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Township Information

Submitter:  Nettie Phillips

Would anyone have any knowledge of where Smith township might have been in 1840?   I know it's in Dallas Co. in 1850, but I have just about exhausted all of the available records in Dallas Co., looking for info of someone that is living in Smith Township in 1850, so I thought if I knew whether it was in Clark or Bradley in 1840 that I might go to the records there.   Thanks, Nettie

List Of War Dead
Submitter:  Dr. Lee Garner

The Main Street Association of Fordyce is planning to erect a monument to those killed in action during every war...Civil War, WWI, WWII,Korean and Viet Nam.  Do you know of a source for records which list by name, rank, branch of service those from Dallas County?

Thanks for your help. Lee E. Garner, President

Theater Buildings
Submitter: Joe Wasson

Hello, I am compiling a list of all known standing theater buildings in the US. Could you all search Dallas County and tell me if there are any pre-1950 theater buildings still standing. The name, former names, date built, architect if known, the number of seats and the present use and condition is the information that I am looking for. When the list is finished it will be displayed by state at Thanks in advance for your time and trouble, Joe

Township Information
Submitted:  Roy Cookson

Greetings from Manchester, England. Out of personal interest I am attempting to gather information on all places named Manchester throughout the world. So far I have traced nearly forty mostly in the USA but also in Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand and Bolivia. The information I seek is on the history of each Manchester - when first settled, why and when called Manchester, notable events/people, etc. and a brief description of the town today. Unfortunately I have not been able to obtain information on Manchester, Dallas County, Ar. Is there a local historical society or library with a local history section which I may contact - preferably by email (or ordinary mail if necessary) - or any other contact which may be able to help my research?

Roy Cookson

Dallas Co. Confederate Soldiers 
Submitted by: Molly Graham Welch

Do you know of any lists which would show the men who served in the Civil War from Dallas County? My gr-grandfather William Hargrove Smith was living in Tulip when the war started and I have been unable to determine which unit he was in because of there being so many William Smiths and W.H. Smiths.  I have the book "The Romance of Tulip Ridge" only it doesn't give his affiliation. I know he served and think that he may have had an arm shot off. I know that after the war he moved to Malvern and died in the 1880s.  I was unable to find record of his widow Lockie Lenore Smith applying for a pension. Thanks.

Genealogy Assistance
Submitted by Sharon Cooley Sandlin 

David Wilson Forrest. I am trying to track down information on my grandfather's parents' names and his siblings.  I was told that he was probably born in Fordyce.  His birth date was April 13, 1871. I think his father was a blacksmith who also farmed.  I am not sure where to start to find his parents' names, so I thought you might be able to give me a hint.  I do know that he had brothers Jimmy, Johnny, Calvin and a sister Jacquelina. Can you advise me on where I might find his parents' names? Thank you in advance. 

Land Records Lookups
Submitted by: Reba Strauhs

I just found a census for a Pollard Edmonson in Dallas Co, in 1870...Princeton TWP.  I came to your page looking for land deeds or something to see if this is the same Pollard Edmonson who settled up in Washington and Benton Counties. (With that name - just how many could there have been?) He was born in 1860.  Can you point me to any records in your county where I can check this out?  Or some person in your county who does LookUp's free?     Thanks for your time.   Reba. 

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