Gibbons Cemetery
Copied & submitted by Debra Garner 9-18-1996.
Travel Directions: Take 270 west from Hot Springs, Ark. past Treasure Isle Rd, turn left on Sunset Lodge Rd. Stay South and turn right on Gibbons Trail. This ends coming into cemetery. This is also the site of the old Gibbons Ferry across the Ouachita River.

Black, Calvin Adam Jr.
12-9-1924 3-25-1992

Black, Sarah Elizabeth
12-1-1931 Living

Braswell, Freeman C.
1894 1963
son of Walter Braswell and Mary Mayberry

Comstock, Mary J.
9-19-1859 12-24-1867

Duvall, Nathaniel
8-10-1900 3-20-1971

Duvall, A
no dates

Duvall, Lucy
d. 12-18-1929
wife of Gilbert Duvall

Duvall, G
d. 12-18-1920

Duvall, Miss Mattie
dates unreadable

Gibbons, Martha McGrew
4-13-1841 4-28-1917
dau. of David McGrew;
md. Robert Gibbons on 3-10-1861
Gibbons, Robert Webb
11-11-1822 5-3-1890
son of Joseph Gibbons and Ruanna Reed.

Gibbons, Robert W. Jr.
9-6-1881 10-6-1889
Gibbons, Lillie E.
11-18-1877 1957
dau. of Robert and Martha McGrew

Five unmarked

King, Dr. Charles A.
8-14-1842 3-31-1913
hus. of Mary Gibbons
md. 11-29-1888

King, Mary L. Gibbons
1-16-1868 5-23-1935
dau. of Robert W. Gibbons Martha McGrew

King, Sarah Grace
7-18-1893 1897
dau. of Dr. C.A. King Mary Gibbons

King, Robert Gibbons, Sr.
1-4-1923 3-20-1986
son of Jacob G. King Annie E. Williamson

Likins, Lavonia King
1-19-1903 3-13-1986
dau. of Dr. C.A. King

Martin, Isaac
d. 1918 age 39
(Harris Funeral Home Marker)
hus. of Crissie Duvall
md. 4-20-1913

Martin, Mrs. Crissie
d. 1-2-1958 age 70yr. 3 mon. 28 days.
(Page funeral home marker)

Mayberry, Sarah Saline
d. 11-4-1887 age 42yr. 8 mon. 17 days.

Mayberry, David d. 9-7-1879 age 34
son of David Mayberry Rowena Gibbons

Mayberry, David Miles, Inf. Son.
d. 6-29-1880
son of David Sarah

Pepper, Hattie Mae
1915 12-21-1936
dau. of Isaac Martin and Crissie Duvall
wife of Roy Peppers on 12-20-1935

Skief, Jeremiah W.
2-11-1832 6-7-1908
hus. of Mary E.McGrew Comstock

Skief, Mary E.
3-10-1840 1-10-1903
dau. of David Miles McGrew

Skief, Sarah I.
1-19-1867 1-24-1868
dau. of Jeremiah Skief

Ward, Albert F.
1894 1962
son of Fredrick Ward and Sarah Gibbons

Ward, Ruby Hoyt
1901 1947
dau. of F.C.Hoyt Pearl Keller

Ward, Sarah Gibbons
1870 1956
dau. of Robert W. Gibbons Martha McGrew
Wife of Frederick Ward.
Ward, Frederick
1861 1940
son of Albert Ward Mary Peters

Ward, Mary Katharine
1892 1911
dau. of Frederick Ward Sarah Gibbons

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