Greene County, Arkansas

Greene County Address Listing For 1916 -1917

Above is a scanned sample from the book for a larger version click on the above sample.

This book was found in the basement of the old courthouse . It is some kind of receipt book or a book kept by a doctor it does not tell for who or what other than Greene County Address 1916 -1917. Some of the listing have items charged or paid in full .

Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin 

This is just a listing with the page number , but we hope it might help place people in the county at these times. The names are spelled just as they are from the record.

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Name Page
Allison John 1
Albright Mis Opal 8
Ark. Light Power Co. 2
Acmon A. 4
Adams Guy 7
Adams Oliver 9
Adams Matwood 8
Aldredge (see B'S) 15
Anderson Ch. 12
Atchison E.M. 8b
Anderson Joe 2
Adams Jeff 1
Adams Clint 5
Agin T.S. 6
Aeyers Vernon 1b
Arnold Cleve 1a
Albright J. E. 2b
Arbaugh Ed 1b
Adams George 1b
Armmons Mrs. 2b
Arnt J. B. 1
Alman Will 5a
Anderson George 6b
Allen C.M. 2
Anderson H. E. A. 2a , 4a
Anderson A. Lee 3
Adams Jas W. 3 a
Adams P. E. 6
Adams Ches Y. 6a
Allen H. S. 6a
Acord Cleve 5a
Adams John 3a
Anderson J.M. 6
Atchison Elmer 3a
Adams J.T. Mrs. 3
Atkinson Alvin 4
Adams Oliver 9
Allison John W. 2
Atchison 2b
Allison Sam 3
Alsey e.L. 7
Agee Monroe 3
Armer W.V. 1a
Archibaul Levis 5a
Arnold Roy 6a
Anderson E.E. 7a
Ayers Chris 2
Austin J. L. 4
Austin Elvis 4a
Baty W.C. 3
Barrens Jake 5
Bailey W.T. 6
Batton Albert 7
Bronsen W. 8a
Barger Oscar C. 8
Baldwin J.W. 10
Barrens James &Mother 13
Boyne Albert 15a
Bradshear 1
Baldwin Ollie 10b
Bratton Dove 1
Bateman J.M. 1
Barrens Mrs. Wm. 13
Baker W. d. 4
Batey J. 3a
Barrens D. 6a
Barnhill J. Hall 5
Bornette G.O. 4a
Baldridge E.L. 5
Barnhill Jno. 4a
batey 3
Baker John 6
Bane J. H. 7a - 5a
Bentley Dudley 4a
Bently Kuck 2
Bertig Bros. 4
Beachur E.J. 11
Berkheimer A.W. 12
Bertig Joe 14
Beauchamp I. G. 6a
Berry E. 1
Beasley 1a
Benton W. 2
Burmingham Mrs. C.E. 2b
Beavers Miss 2
Bentley Mrs. B.F. 5
Benne Elvis 1a - 3a
Bell Sam 4a
Bennett Geo. 2a
Bean Raymon 5a
Bennett D.T 1
Barber J.M. 7
Barron J. L. 4c
Biggs Harry 9
Birchfield R.L. 5
Bird Will 1
Bird Bren 3a
Baley Luther 8a
Bean Jimmie 5a
Beasley J. H. 6a
Bird thomas 4a
Beavers Gus 6
Beeler Sam 8
Baldwin C.L. (Dock) 1a
Bennett Lewis 6
Beasley Noah F. 6a
Barton Levi 8
Baker Joe (at McCords) 9
Back Joe 9
Baley Jas 8a
Boozer C.M. 7
Buslon Lewis 3
Burton E. 1
Braddock J.M. 11
Brandon J.L. 15
Bradford W.A. 16
Branch Will 9a
Bradburn Nip 6a
Brandon W 1
Braddock Cleve 11
Blake 1a
Black Pearl 7
Braddock H. T. 6
Brasher John 6
Bradberry Ruf H. 8a
Bradberry J.T. 9
Black A.C. 7 -13a
Brammer Jno. 11a
Bradshaw Chls. 12
Black H. Roy 7
Bramlet T. M. 12a
Bradshaw S.H. 12
Breckenridge G.L. 6
Bledsoe 8
Brewer J. c. 9
Bysing G. 5a
Brewer B.A. 5
Brewer 5a
Brewer Mood 7a
Brewer J. A. 6a
Bevins A. Jack 14a
Bevers A.J. 8a
Burgis Hubert 11
Brooks Inman  
Bridges T.G. 3
Bridges Clarrence 7
Bridges F. G. P. 2a
Bogan Ches Harry 14a
Bolen Mrs. Chester 2
Boggen Walth , Ron 10
Bowen J.M. 12
Brown T. Rodry 13
Block J. D. 14
Brown Dan 18
Bond Raymon 18a
Brooks J. E. 5
Boneemaster Mrs. 5
Brown E. 2a
Blount D. J. 4b
Boggan Umphrey 1b
Brown 2a
Boothe J.W. 4a
Bowman Ed. 5a
Boothe W.A. 4a
Boothe A.J. 4a
Brown Calvin 2a
Brown W.F. 10a
Boggon Walt 10
Bruce Esia 13
Butler J.W. 5
Buckhanon John 4
Burkheimer H. W. 13
Burton Jiff 17
Butler Andy 5
Bushon James 2
Buckhanon Dien 3
Burnett Tonsit 1
Barns Arther 1b
Bushon Ches. 6
Butler J.O. 6a
Buckhanon Jno. Dick 6
Buckhanon Elmer 2a
Brown George 8
Buckhanon Frank 9a
Brown C.H. 9a
Butler Ermet 8
Blunt Otto 10
Boon Milbuen 7a
Bobs P.Y. 9
Bowlin John P. 7
Booth Claud 7a
Bryner W.R. 1a
Bryson Mrs. 8a
Brooks Mrs. Bonnie 4a
Burks J.M. 8
Bramlet Burley 14a
Boggan Chls. 16
Burroughs Rube 12a
Boswell Chls. 12
Brummet Albert 14
Boon Daniel 13a
Brock J.W. 12a
Burkhammer G.W. 10
Bunnell Muck 12
Brooks ches 11a
Brooks Archey 11a
Brown Fern 6a
Brummet Luche 10a
Buckhanon J.W. Sr. 4
Box L.  
Campbell Frank 3
Carpenter Chls. 4
Campbell D.R. 5
Campbell v. 7
Carmack John 8
Carpenter Dot. 4a
Carpenter c.c. 5a
Carpenter Ciseral 6a
Campbell Thos. 5a
Cavins B.F. 2
Chalk Joe b. 1
Champ C.W. 1
Campbell Levi 1
Cantrell J.D. 1
Carrier John 3
Cadenhead 1
Castleberry E.M. 1a
Cavness Geo. 2
Carpenter Robert 2a
Carpenter Jno. B. 1
Cameon T.J. 3
Case W.M. 4a
Cavness Mrs. George 5a
Carmicle Mrs. Annie 2a

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