1902 City of Paragould Business Directory

The earliest issues of the Paragould Soliphone which have been microfilmed and made available for study are dated 1902. Many businessmen and tradesmen advertised their goods and services in the pages of the Soliphone. Their names, as well as some indication as to the nature of their work are listed here. Of course, not all businessmen and tradesmen advertised in the newspaper. For this reason the listing given here cannot be considered as complete:

Dr. M. N. Allen, in Wall Building on West Court; J. B. Avera, Hardware and Harness.

Blue Front Candy Store, Buck Woods, proprietor; Bertig Brothers, Clothing Company; The Bowling Alley, Jake Shippers, proprietor.

City Barber Shop, located at Wyse's Old Stand, Stancil Hotel Block, Will Trice, proprietor later managed by J. M. Workman); City Plumber, Lake Street, W. S. Coffman, proprietor; Clyde Mack Clothing Company; J. L. Cook City Auctioneer; Crescent Tonsorial Parlor, Graham & Waddell, proprietors.

Darnall Shoe Store; John M. Davis, Notary Public and Accountant.

Gem Drug Store; G. W. Gibson, second-hand furniture; A H. Glasscock Realty; Golden Stairs Tailor, Sid Thompson, proprietor (first door above Al Evans Restaurant); Greene, the Tailor, Amberg Hotel Corner; Grizzard's Drug Store.

Hampton, the Live Grocery, Pruett Street; Harvey House Barber Shop, Curt Drake, manager; Ray Hays, tinner & Bicycle Repair.

G. W. Johnson Livery Stable, Emerson Street.

Kandy Kitchen, J. W. Golson, proprietor, home made candy and tropical fruits, lunches served; Knox Woodburn, wallpaper.

Lackners Glass, clocks, and jewelry; Smith Long's Supply Store, North Pruett Street.

R. A Markham, M.D. (graduate of Missouri Medical College) and A G. Clyne, M.D. (graduate of Hospital College of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky), offices on Emerson Street between Grizzard's Drug Store and the Bank of Commerce; McKenzie 8 Son, the store that keeps everything that's good to eat, Pruett Street.

Neely Brothers Clothing Company, Pruett Street; M. C. Newsom, Grocery.

Paragould Plumbing Company, M. Cooper, manager, located on Front Street next door to Seagels; Paragould Portrait and View Company, Paragould Telephone Company, W. T. Costen, manager; Puckett & Lindsey, Tinners, next door to the Soliphone newspaper office.

Reeves Grocery.

Star Clothing Company.

White's Shaving Parlor, Harvey Hotel, J. A. White, proprietor; W. H. Wilson, Blacksmith; Wood's Piano Tuning and Music Store, H. M. Wood, proprietor; H. Dall Shoemaker, tuner, August Scholz, music teacher.

1916 City of Paragould Business Directory

The City Directory for Paragould, Volume IV,1916-1917 is the earliest known directory for the city which is still in existence. The Paragould Chamber of Commerce was kind enough to lend this priceless volume to the writer who has made a machine copy of it.

The listing given here includes the name of the business, trade, or profession together with the name of the manager or proprietor. The address of the establishment is also given if available. Of course, many of the businesses had a large number of employees; however, no attempt has been made here to list their names.

A. O. U. W. Hall, 106 West Poplar; Acme Tile & Concrete Company, South end of Fifth, A Bertig, president; Adams Candy Company, 309 East Emerson; Adams & Bickley (J. C. Adams, M. L. Bickley), general merchandise,221 North Pruett; Henry O. Aldred, real estate; Apperson Garage, J. A Apperson, manager, 111 Highland; Arkansas Light & Power Company, E. T. Reynolds, manager, 112 West Court.

W. W. Bandy, attorney, 112 1/2 West Emerson; W. J. Beard's Temple of Music, 217 South Pruett; D. Gordon Beauchamp, attorney, First National Bank Building; Bertig Brothers, dry goods, groceries, men's furnishings, agricultural implements, vehicles and automobiles, (Sol, Adolph, and Joseph Bertig), 108 South Pruett; Q. Blair & Company, pool, 207 South Pruett; Brooks & Inman (Claud H. Brooks and Grover T. Inman) drugs,107 North Pruett; Brown Lumber Company, H. W. Brown, T. H. Garrett, and J. G. Meiser, 111 East Poplar; Thomas J. Brown, cotton buyer; William M. Brown, contractor; Burr, Stewart & Burr, attorneys (G. A. Burr, A. D. Stewart, and A. H. Burr). 1081/'2 West Emerson.

Childers & Middleton, barbers (B.M. Childers & William Middleton), 1111/2 West Court; City Drug Store, H. N. Dickson, R. J. Haley, J. E. Paris, and P. L. Dickson, 112 North Pruett; City Marble Company, D. E. Breckenridge, manager, 115 East Court; City Plumbing and Heating Company, Roena J. and Arlien G. Thompson, rear 112 West Court; City Pound.119 North Pruett; A. Edmond Clark, blacksmith,215 South Second; George M. Clark, grocery.501 South Sixth; Clark & Son, livery, J. Lemuel and John W. Clark, 121 -123 West Main; Clyde Mack Mercantile Company, Clyde A. Mack' L. B. Long, and Russell Mack, 220-222 South Pruett; John E. Cole, grocery, 315 West Hunt; Henry A. Coleman, ice cream maker, homeat615NorthPruett;ThomasJ.Colling, jeweler 104 West Emerson; Cooperative Store Company, grocers, F. E. Jones, manager, 211 North Pruett; Egbert F. Copeland, jeweler; William F. Copeland, shoemaker, 123 West Court; Benjamin H. Crowley, real estate, collections, and notary, Grizzard Building.106',/'West Emerson.

Daily Press, Griffin Smith and Herbert M. Jackson (editors),107 East Court; Henry W. Daniel, pool,104 West Main; Elias Dennington, grocery, 108 West Main; Clinton Douglas, blacksmith.

East Arkansas Lumber Company, Thomas L. Huddleston and John W. Trieschmann,312-316 North Pruett; East St Louis Cotton Oil Company. cotton gin, 124 East Hunt; Electric Shoe Shop, B. W. Wesson, proprietor, 111 West Court; Clyde A. Ellis Grocery,114 West Mai n.

First National Bank, A. Bertig, president, H. S. Trice, Sol Bertig, J. M. Lowe, E. M. Gardner, 115 South Pruett; William A. Fligor, general contractor and builder, 603 West Junction; Ford, Kitchens, & Knox, general insurance (J. C: Ford, T. B. Kitchens, and A. A. Knox), 110 West Emerson; Dorsey Fritts, grocery, corner of North Eighth Avenue; Robert C. Fritts, grocery, 304 Lake.

J. W. Gardner & Company(John W. and John B.), grocers, 500 South Fifth; Gibson Cafe, E. T. Gibson. proprietor, 102 West Main; John and J. R. Good, grocers, Crawford Addition; Grand Theater, Black and Whitsitt, proprietors, 218 South Pruett.

T. E. Haley, postmaster; Hardesty & Lackey Drugs, Clinton A. Hardesty & G. A. Lackey, proprietors, 111 South Pruett; Hartzell Handle Company, handle manufacturers, Robert Eldridge, proprietor, East Hunt near the railroad; James T. Hester. mayor, collector, notary public, First National Bank Building, 115 South Pruett; Hickson Rogers Manufacturing Company, spoke manufacturers, John C. Hickson. president, Edward L. Hickson. Ernest H. Bornemann; Hoffman Machine Shop Company, machinists and auto repairs, Fred Hoffman. proprietor,414-415 South Third Avenue; House-Jones Grain Company, Perry E. House, president, C. A. Mack, Lake Street near the railroad; Household Remedy Company, medicine manufacturers, R. C. Grizzard, proprietor, 106 West Emerson; Huddleston, Fuhr & Futrell, attorneys at law, (M. P. Huddleston, R. E Ruhr, and J. M. Futrell, 119 West Emerson; Hurt Produce Company, wholesale groceries, fruit and produce, J. C. Hurt, manager, East Court Street near the railroad.

Ideal Ice Cream 8 Bottling Works, P. C. Ritter, proprietor,219 East Emerson.

Frank C. Johnson Sr. & Jr., dentists,211'/2 North Pruett; S. L. Joseph Mercantile Company, dry goods, groceries, men's furnishings, hardware, vehicles, agricultural implements, and automobiles, Joseph Wolf, Alvin Samuel, Mrs. Setta Joseph, and H. M. Mueller,101-111 South Pruett; Joseph's Gin, 431 South second street (same ownership as Joseph Mercantile company); B.F. Justice & sons proprietors of Paragould Marble Works, 107 North Second.

Frank J. Kasper, proprietor, Home Bakery, 111 West Emerson; William N. Kimbrough, dry goods, 113 North Pruett; James M. Kinnard, assistant chief of police; Benjamin J. Kirchoff, grocery, 300-302 North Pruett.

J. Lee Langley, grocery, South Second Avenue near Ruby; Miss Mary Langley, nurse, Paragould Sanitarium; Lawler Restaurant, Louis A Lawler, manager, 219 North Pruett; James W. Lawson, plasterer, 220 West Plum; Samuel Lee, chef, Vandervoort Hotel; Jason L. Light, attorney, McHaney Building; Long and Nesler, dry goods, shoes, groceries and feed, Smith Long and H. P. Nesler,101 - 103 South Third.

McAllister Plumbing Company, G. H. McAllister and R. D. Reynolds, 107 South Third Avenue; McBride's Cafe, P. C. McBride, proprietor, 223 South Pruett; John McDonald, plasterer, 425 East Junction; John E McDonald, Superintendent of Water Works; McHaney's Studio, photographs, kodak and photo supplies, picture frames, J. Thomas McHaney, proprietor, 222 North Pruett; Majestic Theater, Block8 Whitsitt, proprietors, 215 South Pruett; Majestic Air dome, Block & Whitsitt, proprietors, 120 West Emerson; May Auto Repair Shop 8 Vulcanizing, O. May, proprietor, 207 East Main; George W. Melton, barber, W. W. Meriwether and Son, Hardware, R. W. Meriwether, J. A Hays, J. W. Carpenter, R. R. Meriwether, 212-216 South Pruett; Bert O. Middleton, paperhanger, 440 East Garland; James T. Moore, barber, Stancill Hotel Barber Shop; William J. Moore Feed Company, 119 West Main; Miss Alta Murphy, music teacher,217 North Second.

National Bank of Commerce, Eli Meiser, Richard Jackson, R. W. Meriwether, Henry W. Woosley, and W. T. Stedman, 200 South Pruett; Asa V. Newman, grocery,1127 King's Highway; E. A. Newson, proprietor, Paragould Optical Parlors; James B. Nime, dry goods,101 - 103 West court; North End Pharmacy, W. A Templeton, proprietor, 313 West Hunt.

O K Barber Shop, R. L Thompson, proprietor, 103 North Pruett; Old Homestead Bakery, H. M. Landrum, proprietor, 213 Railroad; Lee B. O'Neal, carpenter,411 East Junction; William R. Owen, physician, 103 West Emerson; John E. Owens, carpenter,614 South Fifth; Lem F. Owens, carpenter,516 Park.

Palace Drug Store, O. Otho Fisher, proprietor, 201 North Pruett; Paragould Building and Loan Association, A. A. Knex, Samuel McHaney, C. W. Highfill, 114 South Second; Paragould Chamber of Commerce, H. M. Jackson, J. M. Futrell, and C. W. Highfill, 108 1/2 West Emerson; Paragould Cooperative Creamery, E. D. Woodburn, G. W. French, and Miss Tabitha Knox, 105 West Emerson; Paragould Country Club, Sol Bertig, Henry Wrape, and W. H. Jones, Gainsville Road two miles northwest; Paragould Handle Manufacturing Company, Samuel B. Bradburn, East Hunt corner of Lambert; Paragould Hide and Fur Company, G. H. Bloom, proprietor,201 East Main; Paragould Marble Works, B. F. Justice and son, proprietors, 107 North Second; Paragould Opera House, M. R. Coffman, proprietor, 206 1/2 South Second; Paragould Paint and Wallpaper Company, John W. Treeschmann, Henry S. Trice, James A Thompson, and Albert Ware,108 West Emerson; Paragould Poster Advertising Company, W. H. Wilson, manager, 207 West Garland; Paragould Printing Company, H. P. Hogan and A M. Owen, 118 West Emerson; Paragould Sanitarium, Dr. Henry N. Dickson, Dr. Paul L. Dickson, and Mrs. Sarah M. Dickson, 221 West Court; Paragould Transfer Company, livery transfer and livestock dealers, gasoline, and feed, W. J. Moore, manager, 111-113 West Main; Paragould Steam Laundry, McPherson & Carpenter, proprietors, 409 North Pruett; Paragould Trust Company, F. M. Scott, J. R. Bertig, J. C. Markham, and T. H. Lloyd,101 North Pruett; Paragould Wholesale Grocery Company, J. E. Wilbourn, A Bertig, A M. Reedy, and W. J. Pierce, East Court near railroad; Parrish Business College, McHaney 

Building, 103 North Second, B. Hamilton Parrish, proprietor Pekin Cooperage Company, A G. Herget, manager, East Junction corner of South Second Avenue; Peoples Furniture Company, Guy Adams, William F. and Joseph T. Trice, John W. Woodard, furniture, queen and enamelware,118-120 North Pruett; Miss Edith Phillips, nurse, Paragould Sanitarium; Luther M. Pickens, horse dealer, RFD3; Pierce Oil Corporation, Ray Perkins, manager, 219 East Court; Carl A Potter, musician, Majestic Theater Samuel Pruett, carpenter, 434 East Court.

J. W. Ramsey, Superintendent, City Schools; Rev. Thomas Y. Ramsey, pastor, First Methodist Church; John E. Reeves, grocery,100 West Main; Reliable Five and Ten Cent Store, G. B. Hamilton, proprietor, 211 South Pruett; Frank C. Robinson, carpenter,108 North Fourth; Hugh Robinson, barber, Childers8 Middleton; Miss Cornelia Roper, teacher, West Side School; James W. Rowland, grocery, 417 East Junction.

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Rev. J. M. Hoflinger, pastor, 302 North Second; St. Maris Parochial School, Benedictine Sisters in charge, 217 Highland; Miss Lalla Scarborough, nurse, Paragould Sanitarium; Elsie Schilling, teacher, High School; Louis H. Schwamb, letter carrier, 1103 King's Highway; Scott Drug Company, F. M. Scott, proprietor, 110 West Court; Felix M. Scott, physician, and proprietor of Scott Drug Company; Second Baptist Church, Rev. H. E. Peters, pastor, East Poplar comer of Sixth Avenue; Security Bank & Trust Company, W. O. Polle, R. J. Haley, G. O. Light, and J. P. Cathey, 110 South Pruett; Chris Shane, County Collector; J. Edgar Shane, architect, 312-316 North Pruett, Shoemaker's Restaurant, A Perry and Osro B. Shoemaker, 117 West Court; William T. Silverthorn, carpenter, South Third Avenue beyond East Locust; Samuel Simpson, attorney, 110 1/2 West Court; Marion F. Sims, County Tax Assessor; Singer Sewing Machine, C. M. Ferguson, agent, 223 North Pruett; Albert Smith, Teacher, 822 West Park; Soliphone (the Weekly), Griffin Smith and H. M. Jackson, 107 East Court.

Morris Solomon, dry goods, 109 North Pruett; Southwestern Telephone and Telegraph Company, D. R. Campbell, manager, First National Bank Building; Linnie E. Stamps, letter carrier, 314 West Hunt; Stancil Hotel, Al Evans, proprietor, 201 South Pruett; Stancil Hotel Barber Shop, E. N. Baugh, proprietor, 203 South Pruett; Standard Oil Company of Louisiana, Thomas E. Welsh, agent, 600 South Second; Star Bakery, T. J. Riggsbee and H. Arbaugh, 119 West Court; Star Barber Shop, J. D. Spencer and Hugh McConnell, 213 North Pruett; Miss Annie Stedman, teacher, 639 West Court; Stedman Hardware Company, L. U. and C. W. Stedman, 112 South Pruett; Miss Clara Stepp, teacher, East Side School; William W. Stepp, cattle buyer, 1111 King's Highway; J. Oran Stewart, tinner, 529 East Poplar; Robert E. Stimson, Janitor, Majestic Theater; David Strayhorn, shoemaker, 700 South Seventh; J. B. Stutes, principal, East Side School; Swift and Company, Ray Perkins, manager, 219 East Court.

Mitchell E. Taylor(colored), porter, Stancil Hotel Barber Shop; Robert P. Taylor, attorney, First National Bank Building; Taylor8 Clark(George R. Taylor and Victor Clark), barbers,221'/: South Pruett; Elizabeth Terrell, teacher, East Side School; Mrs. Amelia Thiel, proprietor, Thiel Meat Market, 115 North Purett; Dot Thompson, teacher, High School; Thompson Drug Company, James A. Thompson, proprietor, 114 South Pruett; Thompson Fish Market, James F. Thompson, proprietor, 215 north Fourth; James W. Thompson, Justice of the Peace, Thompson Building, 104 North Pruett; Lester Thompson, hostler, Clark & Son Livery; S. H. Thompson (colored), porter, Vandervoort Hotel; Charles D. Threlkeld, teacher, 717 North Pruett; Trice Brothers, furniture and undertakers, William F. and Joseph T. Trice, 206-208 South Pruett; Turley Lunches, Virgil E. Turley, 1071/2 West Court; Virgil H. Tyner, physician, 117 West Emerson.

Union Handle Company, M. A Darr, proprietor, 530 South Second.

Vandervoort Hotel, Lee L. Vandervoort, proprietor, West Emerson corner of South Second; Vandervoort Pocket Billiard Hall, Lee L. Vandervoort, proprietor, 108 South Second; Van's Cleaners, Walter Gooch, proprietor, 110 South Second.

Charles E. Waddell, surveyor, McHaney Building,103 North Second; Wadley & Westbrook, grocery, W. D. Wadley and J. P. Westbrook; Elmer Walker, coroner; Walker House, boarding, rates by day or week A L. Bradburn, proprietor, 120 West Main corner of South Second; William Walls, tailor, Holcomb near South Second Avenue; Joseph Walters, restaurant and furnished rooms, 117 North Pruett; John W. Warford, grocery,823 North Fourth; Frederick W. Watson, circuit clerk; William T. Watts, contractor, 300 West Emerson; James W. Weatherly, insurance agent,410 West Poplar; David Weaver, blacksmith,317

North Pruett; Edward M. Weems, architect, 111 East Poplar; James Wegley Restaurant, 203 North Pruett; Welborn's Studio, Augustus L. Welborn, proprietor, 1 14% North Pruett; Wells Fargo8 Company Express, R. C. Chalk agent, Union Station; Western Union Telegraph Company, E. S. Heaton, manager, 108 East Court; Levi B. Whelchel, letter carrier for Route 2; Miss Carrie White, teacher, 520 West Highland; Miss Mattie White, teacher, 520 West Highland; Thomas Riley Wilcockson, road commissioner; Miss Leslie Williams, nurse, Paragould Sanitarium; Robert Williams (colored), porter, Vandervoort Hotel; William A. Williford, janitor for the Court House and National Bank of Commerce, 477 East Vine; Olive Wilson, physician, 200 West Main; Woodrow Wilson (colored), porter, Elks Club; John Wise, constable, 645 30uth Seventh; David B. Withrow, grocery, 313 East Junction; William L. Wohrman, shoemaker, 220 North Pruett; Albert M. Wood, tax collector, 520 Park; Isaac H. Wood, grocery, 314 South Second Avenue; James F. Wood, physician, Grizzard Building, 106, West Emerson; Clarence N. Wood, grocery, 105 East Court; William C. Wood, pastor, First Baptist Church; Wallace P. Woodard, tailor, cleaner and presser, 113 West Court; Woods & Burnett (E. B. Woods and 0. B. Burnett), confections, book sellers and stationers, 221 South Pruett; Frank A. Worley, blacksmith, 301 North Pruett; Henry Wrape Company, stave and heading manufacturers, North Mill, C. A. Raith, general manager.

Abner Yarbrough, sexton, Linwood Cemetery, west end of King's Highway.

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