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Cemeteries in and around Lawrence County
Cemetery County Latitude Longitude Location / Map
Adams Lawrence 360610N 0905956W Walnut Ridge
Aldridge Lawrence 355530N 0905503W Podo Creek
Arbor Grove Lawrence 360104N 0910230W Black Rock
Arnold Lawrence 355640N 0905628W Podo Creek
Ashby Lawrence 355408N 0911913W Strawberry
Austin Lawrence 360530N 0905920W Walnut Ridge
Baker Lawrence * * Portia
Bratcher Lawrence 360529N 0911836W Smithville
Broom Lawrence 355436N 0910804W Strangers Home
Brown Lawrence 35.969N 90.946W Walnut Ridge
Calvin Lawrence * * Alicia
Campbell Lawrence * * Saffell
Clark Lawrence 355450N 0910157W Alicia
Clover Bend Lawrence 355958N 0910619W Alicia
Coffman Lawrence 360740N 0912032W Ravenden
Colberk Lawrence 360108N 0910405W Black Rock
Covington Lawrence 355638N 0910520W Alicia
Cross Lawrence 355404N 0910822W Strangers Home
Crossroad Lawrence 360350N 0910335W Black Rock
Crownhill Lawrence * * Unknown
Dail Sharp * * Near Ravenden
Davenport Lawrence * * Alicia
Dent Lawrence 360813N 0911331W Imboden
Denton Lawrence * * Smithville
Dry Creek / Photos Lawrence * * Lynn
Fender Lawrence 360727N 0904922W Walnut Ridge SE
Fortenberry Family Lawrence * * Smithville
Friendship Lawrence * * Annieville
Frye Lawrence 360751N 0905222W O'Kean
Giles Spur Lawrence * * Giles Spur
Godwin Lawrence * * Saffell
Halcum Family Lawrence * * Imboden
Henderson Family Lawrence * * Jessup
Henry Lawrence * * Hoxie
Hibarger Family Lawrence * * Saffell
Hillhouse Lawrence 360323N 0911835W Smithville
Holobaugh Lawrence 360847N 0911130W Imboden
Hope Lawrence 361149N 0911037W Imboden
Jenkins Lawrence 360344N 0905055W Walnut Ridge SE
Jerusalem Lawrence 355914N 0911835W Strawberry
Kelley Lawrence 360918N 0910941W Imboden
Kissee Lawrence 360512N 0910009W Black Rock
Lancaster Lawrence 355906N 0912014W Strawberry
Lauderdale Lawrence 360139N 0910503W Black Rock
Lawrence Memorial Park (Lane) Lawrence 360449N 0905813W Walnut Ridge
Lawson Lawrence 360440N 0910846W Eaton
Lester Lawrence 360803N 0910014W Noland
Lone Oak Sharp Unknown Unknown Smithville
Manning Lawrence * * Between Hoxie & Sedgwick
Manning Lawrence * * Between Hoxie & Sedgwick
Markham Lawrence 355344N 0905702W Podo Creek
Martin Lawrence * * *
Massey Lawrence 360053N 0911927W Smithville
McNutt Lawrence * * Saffell
Miller Lawrence 35.99952N -91.02679W Minturn
Minturn Lawrence * * Minturn
Mount Zion Lawrence * * South of Saffell
Mount Zion Lawrence * * College City
Nation Lawrence 361004N 0910903W Imboden
New Hope Lawrence 360501N 0911403W Eaton
Oak Forest Lawrence 360639N 0910636W Black Rock
Old Bethel Lawrence 360606N 0911405W Eaton
Old Lebanon / Photos Lawrence * * *
Old Military Lawrence 355957N 0905138W Bono
Opposition Lawrence 361319N 0911616W Ravenden
Parks (Simon) Lawrence * * Annieville
Penn Lawrence 355806N 0911836W Strawberry
Phillips Lawrence * * Lauratown
Pierce Lawrence 360617N 0905759W Walnut Ridge
Pleasant Hill Lawrence 355932N 0911455W Strangers Home
Portia Lawrence 360436N 0910423W Black Rock
Powhatan Lawrence 360520N 0910733W Eaton
Price Lawrence * * Lynn
Rhea Lawrence * * Fender
Roberts Lawrence 355603N 0905757W Podo Creek
Robertson Lawrence * * Black Rock
Ruffner Lawrence 355340N 0910826W Strangers Home
Runyan Lawrence 355440N 0912023W Strawberry
Sharp Lawrence 360608N 0911045W Eaton
Sluder Lawrence 360759N 0910201W Noland
Snow Lawrence * * North of Walnut Ridge
Strangers Home / Photos Lawrence 355510N 0910747W Strangers Home
Townsend Lawrence 360528N 0911958W Smithville
Walnut Ridge Lawrence 360332N 0905641W Walnut Ridge
Ward Lawrence * * Strawberry
Westphal Lawrence 360528N 0905958W Walnut Ridge
Whitlow Lawrence * * Hoxie
Whittaker Lawrence 360132N 0905615W Walnut Ridge
Willmuth Lawrence 355511N 0911938W Strawberry

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