Hunter, Andrew


Reverend Andrew Hunter.

Born in Ireland December 26, 1813; removed to York! County, Pennsylvania, and was reared there; hatter by trade; converted and came west as a missionary teacher and located among the Choctaw Indians in northwest Arkansas; licensed to preach in 1836; first sermon was preached to the Indians through an interpreter; filled every position in his conference from circuit rider up to presiding in the absence of the bishop as occurred during the war; delegate to every general conference except two which occurred during his ministerial life of sixty-six years; member of the famous general conference of 1844 which divided the church; state senator in 1866 and was made president of that body by acclamation; elected United States senator by this legislature, but was not allowed to take his seat owing to the relations then existing between the North and the South; nomination for governor was tendered him in 1873, but was declined ; superannuated by his conference at his own request after an active ministerial life of fifty-six years.

Dr. Hunter was married to Miss Anna Maria Jones of York, Pennsylvania, who died at their home near Bryant in Saline County, Arkansas, in July, 1896, at the age of seventy-seven years.

While alighting from a street car in Little Rock on May 10, 1902, Dr. Hunter received injuries from which he never recovered; died June 10, 1902, at the home of his son, Andrew J. Hunter, 1521 State street, Little Rock; buried beside his wife on a lot owned by Andrew J. Hunter in Oakland cemetery, Lit' tie Rock. His grave has no mark of any kind as yet, but his friend, Rev. J. E. Caldwell of Tulip, Arkansas, has raised a fund tl.-rough contribution which now awaits the orders of Dr. Hunter's children. The grave is carefully looked after by his children.

Source Of Information: Mrs. W. P. (Florence Hunter) Field of Little Rock.

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