1850 Arkansas Mortality Schedule - Saline, Montgomery, and Hot Spring Counties
Since Garland County, Arkansas was not created until 1873, The names from surrounding counties have been used. Please note the location.
Name Age Sex State Born Month Died Cause of Death County of Death
Adams, Samuel 45 m Tennessee February Paralysis Saline
Alleys, Ester 6 f Arkansas July Fever Saline
Aglin, Aaron 85 m North Carolina January Old Age Saline
Baggs, Mary Ann 1 f Arkansas May Eryasephelus Montgomery
Ballard, Cornelius L. 4 m Mississippi August Worms Hot Spring
Bates, Jeff 5 months m Mississippi July Congestion Montgomery
Blanks, James 53 m Virginia April Pleursy Hot Spring
Box, John 63 m South Carolina September Fever Hot Spring
Brashear, ? 20 m Alabama October Congestion Fever Hot Spring
Brooks, Milly 3 34 f Virginia April Childbed Saline
Burks, Lavinia E. 2 f Arkansas December Cholera Hot Spring
Butler, Ira 58 m Virginia March Consumption Hot Spring
Bybee, Harriet 1 f Arkansas September Unknown Montgomery
Campbell, Naomi 9 f Arkansas September Dropsy Montgomery
Cain, William 1 m Arkansas October Croup Saline
Caple, Ellender E. 6 f Arkansas July Scarlet Fever Saline
Clark, William 1 m Arkansas November Accident Montgomery
Crockett, Sarah 56 f Kentucky October Consumption Saline
Dees, Louisa F. 1 f Alabama November Worms Montgomery
Dodd, Borland 3 months m Arkansas November Croups Saline
Dyer, Hasse 39 m Illinois November Bronchitis Hot Spring
Gibbs, Martha C. 6 f Tennessee October Worm Fever Hot Spring
Gilliam, Rosa Ann 49 f South Carolina January Consumption Montgomery
Gregory, Virginia P. 2 f Tennessee October Cong. Fever Saline
Grimmitts, Samuel 24 m Tennessee November Cold Saline
Grosby, Mary T. 1 f Arkansas` December Croup Saline
Hensley, Horton 63 f Virginia January Dropsy Saline
Henson, John 69 m Maryland April Ague and Fever Hot Spring
Houpt, Henry 55 m North Carolina July Liver Compsumption? Hot Spring
Hubbard, Rebecca 12 f Alabama September Bilious Fever Saline
Irons, Polly 6 f Arkansas November Fever Hot Spring
Kirksey, Lucien M. 22 m North Carolina August Fever Hot Spring
Lane, Elbert 1 m Arkansas September Cholera Morbus Saline
Leech, Benjamin 8 m Arkansas September Typhoid Fever Saline
Lunsford, Carter 22 m North Carolina September Cong. Chill Saline
Martin, Jesse H. 1 m Arkansas April Scarlet Fever Hot Spring
McCoy, Martha E. 17 f Tennessee March Dropsy Montgomery
McFarland, Julia A. 18 f Illinois May Breat Complication Montgomery
Merrill, Babe 1 month m Arkansas August Sudden Hot Spring
Neal, ? 3 m Arkansas June Cholera Hot Spring
Newkirk, J. R. 2 m Tenneesee October Cong. Chill Saline
Ozmun, James W. 37 m New York October Epilipsy Hot Spring
Page, John 17 m Arkansas October Accidental Hot Spring
Pointer, Caroline 30 f Alabama January Miscarriage Hot Spring
Pointer, George 54 m Unknown March Shot Montgomery
Pollock, Wm. H. C. 4 months m Arkansas July Croup Hot Spring
Randall, James 1 month m Arkansas May Croup Saline
Ready, Richard 79 m Virginia February Old Age Hot Spring
Rector, Frances C. 21 f Alabama January Childbirth Hot Spring
Rector, Presley H. 23 m Tennessee March Fever Hot Spring
Saliers, Mary 56 f Missouri November Unknown Montgomery
Salliers, William 42 m Tenneessee Auguest Snake Bit Saline
Snow, Isom 16 m Georgia November Pleuresy Saline
Sumter, Harriet S. 1 f Arkansas October Croup Hot Spring
Sutton, Ransom 9 months m Arkansas May Scarlet Fever Hot Spring
Terry, Tennessee 8 f Arkansas June Billious Fever Saline
Tillery, Nancy 35 f Virginia May Fever Saline
Turner, Absalom 65 m Virginia June Fever Hot Spring
Williams, Babe 1 month m Arkansas November Croup, sudden Hot Spring
Williams, George 48 m Kentucky May Smallpox Saline
Winchester, Archibald 10 m Arkansas June Cong. Chill Saline
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