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Hello - My name is Carolyn Glover Stratton. I have become obsessed with genealogy and history. I am a native of Kansas, but I married a Faulkner County young man and have spent most of my adult life in Conway. I worked for attorneys in Chicago, Tulsa and Wichita Falls, Texas.

I also worked for State Senator Guy Hamilton Jones in 1953/54. His law office at that time was upstairs in the Halter Building. I was 17 - I worked from 9 am to 12 noon. (I worked 15 hours a week and earned $15) He came to work at noon and we met at Greeson's Drug Store which was also in the Halter Building. I would discuss the morning's business with him and the next morning he would leave notes for my work for that day.

This was where I got interested in politics and law. I left Conway to marry Royce Glover at Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas. Later after several years in the Air Force we settled back in Conway. I went to work for Senator Jones again on May 30, 1968 and worked there with him and his law partner, Phil Stratton, whom I married about 4 years after my first husband, Royce J. Glover passed away.

I have spent a lot of time at the Faulkner County Courthouse - searching deed records, divorce records and other matters. This experience has made it easy for me to find things other people are interested in and I really enjoy doing the research.

The following is a summary of the "Docket of County Judge, Faulkner County, Arkansas" consisting of pages 1 through 71. The time period is from November 8, 1894 through November 5, 1902. The County Judge in that time period sat as a Law Judge does today.

County Judges did not have then, and do not have now any legal training. Most of the cases in this docket book pertained to Bastardy, Insanity and Incarceration. I will attempt to transcribe the pertinent information, but in some cases verbatim is necessary.

When I mention marginal note or marginal record I refer to an entry in the margin of a docket entry. Even today mortgage companies will make a marginal release when a mortgage is paid. Otherwise they have to prepare a release deed and pay a filing fee to record same.

I did not realize until I saw this book that marginal entries dated back to 1894 (and possibly before). And where it says "as per his return" - that refers to a sheriff making a report to the court! that he has obeyed the order of the court. Spelling and punctuation is not corrected.

/s/ indicates "signed by".

Remember - this is a public record and this transcription is not intended to harm anyone. We all have family skeletons, but this is what makes genealogy research so much fun and makes it impossible to quit! So here we go! (And the first bastardy case involved a Glover!)

At the tope of each page it states "Docket of County Judge, Faulkner County, Arkansas. Cases Brought and Tried Before _______ County Judge, Faulkner County, _______, 189__." On Page 1 the blanks are filled in as G. W. Rice, County Judge and the date of Nov. 8, 1894. These blanks are not filled in again until Page 49 when it shows W. H. Duncan - Nov. 1898. Judge Duncan entered his name on every page. On page 71 it shows W. B. Wilson as County Judge with date of Nov 5, 1902.

Pages 1-19

Page 1 - No.1: State of Arkansas vs Jack Oliver: Insanity: "Now on this 8th day of Nov 1894 upon complaint of R. M. Browning of Clifton Township, Jack Oliver was brought before me and tried for Insanity and the court being sufficiently advised from testimony of citizens of said township, and of W. S. Westerfield, MD, a practising physician of Faulkner county, that said Jack Oliver is an insane person and ought not to be allowed to run at large, warrant was placed in the hands of the sheriff of said county commanding him to take and deliver him to the superintendent of State Lunatic Asylum at Little Rock Ark. Which was accordingly done. Nov 26th 1894 as per his return. /s/ G. W. Rice, County Judge."

Marginal Record: "Returned cured Spring 1895." [My attorney husband believes that they sometimes used the insanity plea to dry out a drunk] I would tend to agree as this first "insane person" only spent about 5 months at the lunatic asylum.

Page 1 - No. 2: State of Arkansas vs Wm. Manley: Bastardy: "Now on this 8th day of Nov. 1894 comes the State of Arkansas on complaint of Birdie Glover charging defendant Wm. Manley with being the father of a bastard child, born to her on the 18th day of August 1894, now living; whereupon the court issued a warrant and placed it in the hands of the sheriff Faulkner county, commanding him to bring accused before me on the 9th Nov 1894 - permitting defendant to give bond in the sum of $200.00 which was given with E. S. Bolton surety thereon. - Continued to 13th Nov 1894.

"Nov 13th 1894, comes State of Arkansas by her attys Frauenthal and Shaw, and defendant by his attys, Bolton and Young, and by consent this cause is continued to 10 o'clock Nov 15th 1894.

"Now on this 15th day of Nov 1894 comes the state of Arkansas by her attys Frauenthal and Shaw and defendant in his own proper person and by his attorneys Bolton and Young, and both parties announced themselves ready for trial and the defendant demanding a jury, the following citizens of Faulkner county, good and [Page 2] lawful persons, viz: J. L. Randell, Benj. Harrison, W. H. Witt A. R. Witt, W. M. Tyler, B. F.Witt, J. N. Walton, Jas McMahan, J. F. Witt, A.J. King and T. M. Higgs eleven in all - defendant having consented to be tried by that number, were duly impaneled and sworn to try the case; and the jury having heard the evidence in the case, the argument of counsel and the instruction of the court, retired to consider their verdict. After a time spent in consultation returned the following verdict 'We the jury find for the plaintiff and find five dollars laying in expenses and two dollars per month for the maintenance of the child for seven years.' 'Jas. S. Randel! l foreman.' It is therefore considered ordered and adjudged by the court that defendant Wm. Manley, pay to Birdie Glover the mother of the bastard child five dollars lying in expenses, and the further sum of two collars per month payable monthly on the 18th day of each month from August 18th 1894 for the space of seven years from said date. It is further ordered that said Wm. Manley deft do enter into bond to the state of Arkansas in the penal sum of three hundred dollars with good and sufficient security conditioned to be void if he or his executors or administrators shall indemnify each county in this state from all costs and expenses of said bastard child while under the age of seven years and for the payment of monthly dues herein adjudged against him. Appeal prayed and granted to the Faulkner cirucuit court and supersedeas ordered upon deft Wm Manley giving bond with good and sufficient security to the state of Arkansas in the sum of $300 conditioned that appellant shall appear in said court and submit himself to the jurisdiction thereof and not depart therefrom without leave of said court; which bondwas given with E. A. Bolton, Dirand, A. L. Jones and A.. Hughes sureties thereon. /s/ G. W. Rice, County Judge."

At bottom of Page 2 are the costs of the case: Judges' costs: $5.80 (included filing fees, subpoenas, etc.) Sheriff's costs: $ 12.80 Jury costs $5.50 ($0.50 each) Witness costs: Birdie Glover, Mary Glover, Frank Glover, W. S. Madison, Dave Ward, Mattie Green, Tish Rawlins. Ann Shaw, Nancy Clifton, Francis Harper, Eliza Vaughan, Louis Roberson, Anthony Hays, Gil Finkny. Dan Chism, Y. S. Brown, C. H. Voris, D. F. Dufield, W. B. Haines. ($0.50 each - total $9.50. Total costs of case were $33.60.

Page 3 #3 (space at top of page where #'s 1 and 2 would be recorded are blank.

"J. M.Smith- Ex Parte. The County Judge this Jany 7 1895 appoints J. M. Smith beneficiary to Fayetteville University from this county.

Page 3 #4: " Jesse M. Simmons - ex parte. The County Judge this Jany 30 1895 appoints Jesse M. Simmons beneficiary to Fayetteville University from this county.

Page 3 #5: Jesse Allen Lunatic: Jesse Allen a lunatic confined in the county jail since Feby 10 1895, this day sent to State Lunatic Asylum. Feby 27th 1895.

Page 4 #6: Bastardy - Burrell Ingram. March 6, 1895 Katie Seimm (Senin) on oath states that she was delivered of a bastard girl child, now living, on Feby 14 1895 and Burrell Ingram is the father. Warrant issued - returnable April 1, 1895, placed in hands of H. B. Ingram shff Faulkner County. On April 1, 1895, Katie Senin, prosecutrix and mother of bastard appeared and dismissed said cause at her own cause. Court cost $1.30 paid April 1, 1895.

Page 4 #7: Habeas Corpus. John M. Tackett. April 23, 1895, J. M. Tackett filed petition for writ of habeas corpus against the sheriff of Faulkner County - granted by the court - returnable April 25, 1895 at 10 am. On April 25, 1895 Sheriff H. B. Ingram appeared in obedience to the writ and presented to the court the body of John M. Tackett held by him for a felony to-wit: stealing one ??? rifle. Competent witnesses appeared as to the value of the rifle and found said gun to be worth less than ten dollars; the magistrate wrongfully held John M. Tackett to answer for a felony where the offense was only a misdemeanor. Tackett was released from confinement under the felony charge but held by the officer in charge and carried before J. P. Witt, Justice of the Peace Cadron Township - to be tried for a misdemeanor. Tackett ordered to pay all costs.

Note: The above case was difficult to read - the first paragraph writing was neat and small, the remainder was either a different pen, an aging judge, a less than sober judge or written by someone else. Judge G. W. Rice signature at the end looks like preceding cases.

Page 5 #8: Insanity - Mary E. Simpson. April 29, 1895 upon affidavit of W. S. Simpson of Cadron Township, evidence of witnesses, examination of G. W. Ringgoen MD Mary E. Simpson found to be insane. Confined to Lunatic Asylum in Little Rock in charge of W. S. Simpson and Minnie Simpson on May 1, 1895. Marginal note: Returned July 1895 relieved.

Page 6 #9: Insanity - John Ingram. June 4, 1895 upon affidavit of J. M. Allinder of Cadron Township, evidence of witnesses, examination of G.S Brown MD John Ingram found to be insane. Evidence was taken and forwarded to superintendent of state lunatic asylum to await his action thereon. Warrant issued and placed in the hands of sheriff June 15, 1895. Marginal note: withdrawn by parties.

Page 6 # 10: Insanity - Henrietta Harris. June 4, 1895 upon affidavit of Alex McCoy of Benedict Township, evidence of witnesses, examination of G. S.s Brown MD, she was sent to asylum July 11, 1895.

Page 7 #11: Habeas Corpus - G.W. Smith appeared by his attorneys Bolton & Frauenthal Esqrs. The Court issued summons upon sheriff to produce the body on June 6, 1895 at 10 am and to bring all papers in said cause - subpoenas issued for J. C. Hamilton and R. F. Brown returnable on that same day. On June 6, 1895 the court having heard evidence, depositions and the law, found r. F. Brown J.P had obtained jurisdiction of the person of G. W. Smith prior to the time that J. C. Hamilton assumed jurisdiction thereof. The action by Hamilton was without jurisdiction and therefore void ab initio. The court ordered Constable DeWitt Ingram of Matthews Township take charge of G W. Smith and deliver him into the custody of M. T. Merriman of Benton Township to be carried before R. F. Brown JP said township to be dealt with according to law in examining said G. W. Smith on charge of the larceny of cattle as now appears upon his docket. Smith was found in default of bond in the sum of $250.00 and to pay all costs.

Page 8 #12: Mary Ophelia Welch vs. Moses Bailey - Habeas Corpus. On July 5 1893 (sic) T. F. Moseley makes affidavit that moves Bailey unlawfully detains the body of Mary O. Welch a minor, his (Moseley's) ward after demand for her. Warrant issued returnable July 6, 1895 - by consent of all parties case continued to July 18, 1895 at 1 o'clock pm. Dismissed by request of parties.

Page 8 #13: S. B. Bates, ex parte. I have this day appointed S. B. Bates beneficiary of State Normal school at Pine Bluff and he having giving sufficient testimony as to his intelligence, industry and moral character.

Page 8 #14: Insanity. Abigail Ussery. John Ussery makes oath that Abigail Ussery it insane. Abigail Ussery was examined by J. S. Westerfield MD and said examination sent to the supt lunatic asylum at Little Rock July 26, 1895. Marginal note: Refused admission.

Page 9 #15: Insanity. H. B. Johnson. J. H. Langley makes oath that J. B. Johnson is insane and was examined by J. S. Westerfield MD and said examination sent to supt lunatic asylum at Little Rock July 9, 1995. Taken to asylum Aug 15, 1895.

Page 9 #16: John Glover. Bastardy. Billie Ridgway makes oath that John Glover is the father of a bastard child of which she is now pregnant. Warrant issued directed to the constable of Newton township commanding said John Glover to be brought before court for trial. [Nothing further on this case] All of the above pages have the name of G. W. Rice as County Judge at the top of the page.

Page 10 #17: Injunction. School Dist. No. 57 vs. Thos. S. Cox and W. T. Pearce. P. H. Prince, attorney for school dist no. 57 prays a temporary injunction enjoining W. T. Pearce county treasurer of Faulkner County from paying over certain warrants to Thos. S. Cox or anyone else pending an action against said Cox by said dist standing for trial in the Faulkner Chancery Court. The same is examined and prayer granted and W. T. Pearce is hereby ordered to hold said moneys and not pay same to T. S. Cox or any one else on warrants 39 & 40 issued by directors of Dist. No. 57 to said T. S. Cox unless so ordered by the Faulkner Chancery Court.

Page 10 #18: Habeas Corpus. W. B. Sellers in person and by his attorneys Bolton & Young prays for a writ of habeas corpus. The Court being satisfied that the bond ordered by F. H. Donnell the Justice who examined said cause was and is excessive, it is therefore hereby reduced to two hundred dollars and upon said W. B. Sellers giving good and sufficient bond in the said sum the sheriff is hereby ordered to take same for the appearance of said W. B. Sellers at the next term of Faulkner Circuit Court to answer the said charge of burglary and dismiss him from confinement.

Page 11 #19: Martha A. Kendrick vs. Oliver Kendrick. Injunction. Plaintiff by her attorneys Bolton and Young prays a temporary restraining order, restraining Oliver Kendrick deft in above cause from disposing of any of his property pending a suit for divorce by plaintiff against him, returnable at Sept term of chancery court 1895. Court being sufficiently advised and the divorce. Said order is made returnable to the chancery court of Faulkner County upon plaintiff giving bond as required by law in the sum of $100.00.

Court fees: docketing.40; ? petitioner. 25; issuing order ..50.

Page 11 #20: James Harrod insane person. I have this day declared Dr. James Harrod insane upon affidavit of R. D. Naylor and other evidence and examination of physician C. H. Voris and ordered him carried to Lunatic asylum at Little Rock by R. D. Naylor specially deputized for that purpose.

Page 12 #21: Faulkner County Ex Parte: The following named parties having been convicted of misdemeanor and committed to county jail have been hired out to county contractor Dunlap of Pulaski County of convicts for the number of days herein stated commencing at the date stated: All were issued August 27, 1895. Abe Ballard 160 days; Jim Robinson 113 days; Abe Holloway 113 days.

Page 13 #22: State of Arkansas for L. A. Birdsong vs. H. D. Moore - Bastardy. September 16, 1895 Birdsong charged Moore with being the father of a bastard child born to her on the 5th day of June 1893, now living. Warrant issued for arrest of Moore returnable Sept 16 1895 at 10 o'clock, permitting said deft to give bond for his appearance at said time and place in the sum of 300 $. Pltf [Birdsons] continued cause to 17th Sept 1895 at 10 o'clock am. On 17th of Sept 1895 plaintiff dismissed this cause at her own cause refusing to further prosecute, the child having died since bringing this action. Cause dismissed at plfts cost - $1.30 paid.

Page 13 #23: James Woodard ex parte; Appointed beneficiary to the State Normal School of Pine Bluff Ark.

Page 13 #24: Chas Tipton ex parte: Application of Chas Tipton for admission to Blind school. P. O. ___ Vilonia - father Pink Tipton - Sept 16 1895

Page 14 #25: Phoeba Stewart, insane person. Affidavit of Wm Stewart and Dr. G. S. Brown - ordered her carried to state lunatic asylum at Little Rock, Ark, by Wm Stewart especially deputized for that purpose Nov. 21, 1895. Warrant issued Nov. 26 1895. Phoeba Stewart died at Lunatic Asylum Jany 1st 1896 of Eresypalus. [Not in my medical dictionaries??/]

Page 15 #27: The following is a list of couples married by G. W. Rice, Co and Probate Judge of Faulkner County Arkansas:

Nov 9 1/94 Thos. Deadwylder; Helena Duncan; Plummerville male; Conway female; Black

Nov 9 1/94 T. J. Maupin; Mary E. Satterwhite; Lollie Ark; white

Nov. 13 1/94 W. L. Darden; Mattie P. Davis; Rosebud Ark; white

July 17/95 H. G. Vaughan; Lula A. Parker; Argenta Ark; white

Oct 30/95 E. R. Robertson; Alice Jeffreys; Mayflower Ark; black

Decr 18/95 J. A. Price; Addie Bryant; Floyd Ark; white

Decr 30/95 A. J. Sumner; J. E. Miller; Vilonia; white

Mch 2nd/96 Oliver Foster; Susan Stubb; Palarm; colored

Dec 28/96 L. A. Avery; Jodie Hartley; Lollie; white

Mch 3/97 J. C. Naylor; Rena Scales; Little Rock; white

Oct 7/97 M. C. Davis; Ruby Copeland; Rosebud; white

Feby 22/98 Chester A. Markham; Josie Harrod; Conway; white

Page 16 #28: State and Josie Dunn vs. Josie E. Miller - habeas corpus. Dec 19 1895 Mrs. Dunn made affidavit that she is the mother and natural guardian of Josie E. Miller, a minor 14 years old; that said Josie E. Miller has left her home and is now living with Mr. Brooks of this county; upon demand upon said Brooks to give up said minor to said affiant she refused so to do; wherefore she prays for a write of habeas corpus; same is this day issued; returnable Dec. 20th 1895. On Dec. 20 1895 defendant Josie Brooks is brought into court by constable G. M. Easterwood in accordance with said writ; said cause examined by the court and no one objecting and no defense offered said Josie E. Miller was remanded to the care and custody of her mother Mrs. Dunn. [Confusion with surnames]

Page 16 #29: Catharine Williams, insane person, ex parte; I have this day declared Catharine Williams an insane person upon affidavit of Monroe Williams, other evidence and examination of physician G. E. Brown MD and ordered her committed to state lunatic asylum at Little Rock Ark by Scott Simpson specially deputized for that purpose this Jany 26/96.

Page 17 #30: Benj. F. Stermer Ex Parte. I have this day appointed Benj. F.Stermer a beneficiary to Fayetteville University.

Page 17 #31: State of Arkansas vs Joseph Megan: Insanity. John Kelley made oath that Joseph Megan was insane. Upon examination of the witness and Dr. G. W. Ringgold, a regular practicing physician, he was found to be insane and ordered taken to the state lunatic asylum for treatment. Mch 4/96. Commitment issued and placed in hands of sheriff Mch 6/96. Carried to asylum March 6/96.

Page 17 #32: State v. John E. Wages: Insanity: Witness W. M. Brady, Dr. G. W. Ringgold. Found to be insane and ordered taken to the state lunatic asylum for treatment Mch 4/96. Commitment issued and placed in hands of sheriff Mch 6/96.

Page 18: State vs Mrs. J. A. Lang: Insanity: J. A. Lang and Dr. J. F. Kinchelo, witnesses. Found insane and ordered taken to state lunatic asylum for treatment this Mch 10th 1896. Admission refused Mch 17/96. Admitted June 1st 1896.

Ida Clarke Exparte: 19th day of March 1896 appointed Ida Clarke of Benton township a beneficiary to Fayetteville University Mch 19/96.

State vs Ben C. Dobbins: Habeas Corpus: The court found it impossible for defendant to make bond required by the committing magistrate in the sum of $500 but that he can give a bond in the sum of $300 and that deft has returned all the property stolen. The sum of $300 is sufficient bond for security for his appearance at the next term of the circuit court of this county which will be on the 1st Monday in July 1896 and deft shall pay all cost of this proceeding and of transportation he shall be released from confinement and custody of the sheriff Mch 21/96.

Page 19: J. R. Roberson vs S. S. Salter: Habeas Corpus: J. R. Roberson made oath the Effie Roberson a minor six year old and his child is unlawfully detained from his care and custody by S. S. Salter and refuses to give her up to him upon demand. He prays for a writ of Habeat Corpus returnable Apl 3rd 1896 which is accordingly issued. Now on this 3rd day of April this cause is heard upon the writ and the evidence in the case and the court being will and sufficiently advised doth award the care and custody of the child to J. R. Roberson the father of the child.

State vs C. C. Donaghey: Insanity: G. W. Donaghey made oath that C. C. Donaghey is insane and ought to be restrained of his liberty. C. C. Donaghey brought before the court, examination of witnesses and Dr. G. W. Ringgold, found to be insane and order him taken to the state lunatic asylum for treatment. Sent to asylum but escaped June 1/96.

State vs Celia Ann Holbert: Insanity: Job Stone made oath that Celia Ann Holbert is insane. Dr E. O. Brannon, witness. Ordered taken to state lunatic asylum for treatment. June 1st 1896 - admitted in asylum June 6th 1896.

State, Ptff vs Jerry Snow, Deft. July 2nd deft makes out that he is unlawfully deprived of his liberty by reason of a commitment from J. P.Witt, Justice of Peace in and for Faulkner County and prays a writ of Habeas Corpus issue to the sheriff of said county to appear and show cause why he is detained. Prayer granted and writ issued returnable Saturday July 4/1896 at 10 o'clock am. Defendant appeared before the court on July 4/1896 and upon examination of the papers in the cause, other evidence, the law of the case and argument of counsel and was granted the relief prayed for. Bond fixed at $5000.00 and upon defendant Jerry Snow entering into bond to the State of Arkansas in said sum with good and lawful security thereto, conditioned it is as required by the State of Arkansas and approved by the sheriff, said defendant Jerry Snow to be released from custody. Costs: Affidavit for writ .25, writ .50, ent judgment .50, 2 witnesses .20, docketing .15. Total $1.50 - Paid.

**Note: transcription did not have a page 20. It goes 19, then 21.

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