Drew County Cemeteries

I need your help to complete this listing of Drew County Cemetery burials. If you have any information on a burial in this county, or if you have a transcription of a cemetery, please won't you consider sending it in? Thanks!

Interactive Cemetery Map

Cemetery Satellite Views

Cemetery Name Location Location Map Link Off Site Link
Andrews Chapel Cemetery Wilmar North Map Survey  
Arrington Family Cemetery Florence      
Austin Cemetery McGehee North Map    
Baker Cemetery Monticello South Map    
Baker - Gaster Cemetery        
Bethel Cemetery ~African American Wilmar North Map    
Beulah Cemetery   Map    
Beulah/Pye Cemetery        
Bond Cemetery Wilmar South Map    
Bowden/Christmas Cemetery Collins Map    
Brooks Chapel Cemetery ~African American   Map   Survey
Caldwell Cemetery        
Campground Cemetery        
Caraway-Moore ~African American     Survey  
Centerpoint Cemetery Mist NW Map Survey Survey  Survey
Chapman Family Cemetery        
Collins Cemetery~African American Collins   Survey  
Collins Cemetery Collins Map   Survey
Cominto Cemetery ~African American        
Cotham Cemetery - Adjacent to Old Gilliam Mist NW Map Survey  
Cypress Grove Cemetery Gourd Map * *
Dabney Cemetery Selma Map * *
Deal Cemetery Ladelle Map   Survey
Dishongh Cemetery Selma Map Photos *
Dixon Cemetery Winchester Map Survey *
Duncan Cemetery ~African American McGehee South Map Survey Survey  Survey
Edwards Cemetery     Survey  
Efferess Cemetery Van Cruce Field * Survey Survey ~USGenWeb Archives
Effie Butler Family Cemetery        
Ehrens Cemetery     Survey  
Enon Cemetery Cominto Map Survey Survey
Friendship Cemetery ~African American Baxter   Survey  
Friendship Cemetery ~African American Goose Hollow   Survey  
Friendship Cemetery New Hope   Survey  
Friendship Cemetery Monticello South Map * *
Gaddy Wilmar South   Survey  
Gray Cemetery Ladelle Map    
Green Hill Cemetery Wilmar South Map Survey Survey
Green Mount Cemetery Tyro Map    
Hales Cemetery Longview Map Survey *
Harrell Family Cemetery Selma      
Hubbard Cemetery     Survey  
Hudspeth Family Cemetery ~ African American     Survey  
Hughen Cemetery     Survey  
Huskey Cemetery     Survey  
Hyatt Family Cemetery     Survey  
Johnson Cemetery     Survey  
Jordan and Graves     Survey  
Jordan Cemetery Mist NW Map Survey Survey
Judkins Cemetery Mist NW Map * *
Lacey Cemetery ~African American     Survey  
Lacey Cemetery   Map Survey Survey
Ladelle Cemetery * * Survey Survey
Lawson/ Gaster Hill Cemetery Monticello North Map Survey with Photos Survey
Little Zion ~ African American Baxter   Survey  
Loggy Bayou Cemetery ~ African American McGehee North Map Survey Survey
Lone Sassafras Cemetery Ladelle Map Survey Survey
Longview/St Peters Cemetery~African American * * Survey Survey
Manees Cemetery        
Moore Cemetery Cominto Map * *
Morning Star Cemetery ~African American        
Mount Olive Cemetery Collins Map   Survey
Mount Peter Cemetery Longview Map * *
Mount Pleasant Cemetery (AKA Campground) Monticello North Map Survey Survey
Mount Pleasant Cemetery (AKA Campground)~African American     Survey  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery (AKA Campground)~African American New Addition     Survey  
Mount Tabor Cemetery Collins NW Map Survey Survey
Mount Zion AME Cemetery ~African American Monticello North   Survey  
Mount Zion Cemetery ~African American   Map Survey *
Mount Zion Presbyterian Cemetery Monticello North   Survey  
Mungen Cemetery     Survey  
New Bethel Cemetery ~African American     Survey  
New Green Mount Cemetery ~/African American     Survey  
New Hope Cemetery Wilmar South Map * *
New Troy Cemetery Line Map Survey Photographs  Survey
Nichols Family Plantersville   Survey Survey
Oak Grove Cemetery ~African American Winchester Map Survey *
Oak Ridge/Rabb Cemetery Monticello North *  Survey        Survey *
Oakland Cemetery Monticello North Map Survey Survey
Oakland Cemetery ~ African American Monticello North Map Survey  
Old Florence Cemetery * * Survey & Photos *
Old Gilliam - adjacent to Cotham     Survey & Photos Survey  Photographs
Old Green Mount~African American     Survey  
Old Monticello Cemetery Monticello   Survey Survey
Old Troy~Africian American     Survey  
Old Troy Cemetery Line Map  Survey                Photos              Photographs   Survey
Old Union Cemetery Collins NW Map Survey Survey
Ozment Cemetery Longview Map Survey Survey
Ozment Family Cemetery     Survey  
Pine Grove Cemetery ~ African American New Hope   Survey  
Piney Cemetery Collins NW Map Survey Survey   Survey
Pleasant Springs Cemetery Relfs Bluff Map Survey Survey
Prairie Chapel Cemetery Longview Map Survey *
Prairie Grove Cemetery Ladelle Map Survey
Priest Cemetery     Survey *
Pruit Cemetery     Survey  
Pruitt Cemetery     Survey  
Ragland Cemetery     Survey  
Rash Cemetery Cominto Map Survey Survey  Survey
Reed Cemetery ~African American     Survey  
Ridgel Cemetery ~African American     Survey  
Rock Springs Cemetery Cornerville Map Survey Survey
Roper Cometery Line Map Survey Survey  Survey
Rose Hill Cemetery Monticello North Map Survey Survey
Rough and Ready Cemetery Monticello South Map Survey        Photographs   Survey
Saline Cemetery (Old Saline) Wilmer South Map Survey  
Sardis Cemetery * *   Survey
Scott Cemetery * *   Survey
Selma Cemetery ~ African American     Survey  
Selma Cemetery Selma Map Survey Survey
Shady Grove Cemetery ~African American Collins NW Map Survey *
Shiloh Cemetery Wilmar South Map Survey *
Silvermount Cemetery ~African American     Survey *
Sixteenth Section Cemetery ~African American Selma Map Survey Survey
Sixteenth Section Cemetery     Survey  
Solomon Allen Cemetery Collins Map Survey Survey
Spring Hill/Handly Cemetery Relfs Bluff Map Survey Survey
Strangersrest Cemetery     Survey  
Taylor Cemetery Gourd Map Survey *
Tillar Cemetery ~African American     Survey  
Tillar Cemetery McGehee North Map Survey Survey
Torian Cemetery Wilmar North Map Survey Survey
Townsend Cemetery  ~ African American Line Map Survey  
Turner Hills Cemetery Wilmar South Map * *
Union Ridge Cemetery Monticello South Map Survey  Survey
Union Ridge Cemetery ~ African American Monticello South Map Survey/Photos  
Vanlandingham Cemetery     Survey  
Walker Cemetery ~ African American Collins   Survey  
Wells Cemetery ~African American Barkada   Survey  
Wells Cemetery Barkada Rd   Survey  
Wells Chapel Cemetery ~ African American Brandon Map Survey Survey
Wilmar Cemetery ~ African American Wilmar   Survey 
Wilmar Cemetery Wilmar Map Survey**
Wilson Cemetery * Map Survey Survey
Winchester Cemetery ~African American     Survey  
Youngs Cemetery McGehee South Map * *

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