Greene County, Arkansas ~ 1916 Paragould City Directory I

Greene County, Arkansas

Paragould, Arkansas

City Directory I






IDEAL ICE CREAM & BOTTLING WORKS; PC Ritter, propr     219 e Emerson 357
Imrie, Robt B.   mchst I M Ry rms 202 e Main  
Independent Gin Co. (Inc); Eugene Nettles, pres; JW Alexander, sec     720 Bradburn  
Ingram, Lillie Miss     h 321 n 4th  
Inman, Grover T. Brooks & Inman   rms 209 w Court  
Inmon, Bessie widow T. M.   h 721 s 6th  
Inmon, Gay Miss     h 721 s 6th  
Irion, Cornelia Miss   tchr High School    
Irvin, Alt   driver A. D. Grayson rms 115 w Main  
Isard, Frances, widow F. C.   h 209 s 4th  
Isler, Harry B.     h 720 Kings Highway  

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I have put a lot of hard work into transcribing this Directory. Hopefully it will help someone find missing family.
Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin

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