Tulip Methodist Church

 Tulip Methodist Church South was organized in 1844 by Rev. William B. Mason. It was first called Smith's Chapel, and was the first Church in Tulip. The Arkansas Methodist Convention met in Tulip in 1853. In 1862, the Ouachita Conference was held in Tulip, with Rev. Andrew Hunter presiding. During the Civil War, Smith's Chapel became a field hospital for many wounded soldiers. Many were buried in Tulip Cemetery, located just behind the present church. In 1924, the old church buliding was torn down and a new Church build.

The following is a list of Methodist Preachers from the Bicentennial Edition of the FORDYCE-NEWS ADVOCATE (1976).

1844-45 William B. Mason
1846 Gabrill E. Hayes
1847 Ambrose M. Barrington
1848-49 William O. Williams
1850 John H. Blakely
1851 Augustus R. Whitfeild
1852 John C. L. Akin
1853 Rolin H. Carter
1854-55 Alexander Avery
1856 John Pryor
1857-58 William T. Anderson
1859 Alexander B. Whitfield
1860 W. H. Frost
1861 W. R. J. Husbands
1862 James E. Caldwell
1863 James R. Harvey
1864-65 Andrew Hunter
1866-67 Richard Colburn
1868-69 James E. Caldwell
1870-71 John P. Holmes
1872 A. Miner
1873-74 W. H. H. Biggs
1875 William J. Davis
1876-77 George Hare
1878-79 W. J. Davis
1880-81 Robert C. Atchley
1882-83 George W. Mattews
1884-85 Robert C. Atcley
1886-89 W. R. Harrison
1890-91 Oscar H. Keadle
1892 A. S. Hill
1893-94 W. J. Rogers
1895-98 Samuel C. Dean
1899-1900 Ben A. Few

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