller-Jenkins Cem.
        Boone Co. AR. (In Beller-Jenkins Cem. there are two sons of O.L. and W.B. JENKINS,
        I do not have them listed below until confirmed, Joe Edward, b. 20 Aug 1908, d. 26
        July 1909, O.B., b.2 Oct 1914, d. Nov 1914.)
        Children: (5)
            1.Virgie, ___ROBERTSON,
            2. Freda, m. Arlis HANKINS
            3. Edith, m. Roy TAYLOR
                Child: Joan, m. _____JORDAN
            4. Effie, m. Doyle HANKINS
            5. Kirby, m. Vera WALSON
                Children: James Kirby, Sue Carol
        3.Effie, m. Lawrence WAGLEY
            Children: (3)
                1. Velma, m. Fon WAGNER
                    Child Francis, m., W. Clay SMITH
                    SMITH children: Clayanna, William Fon, Francis Maye
                2. Joe, m. ________?
                    Child: Francis
                3. Bill, m. Helen MINYARD
                    Children: Helen Anne, William Minyard
        4. Emmer (I am not sure, but think this is Emma, b. 21 Oct 1873, d. 23 Nov 1931,
        buried in Beller-Jenkins Cemetery, Boone Co., AR
VI. Elizabeth JENKINS, b. ca 1851 TN per 1860 census, ?Davidson Co., TN, Post Office Goodlettsville.
VII. Alice E. JENKINS, b. 22 Dec. 1852, d. 10 Aug. 1917, buried in White Church Cem.
    Boone Co. Harrison AR, m. W.J.Bondurant (Bill)WRAY (brother to Eveline/Evelyn
    E. Wray Jenkins) b. 7 May 1843, d. 7 Jan 1935.
    WRAY Children: (11) (request to see WRAY line, I have lots!)
        1. Sam, b. 2 Feb 1871, d. 10 Dec 1944, buried Maplewood Cem., m. Bess LAIR
        2. Ella, b. 21 Feb 1873, d. 20 Feb 1939, m. George ALLAN, b. 3 Feb 1908,
            buried Custer City, OK
            1. George W. b. 3 Feb 1909, d.? m. Elsie M. LAVERTY
            2. Alice E., m. Orbin YOCUM
            3. Jerry W., m. Florence DANIELS
        3. Thomas, b. 2 Mar 1875, d. 10 June 1875
        4. Jerry, b 2 Apr 1876, d. 5 Aug 1917,
        5. Jess, b. 13 Feb 1878, d. 19 July 1929, b. Greenwood Cem,Weatherford,OK, m. (1) Lula WYNNE,
           (2) Jennie TATE
            1. Pebble
            2. Jerry
            3. Arlis
        6. Cora, b. 7 Nov 1881, d. Aug 5, 1954, m. Isaac PINSON. Buried Bellefonte Cem., Bellefonte,
           Boone Co.
            1. William, b. 9 Oct 1904, d. 16 Sept 1971, m. Mabel TYLER
            2. Robert, m. Cleta KEETER
        7. Cleveland, b. 21 Nov 1884, d. 30 May 1885
        8. Forest, b. 22 May 1886, d. Oct 1968 Harrison, AR, (confirmed by SSI records)
        m. Minnie STACY
            1. Hazel, m. Felix PARKS
            2.Raymond, m. Bernelle COLE
            3. Willadean, m. Fred WARREN
            4. Vance
            5. Joe B., m. Dorothy L. COLEE
        9. Evelyn Rebecca, b. 1 Mar 1889, m. Jess S. MARTIN
            1.Vernon W., m. (1) m. (2) Joan K. KISNER
            2. Mildred B., m. Ralph KING
            3. Joe Martin, d. infancy
        10. John, b. 11 Apr 1892, d. Sept 1967 ,(confirmed by SSI records) buried White Church Cem.
            Boone Co. AR, m. Margie STOCKTON
            1. Lex, m. Carrie BRAZZEAL
            2. Bige, b. 31 Jan 1918, d. 28 Sept 1939
            3. Rowena, m. Richard MCCRACKEN
            4. Billie, m. Carlos THOMASON
        11. Bessie, b. 10 Sept 1898, d. Jan 1980,(confirmed by SSI records) Harrison, AR,
        m. Clarence BEAVERS
VIII. Obediah JENKINS, b. 18 Nov. 1853, TN, d. 14 Sept. 1922, Oroville, CA,
m. Mary Elizabeth BEESON, b. 26 Aug. 1878, Waldron, AR, d. 4 Apr. 1948 (have photo of family
    prior to #5 Natilie birth.....says Obe and Molly with 4 Molly nickname?)
    Children: (5)
        1. Vera, b.27 Sept. 1897, m. _____GRIDLEY
        2. Otis, b. 7 Jan. 1900, Doxie, OK
        3. Floyd George, b. 26 Feb., 1902, Doxie, OK
        4. Joseph B., b. 17 Aug. 1905, Lalamath Falls, OR, d. 7 March 1976
        5. Natilie Ruth, b. 14 Feb. 1908, Houcet CA, m. H.B. BILLIE
IX. Virginia JENKINS, b. ca 1855 TN, m. William CHEATHAM, b. ca 1852, married 10 June 1874 in
Boone Co., AR, CHEATHAM children: Frank, Walter
X . Daniel Morgan JENKINS, b. 22 Dec. 1856 TN, d. 11 Jan 1941 buried Crossroads Cem., Boone Co. AR,
m. Jane TUCKER.
Daniel is buried in Crossroads Cem.- Crossroads Cem. Rd. and Prairie View Rd., east off Hwy 7 So.
    Children: (4)
        1. Charlie, b. 6 Mar 1882, d. 3 July 1962, m ______?
            Child: Hodgen, b. 14 Dec. 1906, d. May 1981 (confirmed by SSI records), Harrison,
                   Boone Co. AR, m. Lula CONE
                Children: Eugene, m. Philis LAWRENCE
                Gary Jenkins, b. Private, m. Debra Sue WILLIAMS
        2. Gus, b. 18 Sept. 1887, d.?, m Nola_____
            Children: Pauline, m. Leslie DANIELS
        3. Ellia, b. 16 Aug. 1890, d. 24 Jan 1972, m. George PARKER
            PARKER children:
                1. Elgie, b. Private, m. Emily FARMER
                Child: Bonnie, b. Private, m. Bill LANDURUTH
                    Children, Emily, Sandra, Elizabeth, Delores
                2. Ruby, m. Doyle SCARLET
                3. Silbie (male), m. Elmo DANIELS
                1. George, b. 25 Sept, m. Bonnie SHADDOX
                2. Jim, m. Dickie SHADDOX
        4. Lonnie, b. 1878, d 6 Mar 1905, , m. May M?GRACLE, b. 27 June 1885
XI . Ellen JENKINS, b. 1879 AR? , m. (1) Henry MOLDER, m. (2) _____WALRAVEN