Greene Co. History

Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin



Greene County Arkansas lies in the northeastern part of the State , it is bounded on the north by Clay County; on the east by the St. Francis River, which separates it from Dunklin Co,. Missouri ; on the south by Craighead Co. ; and on the west by Lawrence and Randolph Counties. The county was named after Nathaniel Greene an American general in the Revolutionary War. Crowley's Ridge extends in a southwesterly direction through Greene county, with a width varying from five to ten miles and slopes gently on either side to the level of the bottom lands.

There are three incorporated towns in the county , namely: Paragould, Marmaduke, and Delaplaine. In addition there are a number of villages and settlements, including Bard, Bethel, Bertig, Brighton, Beech Grove, Gainesville, Halliday, Fontaine, Hooker, Lafe, Light, Lorado, Stanford, Stonewall, and Walcott.

The oldest Assessment Book in the County Court House is a tax assessment book for 1866. This was evidently kept in private possession, or it would not have survived the fires that destroyed three court houses after that date.

The First Court on Crowley's Ridge convened in 1833 under the shade of twin oaks and near a spring on the Crowley plantation. Benjamin Crowley entertained the visitor's in his home. He and Reverend Isaac Brookfield led in a movement to form a new county, which was to be taken from the eastern end of Lawrence County and was to be named after Nathaniel Greene.


Just a few of our local history and businesses in Greene Co.



Towns of Greene County








Other Communities which contain, in general , one or two stores , a cotton gin, and a school are Beech Grove, Light, Stanford, Bard, and Fontaine. Additional settlements are Finch, Hooker, Stonewall, White Oak, Bethel, Brighton, Lorado, and Halliday.



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