Clabe-Thrower (African-American) Cemetery

According to an email from John Nance; Clabe-Thrower Cemetery is "an old, hidden, Black cemetery and is behind Daryl Cathey's old place out in Hopeville.

As you go north on the road out of Hopeville towards Forrest Bonner (up the dirt road east of the Lily Pad Pond) you will get to the Old Cathey place at the crest of the hill (if you go down the hill you will cross Populi Creek and on towards Jesse Lee Clemons old place.  There is an old road that runs just to the right of the old house (it is falling down the last time I saw it). If you go down that road it curves to the right and on to the cemetery.  I don't know how many are buried there, but I understand they still bury from time to time. 
The Cathey house is on the Calhoun/ Dallas County line, but the cemetery is in Dallas County."

If anyone has any additional information, please let me know.
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