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Submitted October 2004 by Linda A. Collard Muncie, IN who tells us that her grandparents were Dr. William Henry White, and Elijah Collard. Linda's great grandfather Joseph Hampton Collard married Mary Almeda Massey daughter of John Massey and Elizabeth Ray.

Elijah Collard

By: Kerry James Smith
The Great, Great, Great Grandson to Elijah Collard

This story is based on the original research and writings of Louel Collard-Smith as she compiled very full and extensive research of the history of the Collard families. Mrs. Smith's research was recorded on genealogical charts, not in narrative form. She gathered stories of the persons chart and put those narratives in the book.

Elijah Collard Elijah Collard, born 1824, the other son of Joseph and Sarah Collard who left Kentucky and came to Independence County, Arkansas, to an area later taken into the new county of Cleburne, was called 'Lige' in early records.

The Mount Zion Baptist Church clerk wrote the name, 'Elige'. "There were several stories about his 'itchy feet'. We know he was born in Kentucky and moved to the Banner, Arkansas, area. We know he made several trips into Illinois where he had relatives. He also visited in Texas and though I cannot prove it yet, I believe he settled and claimed land in Indian Territory, Oklahoma. He evidently intended to go back to Cleburne County and move his family but became ill of a 'congestive chill' and died. His second wife and several of their children did move to Oklahoma near Linnie."

"The story has been handed down by Aunt Dot: In the 1850s Elijah Collard spent time at the Indian village near what is now called Heber Springs, Arkansas. They used to camp near the mineral springs and drink the water. He evidently hunted with them too. On one such trip he came upon a bear just out of hivernation and hungry. It attacked. Elijah finally killed it with his hunting knife. He skinned it, had the hide tanned and had himself a coat made. Years later a traveling photographer made his picture with his coat on. I saw this picture in the early 1960s. I don't know who has it now.

Elijah Collard in his bear coat
Elijah Collard and his bear coat.
*Amazing isn't it?

"Aunt Dot said in the early in the early days of his settlement in Healing Springs Township he usually had an Indian staying with him, at least off and on. He named one son Manco and a daughter Wosso after his Indian friends.

"Elijah was a drinking man and the Old Mount Zion church minutes show instances where he was called before the church and accused. After making his 'acknowlegements' he would be re-instated to full fellowship."

Elijah Collard moved to Arkansas about 1850, the first Collard to live in the state. He was married (1) to Lillard (Lillie) Carter, born 1821 in Grayson, County, Kentucky, and (2) to Elizabeth Jane Woods. There were five children in first marriage and eight children in second marriage.

The children of Elijah and Lillard (Lillie) Carter-Collard were:

1. Francis Marrion Collard born 1846 in Grayson County, Kentucky. He was riding on a load of hay, the wagon went under a tree limb which struck his head and killed him.

2. Joseph Hampton Collard, born March 15, 1848 in Grayson County, Kentucky. "He was about fifteen years old when his Mother died and his father re-married. On March 23, 1868 he married Mary Almeda Massey. His father and step Mother gave them, a farm located between Banner and Jamestown, Independence County, Arkansas. All of their children were born on that farm.

"Joseph Hampton Collard, known as 'Joe', was a pillar of the community and an active member of Old Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Old church records show Joseph Hampton Collard and Mary Almeda Massey married September 23, 1847, in Cass County, Georgia, the daughter of John Norris and Eliza Ray (Raye) Massy.

"Joseph Hampton Collard died June 11, 1933, and Mary Almeda Massey-Collard died November 23, 1935, both of Banner where they had lived the sixty-five years of their marriage life. They are buried at the Old Mt. Zion Cemetery and both graves are marked.


Seen in this historical family photo is Mark Martin's Grandmother Robbie Stuart, who was the Granddaughter to Joseph and Mary.

The man in center (bottom) is Joseph and Mary's 4th child born. His name, Alfred Roland Collard, the Great Grandfather to Kerry James Smith, the Grandfather to Linda Ann Collard and the father to Lloyd John Collard.

Alfred became a school teacher in Arkansas who rode his mule to teach the childrn of Arkansas. He was also know to be a lawyer and justice of the peace. He was born Febuary 6th, 1874 and passed away on April 26th, 1948 a day after retirement, while mounting his horse, of a heart attack. He married Idella Dee Brannon on September 29th, 1895. They had 8 children with Grandpa Collard to be born on December 19th, 1917 passing away of his heart attack on March 21, 1985.

Lloyd John Collard holding his guitar in Newport, Arkansas - 1935 (?) This is a post card of the 'ARKANSAS PLAYBOY RADIO ARTISTS'

Lloyd John Collard - 1940

Grandpa Collard and Grandson Kerry James Smith Banner, Arkansas - 1974 'PRECIOUS MOMENTS'

The children of Lloyd Collard and Ruth White-Collard - 1947 Gerry Lloyd Collard sitting. Baby sister Vera 'Vicki' Collard. Linda Ann Collard standing in dress. Friends on tricycle. Coloring of black and white photo by Linda Collard

Vickie, Gerry and Linda 'ALL GROWN UP'

Brandon LeeThe newest member to Elijah Collard Great, Great, Great, Great Grandson Brandon Lee Brandon is the son to Julie and Brian Lee, Yorktown, IN

Julie is Kerry James Smith's older sister and first grandchild born to Lloyd Collard, Kerry was his second..a boy to share life with.