Solon Borland & the Creation of Dallas County, AR 


Was Solon Borland, M D involved in the naming of Dallas County, Arkansas??

Interesting is the fact that Colonel Solon BORLAND (1811VA-1864TX) was a personal friend to Governor James Polk of Tennessee, later campaigned as editor of the Arkansas Banner in 1843, for him to be President of United States and undoubtedly his V P  George Dallas, whose name adorns the county in which Solon and family resided many years. Solon then, in 1848, served in the United States Senate  under President Polk and Vice President Dallas.

Makes me wonder if Solon may have had something to do with the naming of Dallas County?

I found that Dallas County, where Solon Borland, M D and family lived on two seperate occasions, was named after George M Dallas, vice president under James K Polk, --- both Solon's friends from Tennessee, who upon arrival in 1843 in Arkansas, was editor of Arkansas Banner (16 September 1843 to 3 December 1845)

"Centennial History of Arkansas", by Dallas T Herndon said: "..he [Solon Borland] came to Arkansas to assume the editorial management of the 'Arkansas Banner.' In that position he won the reputation of being one of the ablest political writers in the United States."

supported his friends election to office and later under whom he served as United States Senator from Arkansas (1848-1853).

With county creation "effected" 20 January 1845, it seems highly possible Solon, as the then Arkansas' Adjutant General, and friend of Governor Thomas S Drew, may have had influence in naming it Dallas County, --- it also being where his 'supposed girl friend' who followed him from Louisville, KY, Madame d'Estimauville de Beau Mouchel retreated after her school failed in Little Rock, having a town named for her in 1845, now known as Tulip. < (search Borland).


Bill Boggess

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