Adam Family Reunions


The Adams Family first seetled in Dallas County in the early part of the county's history. Singleton Adams, appears in the 1850 US Census for Dallas County, he later married Cornelia Dunn, and had several children. The couple remained in Dallas County the rest of their lives farming and raised their ten children on the family homestead. In the early years they lived in the Manning area. Eight of the ten children remained in Arkansas. Only the oldest, Albert Sidney Adams and youngest daughter, Girtha Bell Adams (who married George Weaver), moved to Texas as adults. The eight who lived in Arkansas were James Franklin "Jim" Adams, Minnie Elizabeth Adams (married James Porterfield), Mary Lucinda Adams (married Walter A. Pennington), Walter Ernest Adams, Fannie Irma Adams (married Charles T. Bettis), Cornelia Catherine Adams (died young), Jesse Tompkins Adams, and John Quincy Adams.

The attached are two group pictures from an Adams Family Reunion in 1938.  I can only identify a handful of people myself since the majority resided in Arkansas, most likely around Arkadelphia.



adams_1952This one is of an Adams family gathering when my aunt, Mildred Warhol took her father and mother, Albert & Emma (Phillips) Adams, back to visit his brothers and sisters there.  I don't know whose home this is but the people on the porch are:

 Jim Adams, Jack Pennington, Charlie Bettis, Albert Adams, Kay Warhol, Mary Pennington, Winnie Dale, Irma Bettis, Maude Adams, Mildred Warhol. Taken at Manning, AR in 1952.


All photos and information, submitted by Loudene Kirk Tollar, an Adams family descendant.

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