Ouachita is located 5 miles south of Sparkman on Highway 7. It was settled before 1890. In 1890, a Mr. Crownover donated 5 acres of land to the Ouachita Baptist Church if they would meet there. 

The Rock Island Railroad came through Ouachita in 1913. The passenger train brought the mail from Malvern and Camden each day.

In 1913, Ouachita had a hotel, bank, several stores, a post office and a new school building. Several sawmills were in operation in the area. A Methodist congregation was organized in the 1920s, but continued only a few years. Most of the members transferred their membership to the Sardis Congregation in the Pine Grove Community.

Source: Merritt, Richard (1976) Review of Dallas County, AR History gleaned from the Bicentennial Edition of the FORDYCE-NEWS ADVOCATE.

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