Greene County, Arkansas

Classification of Trades


General Hardware, House Furnishing, Tin, Stoves, Agricultural Implements, Pumps, Windmills, Guns and Sporting Goods  


Flour Grist Mills, Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed Dealers


Foundries, Steam Forges, Machinery, Engines, Boilers, Car Wheels, Metals, Telephones, Machinists' and Railroad and Electrical Supplies


Cigars and Tobacco /
Plumbers, Plumbers' Supplies, Lead Pipe, Steam and Gas Fittes, and Gas Fixtures


Books, Paper, Stationers, Printers, Publishers, Lithographers, Paper Boxes and Bookbinders =
Carriages, Wagonmakers, Wheelwrights, Blacksmiths and Livery


Nurserymen, Florists, Fertilizers and Seeds U
Cloths, Clothing, Tailors, Men's Furnishing, Hats and Caps


Wine and Liquor Dealers, Hotels and Saloons w
Dry Goods, Carpets, Smallwares, Notions and Millinery


Crockery, China and Glassware C
Furniture, Undertaking and Upholstering


Pianos, Organs, Music and Musical Instruments >
Lumber Dealers and Saw Mills


Fancy Goods, Varieties and Toys F
Coal, Wood, Ice and Refrigerating


Painters, Paint and Oil Deaalers, Varnishes and Paperhanging X
Boots and Shoes, Tanners, Hides, Leather and Findings


General Stores and Department Stores *
Saddlery Hardware, Harness and Trunks


Carpenters, Contractors, Roofers, Builders, Masons, Planing Mills, and Sash & Blinds <
Groceries, Provisions, Ship Chandlers, Teas, Coffees and Spices


Automobile Manufacturers, Dealers, Supplies, Garages, and Repairs; also Bicycles and Motorcycles


Jewelers, Watchmakers and Opticians


Bakers and Confectioners


Brewers, Maltsters and Distillers


Wholesale and Retail Produce, Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Creameries, Fruit and Vegetables


Drugs and Patent Medicines





Ag'l Implts [-] Fancy Goods F Livery S Refrigerating I
Automobiles A Feed Dealers II Lumber Dealaers L Roofers <
Auto Supp., etc A Fertilizers U Machinery V Saddlery H'ware {+}
Bakers % Florists U Machinists' Supp. V Saloons W
Bicycles A Flour Dealers II Malsters (x) Sash and Blinds <
Blacksmiths S Flour Mills II Masons < Saw Mills L
Boilers V Foundries V Men's Furn'g + Seeds U
Books = Fruit P Metals V Ship Chandlers T
Bookbinders = Furniture ]*[ Millinery ^ Smallwares ^
Boots and Shoes B Garages A Mortorcycles A Spices T
Brewers (x) Gasfitters O Music > Sporting Goods [-]
Builders < Gasfixtures O Musical Insts > Stationers =
Butter P General H'ware [-] Notions ^ Steamfitters O
Carpenters < General Stores * Nurserymen U Steam Forges V
Carpets ^ Glassware C Oil Dealers X Stoves [-]
Carriages S Grain II Opticians <> Tailors +
Car Wheels V Grist Mills II Organs > Tanners B
Cheese P Groceries T Paint Dealers X Teas and Coffees T
China C Guns [-] Painters X Telephones V
Cigars & Tobacco / Hardware [-] Paper = Tin [-]
Clothing + Harness {+} Paper Boxes = Toys F
Cloths + Hats and Caps + Paperhanging X Trunks {+}
Coal I Hay II Patent Meds Z Undertaking I
Confectioners % Hides B Pianos > Upholstering I
Contractors < Hotels W Planing Mills < Varieties F
Creameries P House Furn'g [-] Plumbers O Varnishes X
Crockery C Ice I Plumber's Supp O Vegetables P
Dept. Stores * Jewelers <> Printers = Wagonmankers S
Distillers (x) Lead Pipe O Produce P Watchmakers <>
Drugs Z Leather B Provisions T Wheelwrights S
Dry Goods ^ Lea. Findings B Publishers = Windmills [-]
Eggs P Liquor Dealers W Pumps [-] Wine Dealers W
Electrical Supp V Lithographers = Railroad Supp V Wood I
Engines V            


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