Fleming - Jones Cemetery
Copied & submitted by Debra Slater Garner in 1999.
Travel Directions: This cemetery is located at the corner of 270 West Highway and Fleetwood Road. This cemetery is in two sections, Fleming and Jones. Location : 1912 Albert Pike

Fleming Section on the right:

Ashcraft, Henry M.
1904 1934
m: Hazel Smith 9-5-1925

Back, George H.
10-18-1879 2-4-1949

Cooner, Daisey A.
3-4-1891 3-31-1965
d/o Colubus and Delia Caulie Bondy

Costello, Kenneth W.
12-24-1916 4-13-1974
s/o Al and Antonette Hodak Costello

Donahue, Ronald Stephen
10-7-1959 4-10-1994

Ellis, Bill Ulyssees
12-14-1904 10-9-1966
s/o John and Mary Blocker Ellis

Ellis, Oweeda
8-19-1914 9-13-1956
d/o Charles and Lillie Blackburn Mayberry w/o Bill Ellis

Fields, Keith Allen
1-10-1960 1-23-1965
s/o Billy C. and Martha Hibbs Jones

Fleming, Robert Wade
4-21-1935 2-29-1992
s/o Peyton and Mary McPeak Fleming
m: Jolene Harris 3-7-1957

Fleming Ronnie A. 5-23-1944 4-20-1945
s/o Pete and Ozell McPeak Fleming

Fleming, Thomas Riley 1-1-1886 3-5-1938
s/o Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming

Fleming, Jane 3-5-1850 10-23-1912
w/o Elisha Fleming

Fleming, Infant -------- 8-17-1891
child of Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming

Fleming, Hugh Allen 10-19-1880 6-19-1945 s/o Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming

Fleming, Willard 2-11-1920 1-12-1921 s/o H. A. and Nora Jones Fleming

Fleming, Baby b.d. 9-1-1922

Fleming, Dorothy
5-6-1914 1-19-1916
d/o Hugh A. and Nora Jones Fleming

Fleming, Cecil S.
3-11-1912 8-3-1972
s/o Hugh A. and Nora Jones Fleming

Fleming, Susan E.
7-2-1912 5-16-1964
w/o Cecil S. Fleming

Fortier, Emalee
6-3-1928 4-19-1937
d/o Arthur and Effie Jones Fortier

Fuller, James W.
3-9-1924 3-10-1985

Hisaw, John Henry
7-8-1884 5-26-1974
s/o Thediath and Mary J. Duncan Hisaw
m: Mary Jane Foster 11-29-1905

Hisaw, Mary Jane
9-23-1882 5-1-1943
w/o John Henry Hisaw

Holmes, Floyd R. ,Jr.
2-15-1924 1-25-1997
s/o Floyd and Lillie Fleming Holmes

Holmes, Mary Ida
--------- 12-6-1996 age 71
w/o Floyd R. Holmes, Jr.

Holmes Jack C.
3-23-1928 4-17-1975
s/o Floyd and Lillie Fleming Holmes

Holmes, Clinton B.
3-8-1894 9-17-1980
s/o A. B and Mary Gullet Holmes
m: Myrtle Wood 3-9-1918

Jones, Thomas
8-5-1856 4-23-1929
m: Margaret Sutton 1901

Jones, Margaret
4-16-1879 7-11-1938
d/o John and Malinda Bray Sutton

Jones, Sarah Watkins
4-21-1899 7-21-1959

Jones, Charles H.
1-3-1962 1-4-1962
s/o Billy and Lillian Jackson Jones

Kemp, Wilmar T.
9-17-1907 1-16-1992
s/o Simon and Susan Pittman Kemp
m: Louise L. Holmes 9-9-1945

Kemp, Louise L.
8-28-1916 2-12-1996
d/o Floyd and Lillie Fleming Holmes

Koonce, Orland W. Sr.

Lager, Francis M.
4-18-1918 10-22-1952

Lambert, Belle
9-5-1888 10-8-1956
d/o Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming
m: 1st. Tom Mays,
2nd Hobson D. Lambert 11-29-1924

Mayberry, Charlie T.
1-10-1885 11-14-1952
s/o John and Melissa Dick Mayberry
m: Lillie Blackburn

Mayberry, Lillie M.
7-12-1894 9-4-1964
d/o William and Mollie Brown Blackburn

Mays, Tom
3-25-1887 7-7-1921
m: Belle Fleming 1-31-1912 (see Belle Lambert)

McPeak, Hope Edward
2-28-1902 12-20-1965
s/o J. B. and Annie Cheek McPeak

Miller, Charley
1--27-1892 5-30-1975
s/o Richard and Mary Porter Miller

Miller, Madge B.
11-6-1911 1-27-1974

Piracci, Pamela Copeland
7-17-1959 10-21-1980

Roberson, Eva
9-20-1883 11-25-1913

Roberson, Twins
b.d. 11-23-1913

Robison, Harold O. 1923 1924
s/o Joseph and Betty Jones Robison

Robison, Imogene
1927 1928
d/o Joseph and Betty Jones Robison

Rowan, Gary Lynn
9-11-1958 5-12-1983
s/o Kenneth and Martha Hibbs Rowan

Sanders, Floyd
8-25-1910 10-3-1959
m: Jessie Hampton 10-29-1930

Sheffield, W. D.
2-14-1893 6-17-1963
s/o Joel and Sarah Loyd Sheffield

Sheffield, Cora
4-5-1893 12-15-1962
d/o Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming

Sheffield, Wm. C.
9-7-1912 3-4-1935
s/o Wm. and Cora Fleming Sheffield

Sheffield, Louie E.
b.d 1918
s/o Wm and Cora Fleming Sheffield

Short, Nora L. Fleming
10-23-1891 9-16-1958
d/o Thomas Jones
m: 1st. Hugh A. Fleming,
2nd. Richard Short

Shortreed, Lillie Holmes
8-3-1898 7-10-1981
d/o Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming
m: 1st. Floyd Holmes 8-16-1915,
2nd. Thurston Shortreed

Smith, Annie
4-22-1880 12-21-1973
d/o Columbus and Mary Sanders Cheek
m: 1st. J.B. McPeak

Thomas, I. W. "Ish"
4-6-1908 12-18-1983
s/o Jesse and Pearl Farmer Thomas
m: Pearl Lanham 12-24-1930

Wilson, Paul L.
2-7-1924 1-29-1969
s/o George and Rebecca Griggs Wilson

Wilson, Frank N.
2-9-1917 1-29-1969
s/o George and Rebecca Griggs Wilson

Jones Section on the left:

Caldwell, Shelia Renie
4-30-1970 5-1-1970
d/o Bobby and Claudett Cash Caldwell

Cambron, Dorothy L.
4-17-1926 12-18-1990
d/o John and Mary Foster Hisaw

Cash, Calvin L.
8-7-1895 6-8-1980
s/o William and Minerva Cash
m: Florence Ward
Cash, Florence M.
9-17-1907 6-7-1987
d/o Jim and Sarah Wagner Ward

Cash, Thorylee
12-5-1942 1-14-1975
d/o Calvin and Florence Ward Cash

Cobb, Albert G.
7-22-1925 7-27-1997

Duncan, Anthony Edwin
8-9-1954 8-3-1983
s/o Jake Earl and Edna Fryar Duncan

Duncan, Jake Earl
4-2-1919 8-19-1996
s/o Robert and Ethel Clark Duncan
m: Edna Fryar

Dunn, Minnie Lee
6-30-1915 4-25-1992
d/o John and Mary Foster Hisaw

Fortier, Thomas W.
12-30-1924 5-2-1986
s/o Arthur and Effie Jones Fortier
m: Christine Carroll 8-8-1949

Fortier, M. Christine
1-18-1930 11-21-1990
d/o Alfred and Clara Stewart Carroll

Fortier, Vanessa L.
b.d 6-1-1988
d/o Thomas and Rhonda Garrett Fortier

Foster, Thomas Luke`
1899 1982
m: Mamie reed 4-26-1920

Foster Mamie Lee
3-2-1902 5-21-1975
d/o John and Della Rowland Reed

Foster, Herman Lee
8-9-1927 3-16-1987
s/o Thomas and Mamie Reed Foster

Jeona, Harold L.
9-16-1917 9-21-1983
s/o Jacob and Kate Lemlar Jeona
m: Florence Cash

Jeona, Florence
8-5-1922 12-19-1988
d/o Calvin and Mary Bray Cash

Jones, Clarence H.
4-14-1918 11-6-1994
s/o Thomas and Margaret Sutton Jones
m: Hazel Mayberry 10-7-1937

Jones, Hazel M.
1-9-1917 8-1-1986
d/o Charlie and Lillie Blackburn Mayberry

Jones, Thomas F.
11-5-1911 8-28-1990

Jones, Louise G.
2-7-1915 9-3-1984
d/o Travis and Addie Cash Green

Jones, Jesse L.
3-7-1899 12-30-1985
s/o Thomas and Margaret Sutton Jones
m: Lillie M. Pennington 4-20-1918

Jones, Lillie Mae
10-7-1901 8-25-1985
d/o George and Mary Shockley Pennington

Jones, James Ledger
6-17-1921 6-12-1967
s/o Jesse and Lillie Pennington Jones

Morrow, Archie
1966 1977
s/o Archie and Doris Cash Morrow

Norwood, Danielle Marie
3-10-1976 4-18-1989
d/o Donnie and Charlotte Lowry Norwood

Patton, Earl Norton
10-15-1903 9-23-1985
s/o CLinton and Rosa Norton Patton
m: 1st. Ivey Holland 4-18-1922
2nd. Effie Jones Fortier 3-10-1934

Patton, Effie Marie
7-28-1904 9-6-1972
d/o Thomas adn Margaret Sutton Jones
m: 1st Arthur Fortier 1-27-1922

Patton, Allen Forney
1-6-1962 11-23-1968
s/o Clyde and Billie Harvey Patton

Pranter, Victor Thomas
5-18-1902 8-10-1967
s/o Victor and Attissa Hendrick Pranter

Pranter, Allie Mae
7-4-1909 11-29-1974
d/o William T. and Retta Speight Atwood

Robison, Joseph Oscar
8-8-1892 11-28-1969
s/o Joseph and Victoria Bain Robison
m: Betty Jones 2-4-1921

Robison, Betty Marie
4-23-1906 4-30-1991
d/o Thomas and Margaret Sutton Jones

Robison, Charles Richard
8-14-1924 -
s/o Joseph and Betty Jones Robison

Smith, Mrytle E.
10-28-1891 12-8-1979
d/o Richard and Mattie Smith Davis

Thacker, Carolyn
2-7-1940 1-8-1996
d/o Clarence and Hazel Mayberry Jones
m: Troy Thacker

Walker, Renee Dawn
4-2-1978 4-12-1978
d/o Alan and Margaret Jones Walker

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